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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    I love TPU for assembling the most relevant reviews of every single day.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Available for Pre-order in Europe

    it's not as bad as you think because 590€ usually translates to 590$.
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    Team Fortress 2: Free Weekend in Germany

    i don't really understand why there are ppl who still don't have the orange box. i mean, there's absolutely _nothing_ you can do wrong about buying it. portal alone is worth the money, team fortress 2 absolutely rocks if you are into multiplayer fps', and episode 2 isn't bad either. so just go...
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    Team Fortress 2 Beta Now Available on Steam

    i've waited all day and night yesterday (germany) and then the beta was opened only minutes before i had to leave for work. there i'm sitting now and can't concentrate.... tell me guys. should i stay or just go home?
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    does an e6600 @ 2.67 GHz get hotter than an e6700?

    i'm not firm about CPUs at all, but it seems natural that e.g. an e6600 and an e6700 actually come from the same wafer and are only separated by individual performance testing. is this so? if yes, then an e6600 clocked at e6700 speeds shouldn't produce more heat than an original e6700...
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    Richard Garriott Speaks about MMOs

    to me uo is the best! the only mmo i enjoyed for more than a few months. but it went down with BODs, separate resistances for fire, physical and stuff, luck and all this... oh and insurance!!!
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    Addonics Introduces IDE/SATA to CF Hard Drive Adapters

    just wanted to note that CF cards already contain a controller that makes them behave like an IDE hdd, so this is merely a pin-to-pin adapter. therefore i hardly think there will be anything like RAID for two cards.
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    IO2 Launches “3D” Screen

    we had a news about this about half a year ago. it's not working on 'water droplets' but on ionized air that it blows upwards from the slit. on that the image is projected using a laser. and it's nowhere near 3d, it's just a flat image sitting in mid-air. on the videos from the last news post...
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    NEC Launches New 37-Inch Multi-Purpose LCD Display

    the resolution really sucks. how can they say something like "superior display-quality text and graphics performance"??? ...
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    Nintendo Wii US & Japan launch details

    hey who wants a xbox360 anyway if you can have a wii ??
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    SuperPI 1M finished in under 10 seconds

    s far as i've seen from coolaler's posts, his scores in 3dmark aren't any higher than current top scores
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    Holographic Storage - Over half a terabyte per square inch

    not new the technology is not new at all. i still remember a holographic storage device presented at cebit 2001. it has just always been way too expensive.
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    strange interrupts

    hey i finally found out what the problem is! believe it or not, it is my lcd polling on the usb! (EIZO L778) there seems to be a little problem with the automatic mode switching. thanks for your replies guys. ps: is there any way of marking a thread 'solved' in the forum? if not...
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    strange interrupts

    is there no way to check who's signaling the interrupts?
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    strange interrupts

    when i start my system, everything will run just fine. but after some time (anything up to a few hours) something strange begins to happen and it won't stop until i reboot the system. i first noticed that my screen saver seemed to lag. it would be slower than normal for about 2 seconds, then 2...
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    hdd acoustic management on via raid

    a raid driver and also a tool that can read out raid info in win xp is included in the via hyperion pro package. dunno if the driver is any good but to make that tool run.
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    hdd acoustic management on via raid

    hi, i'm trying to turn on acoustic management on a raid drive. it is an on-board via 6420 raid controller on an asus a8v deluxe with two samsung spinpoint 120gb drives. systool will only see the raid drive and cannot read or change any settings. does anyone have an idea how to change...
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    x800 pro vivo @ xt pe specs hangs

    btw, not sure if this is anything new. but at least when i did my bios flash, it was common to first use the gigabyte flash util to unlock 16 pipes and then flash with flashrom to whatever bios you like. but after some research i actually found a modified version of flashrom that will do all...
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    x800 pro vivo @ xt pe specs hangs

    as far as i heard you will have to do a hard-mod on a non vivo card to get the missing pipelines. and it's possible that some of them are defect.
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    x800 pro vivo @ xt pe specs hangs

    i just tried the new atitool beta 4. the old one never detected any artifacts, but with the new version i can see them very early. they start rarely at 500 ram clocking, appear every couple minutes at 520 and every few seconds at 560. but the card won't crash, even if you go higher. what will...
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    x800 pro vivo @ xt pe specs hangs

    hi, i recently bought a sapphire x800 pro vivo, which is running really fine with 16 pipelines and on x800 pro specs. the pipelines were activated by a simple bios flash, no hard-modding. everything's running really good so far. now i tried clocking at xt pe speeds, that is 520/560. it...