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  1. Athlonite


    GPU-Z always shows my GPU load as 16% even when idle or running the PCI express render test, clocks are ok everything else seems fine aswell just gpu load is way out of whack the above is @ Idle whilst below show at load
  2. Athlonite

    Thermolab Baram

    OK so I'm looking round to replace my aging Tuniq Tower 120 (not the extreme) and read a few reviews of the Baram... Anybody got one hows it going, does anyone think this would be a good replacement I'm on a limited budget so I'm looking at under a hundy NZ$ and all the noctua's here are well...
  3. Athlonite

    HD3650 AGP + Win7 32bit

    now I know there's an new agp hotfix that's at version 10.10 but there is no link on the AMD/ATI page for the windows Vista/windows 7 x86 32bit driver, there is however links for both XP 32bit and win vista / win7 x64 can anyone point me at the last working Agp hotfix that works with win7...
  4. Athlonite

    no longer able to OC

    well i have a small problem with OCing now and am wondering if anyone here nows what the problem could be (system specs in sig) now I used to be able to run my Corsair Dominator twin2x2048 PC8500 ddr2 ram at 1066MHz but now i cant every time i set the speed in BIOS it fails to boot so i...
  5. Athlonite

    No signal msg on HDMI to 22" LCD

    ok well i bought a brand new Alienware OPTx AW2210 LCD monitor which works and looks bloody lovely when connected via DVI ... But here's where the problem starts I didn't buy it because it had DVI i bought it because it has HDMI inputs but when connected via HDMI I get either no signal msg from...
  6. Athlonite

    [Case Gallery] Big Bertha

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: SilverStone RaVeN RV02B-W Asus M3A32MVP-Deluxe Athlon x2 7750BE @3000MHz Tuniq Tower 120 with CM 90CFM 2k rpm Sickle blade fan blue LED HIS ATI Radeon HD5770Fan 1GB 920/1250 and Vantek BGA sinks on DDR5 RAM 2x WD2500AAKS (raid0) 3x...
  7. Athlonite

    ATI HD5770 Bios flashing help

    has or does anyone have/know a way of flashing the video bios under win 7 x64 i have tried with winflash and atiflash but i keep getting error msgs when trying to start the programs and even when using compatability modes (winxp sp3 / Vista)