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    "FastWrites" -> WHAT IS IT? pls help

    oh so it doesnt do much for newer systems,,,i see. thanx for da help :d
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    "FastWrites" -> WHAT IS IT? pls help

    no difference when enabled or disabled i dont see any difference when its on or off, but "FastWrite" as the name says is suppose to increase performance right?
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    "FastWrites" -> WHAT IS IT? pls help

    HI, I searched the whole forum here before posting this thread...& i found many ppl talking about this "FastWrites" option in the ati control panel, but no body has explained it. I'm just confused what it is...can ya tell me what it is? and how it effects performance of the vga? thanx :)
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    GPU Database

    FX 5700 Memory clock Incorrect Hey I couldnt help noticing that the FX 5700 Memory clock in the GPU DB is 300MHz (600MHz) but its suppose to be 275MHz (550MHz) i think. So i think you better do some research & change that.
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    Asus 9600XT/TD

    sheesh man...:( thanx
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    Fan control

    cant u add fan control....peeeeleeeeez :D ...i know u can, coz u added temp monitoring for asus :cool: thanx :)
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    Asus 9600XT/TD

    Hi there :) i'm kinda a very new member here. any ways, my problem is that: Asus SmartDoctor has FAN control on my card (ASUS 9600XT/TD) but why have you disabled FAN control on the 9600 series in ATI Tool? My temp readings are correct, i've been using 0.0.22 & now i'm using 0.0.23 beta 9 of...