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  1. oinkypig

    RAID Controller Advice needed BADLY

    pci-e 2.0 $9265>9260 pci-e 3.0 9271-9280<9380$$$ buy the one with fastpath and cachecade built in. ie not 9260/9240 for writeback ability in raid 0. Otherwise "Raid 5/10" any lsi card, will do for homeserver. I would buy 9271 for my system since i dont need 12gb/s raid capability and my x58...
  2. oinkypig

    I formatted an HDD with my Bitcoin Wallet, anyway to recover it?

    Learn how to run testdisk utility recovers in missing secondary partitions for raid 0 configurations with high success rates. IF you can find a list of files,ie bitcoin wallet, or similar, then infastructure of files are still recoverable
  3. oinkypig

    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    when does volta get released
  4. oinkypig

    Possible 6700K overclock instability after 6 months?

    shoot the power supply with air.
  5. oinkypig

    Post your Cinebench score

    x5675 @ 4.9Ghz-1102
  6. oinkypig

    Trying to Push Xeon X5675 Past 4.3GHz

    Doing 4.7 ghz all stable. There's also getting problems with sleep/wake up on win10 above that. I just turn that off in power settings and it works finely. What's holding you up
  7. oinkypig

    Trying to Push Xeon X5675 Past 4.3GHz

    finally my x5675 scoring above 1100 in cne15:peace:
  8. oinkypig

    Trying to Push Xeon X5675 Past 4.3GHz

    Unless the amount of computing is done by someone else, something that..... You can always try setting every value in bios rather than leaving it alone on auto. Start with an increase in cpu voltage. First setting it to auto and enter windows to find out the whereabouts value for every over...
  9. oinkypig

    Do you remember your most disappointing video card ever?

    the GTX 280 replaced with x1800xt by AMD
  10. oinkypig

    CS GO doesn't like my old hardware

    still go into bios and check the voltages every bootup "every so often" to make sure they aren't frizzling out. Cpu voltage,12v,3.3v,and 5v are all real important thing.
  11. oinkypig

    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    if you think anyone ever missed anti-aliasing.. crytek cryengine 1, which was supporting dx10, wrecked havoc on the first gen GTXs for their lack of driver support, and one year later dx11 was released. DirectX 12 should be plenty of fun
  12. oinkypig

    NVIDIA's Next Flagship Graphics Cards will be the GeForce X80 Series

    double the floating point so i wouldnt expect AMDs to close the performance gap for another year or so after release of their polaris "". should 16nm be quite as impressive as it is on paper. we'll be in for a real treat.
  13. oinkypig

    laptop cant connect or stay connected to internet

    you can log off and log on again when its selecting a network and isnt connecting wifi at all. if its the card's fault then replace it with this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008H5V9ZU/?tag=tec06d-20
  14. oinkypig

    Why I'll Never Buy Anything Gigabyte Again.

    Whats a gigabyte
  15. oinkypig

    Best Gaming Computer for Budget $1000-1500

    http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=Homepage_SS-_-P5_34-298-727-_-01132016 this is cheaper and exclusively from newegg... it also comes with a shower
  16. oinkypig

    i5 2500k or i7 2600 (non K) - Debate! [resolved: the 2500k wins!]

    i wouldnt waste one more second thinking how i cuda got so lucky...2500k hands down
  17. oinkypig

    i5 2500k or i7 2600 (non K) - Debate! [resolved: the 2500k wins!]

    HOW CLOSE CAN YOU GET TO 5 GHZ REALLY. :nutkick:holics
  18. oinkypig

    Gtx 980ti mobo bottleneck?

    Going from 3.5 to 4.7ghz should be doable. Thats where the overclock rubs up to its eletrical limit. To Raise the voltage much more which will result in hitting its absolute thermal ceiling as in you want to go beyond, without a reasonable doubt, an AIO makes that easy. I always see about half...
  19. oinkypig

    help which is better gpu at 1080 p gaming

    It should be within some budget. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2430313/7970-gtx-980.html[fzc[/MEDIA]
  20. oinkypig

    Deciding on a CPU Cooler

    You can reduce the life with thermal output. You might get the same overclock from air or water cooling based on the generation of i7 out there. I think the water cooling is more efficient although more noisy, and wont sporadically raise the room temperature... linus tech did a powerful...
  21. oinkypig

    Air vs Closed Loop Liquid

    Thermalright Ultra 120 true copper 2/3 the size and shiny
  22. oinkypig

    CrystalDiskMark benchmark explanation

    Those 4k tests are the best results ive ever seen.