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  1. CJCerny

    1MORE Triple Driver In-ears

    Just to back up what was stated in this review...Consumer Reports put these at the top of their list of IEM's as well when they tested them last year.
  2. CJCerny

    Will TPU be reviewing cryptocurrency mining graphics cards?

    Not a fad, I suspect. I think there is a problem with currencies being too fleeting, though. All of a sudden, Ethereum is the hot currency, and all those folks who sank all kinds of real $$ into mining Bitcoin better spend it fast before its value sinks like a stone. And then, in 6 months, when...
  3. CJCerny

    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    If most of your computing time is spent gaming, sure seems like the 7700K is still the way to go, especially when you consider that it is at least $100 cheaper than this Ryzen CPU at your local Microcenter. If you spend most of your time using multi-core liking apps, then this is a product to...
  4. CJCerny

    Need help buying a laptop please

    OP, exactly which games are you planning to play on this laptop? The only one you mentioned by name is DOTA2. You don't need an expensive laptop with a discrete GPU to play DOTA2. DOTA2 will run just fine on the GPU that is built into any modern CPU. I guess my point is that you don't need to...
  5. CJCerny

    Can't get sound out of HDMI on GPU

    That doesn't make any sense at all. If onboard sound is disabled, there isn't any hardware to install a Realtek driver for. Should only be an ATI sound device shown in the Sound Controllers section of the Device Manager.
  6. CJCerny

    Dual channel RAM can't boot

    You've already tried re-seating your RAM? How about setting the BIOS back to the default settings?
  7. CJCerny

    Low Power Low Profile Single Slot Video Card

    750TI is not going to run in a 35w PCI-E slot. R7 240 is probably the fastest card you can get for a 35w limitation like that, if it is true.
  8. CJCerny

    Its finally time to start saving for a new system - Advice on my build please

    SSD upgrade and new video card is all you need. SSD will make a huge different on boot up times, but little or no difference on frame rates. Samsung 850 EVO or Pro are both quality SSDs, as is Crucial BX100 (but not BX200).
  9. CJCerny

    I'd be interested in buying a working 4 core 775 CPU from you if have one you are looking to sell.

    I'd be interested in buying a working 4 core 775 CPU from you if have one you are looking to sell.
  10. CJCerny

    Need a good Micro ATX case

    CoolerMaster N200 is great mATX case and sometimes you can find it for $25 after the rebate.
  11. CJCerny

    120Hz refresh on the TV.... worth it?

    Having the feature itself doesn't mean anything. It all depends on how well the feature is implemented. Some makes/models implement it much better than others. The only ratings that I am aware of for how well that feature is implemented are done by Consumer Reports. When they rate TV's--which...
  12. CJCerny

    Buying a new TV. 1080P or 4k?

    If you need the extra desktop real estate for your PC that a 4k TV would get for you, go for it. Otherwise, I would just stick with a 1080p display.
  13. CJCerny

    Cpu not running at full speed!

    Could be that the IGP is set to use 1GB of memory, although I've never seen a G31 BIOS that could do that. Can you reset the BIOS to its default settings?
  14. CJCerny

    Cpu not running at full speed!

    The multiplier on the CPU is wrong. Could be that the BIOS on that motherboard does not support your CPU. Track down the most current BIOS version for your motherboard and update it if it is not already running it.
  15. CJCerny

    build+monitor [2500$ budget] please advice

    I would save money by dropping the liquid cooler, the expensive case, the fancy motherboard, and the sound card. You don't really need the sound card at all. For cooling, a good simple cooler and fan is $25. There are nice inexpensive cases for $50 and motherboards in the $150 range that would...
  16. CJCerny

    Upgrading my System need Advice

    You don't need the fast RAM if you are going to use the 750Ti. You only need the fast RAM if you are using the GPU in the APU.
  17. CJCerny

    Monster ITX open air case- Bellardo Brutal

    Did anybody catch the part where he said he chopped a mATX mobo down to ITX size? He's not expecting the hardware to work, is he?
  18. CJCerny

    7970 not displaying video on my "aging PC"

    Have you tried resetting the CMOS?
  19. CJCerny

    7970 not displaying video on my "aging PC"

    If the video card is displaying the BIOS so that you can update it, I would think that your OS is the problem and should be re-installed. Other thing I would look at is to see if the iGPU is enabled in the BIOS on and is overriding the AMD card in some fashion when the PC boots.
  20. CJCerny

    Tablet recommendations

    Asus ZenPad S 8.0. It sells for only $199 or so, but it's the best less expensive Android tablet I've seen. Also, refurb iPad Mini 2 or 3.
  21. CJCerny

    Skylake - Gaming PC (AIR+QUIET) - Please advise

    If quiet is important, I would buy Asus motherboard with Fan Xpert 3. It has a ton of fan control in the UEFI.
  22. CJCerny

    New & quiet build suggestions

    Why wouldn't you just get a $199 fanless PC when they just need it to surf? Plenty of choices out there--some include the OS.
  23. CJCerny

    WIll it work on my PC?

    You should be able to get a used 650 or 650Ti for around 70 euros. That would be a much better choice than the 730 you originally referenced.
  24. CJCerny

    WIll it work on my PC?

    You don't want to buy a video card that uses DDR3, if you can avoid it. Buy a used one that uses DDR5 that is in your price range.
  25. CJCerny

    Acer vs. Lenovo for heavy-duty use (build quality)

    The Lenovo Z series isn't really rugged. It is a consumer laptop--meant for use around the house or an occasional use outside the home. If you are going to be constantly lugging this laptop all over, you really want a Thinkpad model.