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    Need For Speed Payback Now Available Worldwide

    I've played nfs for a long time. My favorite was nfs 3 hot pursuit, underground was fun and carbon. The rest can suck it. I saw a stream on the new game and was disappointed. In the stream the game had problems with cut scenes as previously mentioned but I found that the graphics were twitching...
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.8.1 WHQL Drivers

    I thought there was a beta that did work with the new drivers. 4.40 beta 15 I think it was. I could be wrong
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    AMD Redefines the Enthusiast Gaming Experience with Radeon RX Vega

    good pricing, need real performance information to place it, but around 1080gtx its a meh
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    MSI Intros the B350M/A320M Pro-VD Motherboards

    Don't think they will sell a lot with the name pro-vd:kookoo:
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    NVIDIA "Pascal" Based Mining GPU Lineup Detailed

    Everyone just looks at ethereum... what about classic, not to mention all the other coins. When eth becomes unminable at whatever gb of ram. There will be another coin to mine.. a lot of people profit switch anyway or go to whattomine to see which ones are at the top.. as for price, too high for...
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    NVIDIA, AMD to Launch Mining-Oriented Versions of Their GPUs

    someone probably has already mentioned it but reselling these cards when a miner is done with it wont help the miners.... after im done mining with my cards i can sell them for a bit of a return. I understand that no backface or 1 hdmi instead of all the others and take out all the gaming stuff...
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    AMD "Vega" Die-shot Revealed

    Hardocp said it was a fake shot... go on their site to see. Confirmed by and employee apparently.
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    SK Hynix Announces its 8Gb GDDR6 Memory Chips

    to me it seems like they are milking us all the time, shrink and put more is the answer... 1-6 then 7,8,9... i hope hbm slaps them hard. slow advances in gddr..
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    Seasonic Embraces New Cybenetics Ratings

    I like the idea of the company going beyond to show how good the power supplies are. Which they are amazing and I mostly buy psus from them. The down side of this will give the company another reason to drive up prices, they have great products but please don't drive up the prices.
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    Following Ryzen's Launch, Intel's CPUs Likely to See Price-Cuts

    i think they would do lower prices (amd) to quickly gain market share back from intel since they really have been away from the race for quite some time. After a little while either see what intel does with their prices and if they don't then they could raise the cpu prices a little to match but...
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    Seasonic Updates its PSU Product Lines

    got two of their 1050w psu's running a server. Best brand imo!
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    AMD "Vega" Demoed in Sonoma, California

    looking at the picture, the fins look like they cover 4+ slots, hard to see but you can see it. seems like the cooling solution isn't finalized yet and they just put a CPU cooler on the video card. what is there to hide by taping the back of the case. get over yourselves amd, obviously something...
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    Microsoft Botches Up UEFI Support for Windows 7 on ASUS Motherboards

    i personally think its just a ploy to push people to windows 10, if the pop ups weren't enough. this, which probably is the first of many to hit the older operating systems will try and push people to windows 10. nice one microsoft, just my 2cents :)
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    Steam Hardware Available Now

    Steam os I'm kind of hmm mm about. On the other hand. Some people in pc want smaller pcs and this could be a good solution especially for media machines like I have. Cost effective ways and options are always welcome and will drive prices down for cases that are over priced. I'm happy either...
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    How to enable crossfire in windowed mode?

    This is something ive known about since doing eyefinity. i personally like my games windowed max so i can easily go between apps and back to the game. might have something to do with how the cards each render portions of the screen. maybe they can't do it or amd is just too lazy to put some man...
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    GDDR5X Puts Up a Fight Against HBM, AMD and NVIDIA Mulling Implementations

    dont see why they wouldn't use it. no wonder amd will make a new series instead of just rebranding. this is a easy jump for their products.
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    Lian Li Announces The PC-18 Mid Tower Chassis in the US

    nice potential, + to old ati card! designed for liquid cooling which is always nice.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    Really want to see a eyefinity review, haven't seen one yet, if anyone has, please let me know. I want to see 5760x1080, not quite 4k but alot of pixels none the less. ive seen 4k and crossfire reviews which as cool and kind of are what im looking for. i want to run two cards and apparently in...
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    Lian Li Unveils PC-A51 Prototype, Seeks Feedback Before Launch

    is that a 1950xtx in there!? i had one way back :P
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    Western Digital Announces Record Financial Results

    the good thing out of this is that ssd's are going down in price and starting to push out hard drives.
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    Radeon HD 7990 Further Delayed

    maybe thats why those people are leaving. instead of a john carter movie coming out and people leaving the big company that made it, they know it sucks before it comes out and heads are getting chopped.
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    P8Z77-V Pro wifigo card interchangeable?

    ive been looking around to see a picture of the wifi go card they have included with most of their mobile z77 boards, but cant seem to find out if its interchangeable. Not the whole thing, wondering if the pcb is fixed or it has a mini pci adapter under there and can be changed to newer ones...
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    Durango Out in 2013, Lacks Optical Drive: Report

    i think that they need to have a disc or cartridge cause internet speed is too low for the high prices we currently have. ideally if i could go to a friends house log onto steam and download a game in 1-5 minutes and then play it then yea no need for that but currently it takes some 30-1hr+ to...
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    Diablo III Release Date Leaked

    you could be another e-tailer and put a date on it and everyone would go nuts for it, that is where this game stands. the date probably isn't actual just amazon trying to get extra sales or something. those are my thoughts anyway
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    Blizzard Entertainment Lays Off 600 Staff

    i think this happens to companies every so often, better sooner then company shutting down like some have.