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    Seagate is Shutting Down One of Its Largest HDD Assembly Plants

    this is a good move on seagates part, the industry is moving toward a place where consumers wont be buying hdd, but rather only business and enterprise for server use, any hard drive under 2tb right now might as well be an ssd. concentrate resources on higher capacity drives for data center use.
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    Chrome slow on overkill pc

    https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhDB3D17GXAqqV3Te_DMkvjetELB 3 screenshots shared from onedrive dont really use facebook
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    Chrome slow on overkill pc

    Basically i have an issue where chrome is running slower than I would think it should be...i am an excessive tab user, i have about 150 tabs open across 5 windows right now. I just want to know if anyone else with a high end pc, who is also a tab hoarder has this issue also. Specs: E5 2695 V3...
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    Super Talent Announces USB 3.0 DRAM Disk

    my thoughts exactly aquinus, the speed of the usb 3 bus is 5gb/s or about 500MB/s, its basically just caching everything to memory and writing it back later, this seems really dumb, for simple write and read, but lets say youre working on something on the flash drive using different pcs, if it...
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    HGST Delivers World's First 10TB Enterprise HDD for Active Archive Applications

    this is getting rediculoius...in a good way
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    Giada Unveils Intel "Skylake" Based NUC

    i always preferred msata due to the small form factor, m.2 is complicated, and most of the ssds are too long, there are small m.2 ssds, but they rarely cross 128gb, while msata is the smae size at 1tb...if 2242 size can become the norm in pci-e and get the size up to 1tb, then ill change my...
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    Crucial Announces 8GB-based DDR4 Server Memory

    8Gb...notice how the b is common...it means the memory will be built with chips holding 8 gigabits each, or about 1GB gigabyte each
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    ZOTAC Debuts the ZBOX PI320 pico

    shut up and take my money...doubtfull, but if the ssd is msata and the memory is upgradeable it would be perfect
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    Apacer Mashes a DDR3 DIMM with an M.2 SSD

    they just put a sata adapter on the dimm, it draws power from the dimm slot, but the data path is the sata cable plugged in the top
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    Crucial Announces the M550 Series SSDs

    i dont get m.2 ssds, msata is so neat, everything should just use msata if it needs a small ssd, yes m.2 is faster, but why couldnt it have kept the same height as msata
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    NVIDIA Appoints Colette Kress as Chief Financial Officer

    we cant trust a woman's math
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    Are there not any 120hz monitors under 24"?

    people who would spend the extra for 120hz, dont typically want a smaller screen, so it is unlikely you will find any smaller, get the 22 inch, but i must warn you that with your current setup of an 8800gt, it will never get proper use, you may want to up your gpu to something more current...
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    How can you tell if your monitor will support high definition files?

    once your hardware can support it is all that matters, i personally have watched a 4k movie on a 640x480 display, your pc scales the signal down to the screen size once you hit the full screen button, so basically you will be watching an hd source movie in sd quality, on an sd display but it...
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    HDMI Forum Releases Version 2.0 of the HDMI Specification

    only 32 audio channels? what is this, the stone age[/sarcasm]
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    Seagate Delivers Industry's First Purpose-Built 4TB Video HDD

    really seagate...take a 4tb drive, change nothing and call it purpose built for video, as if anyone uses 4tb drives for a reason other than a video library, nooo theyre storing 4tb of music...well maybe except for audiophiles and their "lossless" and whats up with this 16 and 20 streams, its a...
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    Question For Powerline Users

    you guys are getting some good speeds, the highest i get is 5.0 MB/s but the wiring in my house is ancient, average is 2.5 - 3.5 MB/s i got the tp-link av500 nano
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    Post your Router

    What is the star of your network? what sold you on it? are you happy with it? Router: TP-LINK TL-WR841N Why: Cheap, N300, Bandwidth control Verdict: Couldn't Be Happier...maybe if it was gigabit
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    Question For Powerline Users

    thinking of going tp-link myself....thx
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    Question For Powerline Users

    We know that a rock solid connection can only truly be guaranteed by direct ethernet cable, though wireless can be solid, its never as solid as a wired connection, your wireless connection speed on your server can be 300mb/s and yet you will never get over 10MB/s wireless to wireless, so i need...
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    New Build, Newb Builder, SSD question

    try not to write so much once ahci is enabled you dont have to worry about anything else until the os is loaded if the vendor software says its up to date then its up to date you can transfer the installed os or do a new install, to me the transfer is best, you reallly get to witness the...
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    Seagate Celebrates Milestone: First to Reach Two Billion Hard Disk Drives Shipped

    seagate really does have alot of drives out there, myself a western digital fan, somehow have amassed a bunch of seagates IDE 40gb 60gb 120gb 400gb SATA 2x160gb external Seagate Backup Plus 1tb Seagate Backup Plus 500gb
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    HGST Reaches 10-Nanometer Patterned-Bit Milestone

    @mckertis...they dont expect someone to go out and get a 4tb drive to run the OS, it goes in a server with a raid 5 or 1 array where it can fail and just be replaced...
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    slow download speed with wireless

    now you did not say earlier that the speed decreases even with a wired connection to the router, this leads me to believe that the fundamental flaw is with the router, try upgrading to the l8est firmware...
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    slow download speed with wireless

    your router is n300 your wireless adapter is wireless g get a better wireless adapter
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    Mushkin Announces World's First 480 GB mSATA Solid-State Drive

    how they stuff all that capacity on there? respectable price though