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  1. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Stuff arrived and should have a chance this week to try to setup if I can get the HDK2 to load up games without a fight in some cases... I'll have to check out the "PS_Move_Rotation_Tool.exe" You go WhiteNoise!
  2. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Yeah stumbling, bumbling through it... disappointed to read there are tracking issues not yet resolved. Big issue for me are controllers since I'm not crazy about using Xbox controllers in Steam or the Steam controller which I hate even more. I could cough up another 80 bucks or so on a Leap...
  3. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Welcome to the Club! Just got TF2 working in the HMD... Right click on TF2 properties in Steam, type -VR under Set Launch Options and uncheck Use Desktop Game Theatre while SteamVR is active... So you got me wanting to try FO4 myself again but it starts in Theatre mode so need to find out how...
  4. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Pretty cool demo from Epic called Showdown VR a short demo but good... download https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/showdown-demo Check it out if you have time...
  5. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Mostly certainly is a uphill climb with a 60lb backpack dragging a boat anchor... but that's part of the fun :) Learning and getting to know the ins and outs. I've found some of the cheaper games on Steam VR work really well... just tried Mount Wingsuit was great till I hit the ground.
  6. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Okay everyone I don't want to sound alarmed but I think I just jumped into a can of worms... lol The Razor HDK2 is a true developers HDM and given I was told so prior to purchasing I will own the issues I have run into during setup. Even the initial setup can be cumbersome and convoluted with...
  7. Urlyin

    Virtual Reality Club

    Mindweaver add me to the club please... :D I have purchased the Razer OSVR HDK 2 Virtual Reality Headset for (cough*) my son (Santa is a cheap arse). I liked the Open Source connection since it kept my HP touchpad alive for years and of course the price of the Rift and Vive were out of my...
  8. Urlyin

    Quick question about triple screen setup

    I would think another video card would be needed... I believe using the Displayport will disable one of the DVI ports...
  9. Urlyin

    OFFICIAL Doom (Discussion)

    Yes it be I ... lurking in the shadows... watching ... lol Doom is one of those I have about an hour to goof off ... lets go make em all dead... look Mom new maps
  10. Urlyin

    TechPowerUp News: Intel Core i7 "Kaby Lake" Processor

    I liked it ... Great Job :toast:
  11. Urlyin

    What are you playing?

    I've been playing some Fall Out 4 when I get time and of course I still goof in WoW but game time is limited. Just seems like so much you can do in F4 it's daunting trying to find time to complete a lot of missions but means longer gaming time. WoW is always good to just jump in an get some...
  12. Urlyin

    tpu 10 years old?

    Good no one remembers the pencil voltage mods... that's how far I go back! :laugh:
  13. Urlyin

    Who's going to buy Elder Scrolls Online now that they've ditched monthly subscription?

    I liked the beta but wasn't ready to pay a subscription fee... I wonder if the toon I created is still there, I would play some free online...
  14. Urlyin

    Got any questions about OCZ SSD...come ask me.

    I remember him as BigToe... Great guy and yes he knows his chit... Welcome Tony!
  15. Urlyin

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    Obtaining Elite Status is end game...
  16. Urlyin

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    Anyone using a good Flight Route Planner? @Kursah... Stop having so much fun :P
  17. Urlyin

    OFFICIAL Elite: Dangerous

    I find this game to have more bugs than W1zzards apartment when you turn on the lights.... very disappointing
  18. Urlyin

    [FS/FT][US] Solaris' Closet Sale

    Wtf! Sol is coming out the closet? Hehe Bump
  19. Urlyin

    New PC randomly restarting, Event 41 Kernel Power

    I agree with OneMoar if it's happening in the BIOS....
  20. Urlyin

    New PC randomly restarting, Event 41 Kernel Power

    Do you have Samsung Magician installed?
  21. Urlyin

    Help me choose between these laptops.

    Did you look at any of the warranties?
  22. Urlyin

    [PC] Watch_Dogs graphical settings

    I'm in the same boat Aphex... upgraded to a MSI 780 TI and ASUS VII Hero (4770k).... downloading my free version as well :)
  23. Urlyin

    [FS][US] Peet's Rock Bottom Deals!

    Dam come on Pete! How can I save for retirement when those prices make me wanna buy a cooler! Bump
  24. Urlyin

    anyone else beta testing Elder scrolls online?

    I'll be playing this weekend with a beta key for the first time... I'm actually looking forward to it. Don't kill me Bro ... lol
  25. Urlyin

    Tatty's Christmas greetings

    Happy Holidays All!