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  1. MartinNixon0422

    Need Help to pick a right gaming x99 motherboard

    Well, I think I will go for msi x99s gaming 9 ac (becasue the streaming engine) but wait for the new 9 series graphic card now lol also, I just want to make sure, is that possible to intall the OS on the Ramdisk?
  2. MartinNixon0422

    Need Help to pick a right gaming x99 motherboard

    For the OC Socket for ASUS http://www.brightsideofnews.com/2014/09/09/haswell-e-controversey-intel-asus-socket-2084/ so if I use the asus oc socket with Haswell-E cpu may lose the warranty from intel?
  3. MartinNixon0422

    Need Help to pick a right gaming x99 motherboard

    cool, but what's the asus special OC socket? is that similar as the msi oc genies?? (havent seen the info of it) so that means I dont need to get up to 5960x for 4 ways sli right? 5930k is good enough for me?
  4. MartinNixon0422

    Z97 motherboard value leader, $110-120

    Wait, I thought that Z97 Anniversary is made for g3258?? so I think it make sence to see it on the chart.
  5. MartinNixon0422

    Z97 motherboard value leader, $110-120

    well, I m not the one create this image, just think this may be helpful for the entry-level ocers and this is the image talk about g3258...if you talking to oc the high-end overclocking cpu, I will suggest to use the motherboard like xpower or like gigabyte ga-z97x-gaming for oc+ gaming use.
  6. MartinNixon0422

    Z97 motherboard value leader, $110-120

    Because the x99 new platform launched last friday I try to google now info to see which board I am going to get then I found this image and blog Lukaka's world: http://lukaka-world.tumblr.com/post/96522424100/5-reasons-to-pick-an-intel-z97-motherboard-for well, the blog is not that important...
  7. MartinNixon0422

    Need Help to pick a right gaming x99 motherboard

    Well, the biggest problem is, I truly get not idea with the 3t3r tech look like it given a super fast uplord/download speed but is that feel available? I mean, I really dont want to buy it, if I cant feel any different!
  8. MartinNixon0422

    Need Help to pick a right gaming x99 motherboard

    well, this combo make sence, but the price between this and gaming 9 ac is like $20, not that much, but gaming 9 ac do give more sata/ and otheer feature I believe, so that why I only want to choose between msi and asus mb Well, because I have no idea the different for 3t3r wireless tech, if...
  9. MartinNixon0422

    Need Help to pick a right gaming x99 motherboard

    At last Friday asus/ msi/ gigabyte were launched the new x99 platform motherboard i am planning to build a high-end gaming/streaming pc wiht will play some game like Watch-dogs, or do the live streaming with League of legends/dota2/diablo3 And I did the google search, I found two x99...
  10. MartinNixon0422

    X99 is ready on the online shop! (price collection)

    x99 just launched at last week (I believe is at last Friday??) and here is the price shows on the new-egg, not that expensive as I think MSI X99s sli plus - $229 X99s gaming 7 - $289 X99s gaming 9 ac - $429 ASUS X99-DELUXE - $398 RAMPAGE V EXTREME - $500 Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 - $260 X99-GAMING...
  11. MartinNixon0422

    z97 gaming 7,which cpu should i buy

    what's the budget? if no limit, just try 4790k !
  12. MartinNixon0422

    1st Time PC Build Rev 3

    for the z97-a, I will suggest you to get the msi gaming 5 gaming 5 get the killer nic for you to manage the network traffic should help more during gaming
  13. MartinNixon0422

    Tested the MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC w/ the 4790K

    wow, nice test! I do want to buy the OC motherboard from msi but haven't get money for the i7-4790k cpu though....
  14. MartinNixon0422

    Need help choosing new Mobo

    what's the budget you get for the mb? I will vote for msi gaming 9 ac or msi gaming 7 for the gaming 9 ac, it get a really good in-bulid audio card! and if you do use the wi-fi with your pc The gaming 9 ac is will be your best choise! for the msi gaming 7 it also the high-end gaming...
  15. MartinNixon0422

    Help Needed For Picking MOBO and MEM

    well, look like you are not the hard overclocker so how about try msi z97 gaming 7 this is the really good gaming/overclocking motherboard but if you do want the high-end audio, try z97 gaming 9 ac then
  16. MartinNixon0422

    MSI teases new X99 board :)

    well, I will update my pc just because of that black pcb motherboard!!!
  17. MartinNixon0422

    MSI teases new X99 board :)

    I think the streaming engine should be a card like Avermedia A Game Broadcaster HD. there is not too much detailed spec about it. I wonder the street pricing of this board after adding such a capture card. o_O http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006T8QCYA/?tag=tec06d-20
  18. MartinNixon0422

    Pentium 20th CPU's o.c possible bios of B85 M/B

    if you feel uncomfortable to use those "leaked" BIOS, you can try the links published on Tom's hardware DE site. The editor has verified the stability of those BIOS for MSI H97M-G43. I personally think H97 should be better platform for overclocking enjoyment...
  19. MartinNixon0422

    MSI teases new X99 board :)

    wow, I like the black edition x99!!! My wallet is ready for it.....! but, what the streaming engine feature? any information about it??
  20. MartinNixon0422

    Motherboard For Intel XTU in 2014

    Here is the link from the hwbot http://hwbot.org/newsflash/2609_msi_z87_g45_gaming_most_used_motherboard_for_intel_xtu_in_2014 Here is the charts from the report the cool thing is, it's the reports for intel xtu test but you can see most of them are gaming motherboard so this chart also...
  21. MartinNixon0422

    MSI Z97 PC Mate w/ G3258 can't manually Overclock

    4.5 ghz, 1.3v with intel fan!! but the temp is ....mm......buring!!!
  22. MartinNixon0422

    MSI Z97 PC Mate w/ G3258 can't manually Overclock

    yep, turn the oc genie off first, and you should be able to do the oc setting just go bios, you will see the "OC" on the left side, just click that and start your g3258 oc!
  23. MartinNixon0422

    Bios Leak? H81/B85 can OC with G3258 now

    Check this http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2221351/msi-h81-b85-g3258.html someone posted the leak bios link with msi h81/b85 series mb I am going to buy the g3258 and h81 today, and try the new bios update! (all I need is oc up to 4.5ghz....) B85M-E33 V2 B85-G41 PC Mate H81-P33...
  24. MartinNixon0422

    mobo phase power question..............

    Yes, you r right but for overclocking, more power phases is good, because the load on each phase is reduced. that mean they generate less heat, so makes them less efficient and stable
  25. MartinNixon0422

    AM3+ gaming mb, oh no!!

    oh..that the long story but all about the money I have.... at the end, my pc build with msi gaming 5 and i5 4440.....but with 770 4gd5 graphic card!!!! (well..just free i should spend all my money on the gpu..so...you know) yep..because the price i may build one with 970 gaming and put in my...