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  1. Hunt3r

    GIGABYTE Intros 6PXSV3 Workstation Motherboard

    I want price.
  2. Hunt3r

    Dell Revolutionizes Design and Performance with New Line of Precision Workstations

    my first pc is dell opitplex gx280 one day a wiil buy server dell only acess via lan.
  3. Hunt3r

    Whats a Good Gigabit Network switch for 5 power users

    ZyXEL is best the netgear talking in Gb?
  4. Hunt3r

    Mellanox New Pricing Structure Enables Worldwide Adoption of 10 GbE in Datacenters

    And Brazil has not 1Gb, a shame. And those are very few.
  5. Hunt3r

    ASRock Readies Hasbro Transformers-Themed Motherboards

    Perfect marketing
  6. Hunt3r

    Intel Gigabit Ethernet better than onboard RealTek RTL8111E Gigabit Ethernet?

    I think hard the peoples use 1000 in your house.
  7. Hunt3r

    Intel Gigabit Ethernet better than onboard RealTek RTL8111E Gigabit Ethernet?

    and 3com is good our not..i have one but your chip is 3com
  8. Hunt3r

    AMD FX Sets Guinness Record for Clock Speed

    great processed..
  9. Hunt3r

    PepLink HD2

    Has anyone worked with Peplink, it is a good product to use? thanks for all
  10. Hunt3r

    I need advice on a router

    And trendeNet not good?
  11. Hunt3r

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    The big problem is not investing in Brazil Infrastructure. but, this go change segund Dilma Ruseff.
  12. Hunt3r

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    I won't live brazil, because internet is very very bad and price self. Brazil you have internet 15MB down\ 1MB upload. :banghead: Igo EUA now.hehe Great speed friend.
  13. Hunt3r

    The AMD Phenom II OC'ers Club

    very nice clock man..965 is very hard in overclock
  14. Hunt3r

    HD SAS to SATA

    Does anyone know if it works on a motherboard with SAS hd sata port, using inverter? my motherboard is m4a785td v -Evo thanks
  15. Hunt3r

    AMD Readies 3.70 GHz Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Processor

    AMD is very crazy
  16. Hunt3r

    AMD 'Bulldozer' CPUs Slated for June

    Yeah I think it should launch with the 6990 video card
  17. Hunt3r

    TPU's F@H Team

  18. Hunt3r

    Bulldozer CPUs to possibly work with some AM3 boards?

    I do not think they would show the design of an AM3 motherboard + stupidly. AM3 + bulldozer will be fact ..
  19. Hunt3r

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    cool vga?
  20. Hunt3r

    Gigabyte's new smexy board has no cylindrical caps

    This color is quite different from any.
  21. Hunt3r

    Have 4gb (2+2gb) - should I go 8gb or 12gb?

    you need 8gb our 12gb??
  22. Hunt3r

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    My 9800gx2 dead she calls but not the image. :banghead:
  23. Hunt3r

    I2I3 overclocking Team Event

    Event em São Paulo with Rbuass Sorry but he speck brazilian He says the life of overclocker so, death of several video cards, How GTX 480.580, among others that burned in the day and finish is fire she.. Thanks guys.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4XJttCXlM8&feature=player_embedded