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  1. Edgarstrong

    ASUS Announces Xonar Essence STU External Sound Card and Headphones Amplifier

    Still won't beat my Marantz MCR 603 based PC system I am afraid. I am looking forward to times when I actually can build a PC sound system without resorting to equipment that wasn't intended for PC use.
  2. Edgarstrong

    NVIDIA Readies Second GK110-based SKU

    Can you play games on this?
  3. Edgarstrong

    ASUS Launches TUF Sabertooth 990FX GEN3 R2.0

    Don't they release new versions of this AM3+ Sabertooth a bit too often?
  4. Edgarstrong

    Corsair Acquires Simple Audio

    I hope corsair starts making audiophile quality PC speakers at some point. Having to constantly rely on huge stereo amps for all my builds is a bit annoying, and the only company making good quality PC speakers I know of (MA) has tooh high of a failure rate in their products.
  5. Edgarstrong

    AMD Never Settle Reloaded Bundles Now Live, Region-Specific Details Released

    Does Amazon UK participate? Does anyone know if cards sold by Amazon UK will include these games as well?
  6. Edgarstrong

    Rockstar Games "Considers" GTA V Wii U and PC Versions

    I'll buy when the full edition including DLC's is at 75% off on Steam.
  7. Edgarstrong

    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 650 iGame AresX Graphics Card

    Where are all these "Colorful" cards? I buy on the average 2-3 new cards per year for myself and my family but I've never seen any of their cards, neither in retail nor online...
  8. Edgarstrong

    Dell Launches the 2013 S Series Monitors

    I wish they made more 16:10 monitors:(
  9. Edgarstrong

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Specifications Detailed

    What about the gap between 7770 and 7850 in AMD's line up? I hope AMD will follow nVidia's example and release some card in-between.
  10. Edgarstrong

    LG Readies EA93 and EA83 Widescreen IPS LED Monitors

    But why 16:9:(
  11. Edgarstrong

    Be Quiet! Releases Dark Power Pro 10 - its Quietest Active-Cooled PSU

    Actually they are mainly a German distributor. The units sold in UK are fewer in variety and tend to cost more. I ordered one last year for a friend and I found a lot more models in Germany.
  12. Edgarstrong

    Xilence XQ Series 850 W

    Tbh if I needed a really silent at low loads PSU I'd buy one of the hybrid units that operate fanless until 20% load.
  13. Edgarstrong

    CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset Launched

    I wonder how it fares compared to Sirius. But I guess the performance of this headset will heavily depend on what sound card you are using since it's analogue?
  14. Edgarstrong

    Computing Experts Unveil Superefficient ‘Inexact’ Chip

    They went all the way to Sardinia to unveil it?
  15. Edgarstrong

    Sapphire Unveils the Radeon HD 7770 Vapor-X OC Edition

    Tbh, 7770 doesn't seem to be a card that really needs a Vapor-X cooling system.
  16. Edgarstrong

    Corsair Enhances GS Series Power Supplies

    Fanless operation at low loads is a truly amazing feature. Btw, how can we distinguish these new GS units from the old ones?
  17. Edgarstrong

    EVGA Launches its GeForce GT 600 Series Products

    So basically GTX 650 and higher will be cards based on newer technology while everything below are re-brands from last year?
  18. Edgarstrong

    Sapphire Combines Dual-X Cooling with Radeon HD 7950

    Lately I started finding Sapphire cards line up a bit confusing. They produce so many different versions of each card without always having any really feasible difference between some of them.
  19. Edgarstrong

    FSP Launches Aurum PRO Series PSUs

    Ain't it funny how everyone and his mom is "a worldwide leader"?
  20. Edgarstrong

    Be Quiet! Announces Lower Prices for Straight Power E9

    These prices have been there forever. My brother asked me to build a budget gaming PC for him and I've been selecting parts - ordered everything besides PSU and something like Corsair HX and AX being above his budget I was considering Be Quiet PSUs. So when I saw the title of this article I...
  21. Edgarstrong

    EVGA Announces New Global Warranty Policy

    I've been pretty loyal to ASUS and Sapphire in the ggraphics department until now - but this might make me start buying EVGA cards - the conditions are just too good. Reminds me of Noctua sending free LGA 2011 upgrade kits.
  22. Edgarstrong

    Cooler Master Announces the Sentinel Advance 2 Mouse and Speed Rx Mousepad

    I like CM more and more. Cases, headset, mice - among the best if not the best. They should start making PC speakers now. Corsair with their 2500 2.1 system proved that the first entry in a completely new area can still be a very successful one.
  23. Edgarstrong

    CM Storm Trigger Gaming Keyboard Launched In Europe

    If I meant grotesque, I would have said grotesque:) But when I pay 130 euros for a keyboard, I want it to look special as well. Not special in the "punch in your face" sense, but in a way that it can distinguish itself from a mirriad of similar products out there. But then again, many...
  24. Edgarstrong

    AMD A10-5800K "Trinity" APU Tested

    Do you think I can use this new APU in a HTPC that will be used for Blu-Ray videos most of the time and skip graphics card?
  25. Edgarstrong

    CM Storm Trigger Gaming Keyboard Launched In Europe

    Looks really plain for the price. Some might appreciate this austere style, but it reminds me of the free keyboard I received with a PC I ordered from Dell once.