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    G80 IHS removal

    I guess that means I'm not the only one with a massive temp difference between cores. Even my de-IHS'ed X2 4400+ has a >5c difference between cores at load, at idle it can reach 10c. :shadedshu
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    Zotac 9800 GTX+ Accelero Twin Turbo Model Spotted

    Am I the only one who noticed a missing choke? :confused:
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    ASUS Launches 9800 GTX+ ''Dark Knight'' Edition...Seriously!

    But then it would just kill itself when you finish a game. Hopefully that wasn't in too bad taste.:laugh:
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    Graphics card census.

    One X1950 pro died, the other one is still going strong.
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    Creative Announces X-Fi Notebook ExpressCard

    But an Audigy 4 is pretty much an Audigy 2 ZS. And this card is seriously gimped compared to its predecessor, which is nothing new for Creative.:laugh:
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    Creative Announces X-Fi Notebook ExpressCard

    X-FI chip supports EAX 5, all versions up to that can be done purely in software.
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    Magic Pro Releases Mini-ITX board with Sideport Memory and Wi-Fi

    I see nothing but solid caps, so it seems like they fixed that problem.
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    AMD Infuses Corporate Brand with the Power of ''Fusion''

    Wow, that program just completely locks up my system. Probably because my mobo is barely even half-working, but still.
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    90 Pc Prof. Tool Kit $29.99

    I've used kits like this, they seem to be made by some OEM and branded with different companies and honestly, they suck. All the tools are really low quality and wouldn't last for long with more than occasional use. It's good if you're just starting out and have no tools at all, but you won't be...
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    Gainward Launch Feature-rich Radeon HD 4670

    What do you mean xtx cooler? It looks like a passive cooler under that mesh.
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    AMD Release FirePro V8700 & V3750 Professional Graphics Cards

    Is this a joke or are you really that stupid/ignorant? :wtf: Sure they are identical in specs, but the BIOS and drivers are different, due to what bta said. And opengl is is no way worse than d3d, in fact it's better because the API is completely open, so it's much, much cheaper to develop...
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    AMD FireStream 9250 Out in This Month

    It's not supposed to be a video card, it's pretty much just an HD4850 optimized for GPGPU applications. You're probably thinking of the FireGL line, those are workstation video cards.
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    De-IHS'ed my X2 4400+

    Just a safety precaution I think, no chance to crack the core this way if you screw up with mounting a cooler. I remember the socket A days when people kept cracking their CPUs, I actually cracked 2 2400+s, but they still worked after that. But then again, sith the new mounting bracket, I don't...
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    De-IHS'ed my X2 4400+

    After my DFI board died with the X2 installed, I wanted to see if the CPU was still alive, so I put it in my asus a8r-mvp. Problem was, the cooler retention bracket was already modded for an IHS-less CPU (my old Venice 3500+), I didn't want to take out both boards and swap the brackets, so I...
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    Intel Bloomfield Operates at -120C on ASUS P6T Deluxe

    Well at least their IMC doesn't have the cold bug that the A64 IMC's have.:laugh:
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    USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Demonstrated

    Exactly, I still use a computer with only USB 1.1 ports. I have a USB 1.1 hub that I still use, and plenty of USB 1.1 peripherals. I don't know about most people, but I don't just use USB for storage. :rolleyes: But I am looking forward to USB 3.0, 2.0 is pretty damn slow, especially since...
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    factory underclocked 4850?

    There's no way for anybody to know if your video card was overclocked through windows. The only way to find out would be if you flashed higher clocks to the BIOS and forgot to flash it back.
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    MSI Tempts with Product Images of their R700 Product

    The whole black metal plate covers them AFAIK. Also, I don't think this cooler needs heatpipes, each core is pretty well-covered by the block of copper.
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    Damn cheap RAM!

    Well I seem to have killed my A64 X2 4400+ and/or DFI CFX3200. One of my no-name RAM sticks decided to go, and it took some of my system with it. Now all it does it sit there spinning fans at 100%, not even a hint of POSTing, the little LED display doesn't even show anything, just "88". If my...
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    HD 4850 Naked (New Cooler added) Zalman VF900 CU

    Cover those MOSFETS ASAP, I almost killed an X1950 pro when I voltmodded it and forgot to cool them. Don't bother with the chokes (grey rectangles), cooling those is pointless because essentially all it is a coil of copper wire wrapped around metal.
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    Is is too good to be true HL2: Ep 3?

    I love the graphics of the HL2 series, especially EP2. It actually looks real sometimes. High res textures and tons of polygons is the way to go IMO. Too many games make everything look plastic by making everything shiny and low res, overusing shaders to cover everything up. You can't make skin...
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    Radeon 9800 Pro 256 vs x1600 Pro 512

    Are you kidding? The X1600 pro was a bit slower than a 7600gs, which is a bit slower than a 6800 non ultra. Maybe you're thinking of the x600, in which case the 9800 is probably faster. But yea, turn off all the SM3 options and you'll see it's faster. Opengl doesn't mean it doesn't support SM3.
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    [FS] [US] HIS HD 3850 256mb ($50)

    Wow I would be all over that if I had an extra $50 laying around, but I just bought an MP3 player and I'm gonna buy a new head unit for my car soon. :(
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    Msi 8600gt Huge Heatsink

    Well the MSI ones could be optimized with their own code a bit, but I really doubt that. Nobody gets drivers from the manufacturer's site anymore.
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    underclocking bad

    Honestly underclocking won't do much for power consumption, it's voltage that kills it. I would just leave it and spare the hassle or undervolt it.