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  1. zenlaserman

    Path of Exile

    Not a theory dude. I've talked to hundreds of solo players struggling in most leagues since Anarchy and there are very few "rich" players. Every "rich" player I know has one thing in common: they paid for stash tabs. One cannot farm high-tier maps by being totally item self-found in a 6-man...
  2. zenlaserman


  3. zenlaserman

    Path of Exile

    The problem with PoE is that you pretty much always have to keep up with the latest "exploit" build (read: next to be nerfed) in order to be able to do big damage in a 6-man party. This is beside the gear requirements. Tabula Rasa? You're a glass cannon at best with it in high-tier maps...
  4. zenlaserman

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Specs Leaked

    Driver optimizations aside, that 100+GP/s is why nV are steadily kicking Radeon ass these days at most resolutions. It took a long time for either camp to hit that mark, but nV have been there for a while now. Even now, just 10GP/s will get you gaming decent on 720p Low/Med for the most part...
  5. zenlaserman

    Will my Ryzen 1700 bottleneck a 1080 ti @ 2ghz boost?

    OP: sticking with what you have ATM is the smartest thing to do, in my humble opinion. You got a great deal, and what you have will still serve well into the future. Of course, with every post here, bias can exist to an extent. I was around to celebrate when CPUs hit the 1MHz mark. I still...
  6. zenlaserman

    Which is the Fastest and reliable 10TB hard disk?

    Ya know, it's funny, I've never had problems with Seagate HDDs on systems that utilized only Seagate drives, but when WD HDDs are also in the system, it seems the Seagates randomly raise some kinda hell in the fprm of clunks and whines and farts unless set never spin down as long as computer is...
  7. zenlaserman

    Upgraded i7-4790k processor=worse benchmarks

    Rookies have to start somewhere. Hence why this thread exists. OP: real-world experience trumps benchmarks every time.
  8. zenlaserman

    system suddenly power downs.. seems overheating issue while playing game.

    Try this first: 1: Enter the BIOS (in case you don't know, hit the Delete key once every 1-2 seconds between starting PC and Windows loading) 2: Hit F7 on keyboard to get to Advanced Menu. Click on the "Monitor" button. 3: Scroll down, make sure "CPU Q-Fan Control" is "Enabled" 4: Set the...
  9. zenlaserman

    Can't Install Windows or Boot on New Machine!

    While your attempt to help is in itself admirable, it is tainted by the fact you didn't RTFT. You are your sig quote minus the dangerous part.
  10. zenlaserman

    Intel Details Newest Microarchitecture and 14 Nanometer Manufacturing Process

    And if frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their ass a-hoppin.
  11. zenlaserman

    chinese website stealing content from hardware websites

    The Chinese learned it from the Japanese. The Chinese haven't quite caught up to the Japanese yet, thank Buddha. lol
  12. zenlaserman

    Hyperthreading in i7 vs P4?

    NT _was_ designed with Multiprocessing in mind, going all the way back to it's debut in 1993. XP, Vista, 7, 8 are all based on NT as you likely well know. The problem is that Microsoft included so much legacy crap in XP, exacerbated by the need to differentiate versions with artificial...
  13. zenlaserman

    Who still uses Core 2?

    My main home PC runs a Q6700. I built this rig 7 years ago with an HD2900XT and since then all I've upgraded is the video card and added a few HDDs. It's been 99% reliable. It runs all my games just fine at 1680x1050, runs AutoCAD for side projects, runs Plex for my Roku and is also the main...
  14. zenlaserman

    EVGA Allegedly Cuts Out Original Developer of Precision Overclocking App

    * <------------- my joke is here * <------------- your head is here I don't expect you to get that one either.
  15. zenlaserman

    EVGA Allegedly Cuts Out Original Developer of Precision Overclocking App

    100 percent C&P'd in-house
  16. zenlaserman

    Evga x58 + i7 990X

    Some benchmark whores may tell you it's not worth it. Real world will tell you it's more than viable.
  17. zenlaserman

    buzzing/humming sound from pc when playing heavy game

    Likely it was the side panel itself, vibrating from PSU and/or GPU fan(s). You might want to try isolating the PSU from the case by using a gasket (example) or even felt strips from your local hardware store. While coil whine from PSU and GPU is possible, I think it's more likely that your PC...
  18. zenlaserman

    Vista vs 7 vs 8.1: Help me decide

    If you want a great Windows search engine, try Everything: http://www.voidtools.com/ I've been using it for years and found it to be a must-have. Changing Windows versions sucks sometimes, doesn't it? I've been using Windows since 2.0 and there's always something about a subsequent release...
  19. zenlaserman

    Tom Clancy dead

    You might want to check out the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, if you haven't already! :toast: A shame. I recommend reading the book "Without Remorse", as it's about the man who becomes Rainbow Six.
  20. zenlaserman

    7970 crossfire Skyrim performance with 13.4?

    Crossfire works using RadeonPro, so no it is not "always broken". Also, in general, you prolly bumped your haid, because Oblivion had perhaps the best Crossfire scaling of any game back in the day. In fact, an old trick to getting some games to run in Crossfire mode is to rename the game's...
  21. zenlaserman

    Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors

    So you're soliciting an opinion from someone who offered their unsolicited opinion on a device that can only be covered by subjective opinion? Heh, funny how that works on the interweb. It's my experience that experience of vicarious means is not necessarily experience at all. It's my...
  22. zenlaserman

    Are you still running a CPU designed before 2008?

    All my home PCs are old and I've had them since when new. Main home PC is a Q6700 @ 3.3GHz on stock volts. The chipset is an i975X (!) lol My "MagicJack rig" has a Pentium III 1GHz that I built back when Intel had just hit the GHz mark. That was the first and last time I ever dropped a G-note...
  23. zenlaserman

    For how many hours per day does your PC run?

    My main home PC (system specs) has run 24/7 pretty much since I built it in 2007. Aside from 2 GPU replacements (2900XT -> 3850 -> 4850 X2) and HDD upgrades, it's been up and running. It's noisy, but my main PC is usually playing music, movies, and games anyway. When I'm at work it runs SETI...
  24. zenlaserman

    Can someone help me understand RAID 0, do you have the full amount of GB?

    When in doubt, there are always search engines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_RAID_levels
  25. zenlaserman

    PowerColor HD 7990 Devil 13 6144 MB

    I have a 4850X2 and the latest Catalyst that supports it (12.4). I've had the "Disable Crossfire X" option in every Catalyst I've run since I've had this card.