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    SB750 mode comparison (IDE vs RAID vs AHCI-MS/AMD)

    After reading W1zzard's Agility 2 review (http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/OCZ/Agility_2_120_GB/) I noticed some of the comments were wanting a comparison of storage controllers. That got me thinking - I only have one (SB750) but it does have 4 possible modes - IDE, RAID, AHCI (MS driver)...
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    Odd fan speeds with 5850

    I used the "bug report" button but I thought I would post here because I think a picture helps quite a bit. I'm getting odd fan speed readings with GPU-Z on a PowerColor PCS+ 5850 that I just picked up today. It does it with 0.4.2 and 0.4.0, seemed to work with my PCS+ 4870 just fine though...
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    xp ntfs permissions erased - help!

    So, I was fooling around like an idiot and removed all the ntfs permissions on 3 of my hard drives (not the one with my OS on it though, thank god). If I even tried to access the drive it would say "access denied" To try and fix it, I right clicked, went to properties, the security tab...
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    OOBE comes up every time you start windows

    Just wondering if anyone else has run into this before. Every time I start this system the OOBE (out of box experience) comes up saying "hi would you like to turn on automatic updates?" "how about creating some user names" etc. It's very weird. some background: The computer was...
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    Opteron 144 vs. Athlon64 X2 4400+

    Just looking for some input, price isn't really a consideration since I have both of them already. (unless I can sell the one I don't use) My current feeling is the Opteron will be better for single threaded apps (I can only get the X2 up to 2.5GHz) and the X2 will be better for multi threaded...
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    Athlon64 X2 Default voltage: 1.3, 1.35, or 1.4?

    I have an Athlon64 X2 4400+, OPN - ADA4400DAA6CD. www.amdcompare.com lists the voltage as "1.35V - 1.40V" this OPN decoder: http://www.amdboard.com/amd64_opn.html lists it as "1.35V - 1.40V" also Techpowerup's CPU database lists it as 1.30V. Also most review sites I have seen list it...
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    Anyone tried the X700XT BIOSes? - double memory

    I have an X700pro 256MB and I flashed the X700XT 256MB BIOS available in the collection and my card was then detected as 512MB and man there were lots of artifacts. So I figured I would try the X700XT 128MB BIOS and sure enough it detected as 256MB and so far my card is stable right now. Has...
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    X700Pro Screen blanks during games / ATITool?

    When playing games on my X700Pro or using ATITool the screen sometimes goes blank (my monitor thinks it's in powersave mode) and then comes back on. With ATITool the wait is about 1 second and it happens more often if I try to do stuff like browse the web while it's running. With something...
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    BIOS Collection not working?

    I wanted to try flashing the X700XT BIOS to my X700Pro, but any BIOS that I click on in the list gives me a 404 as of right now.