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  1. urza26

    Multimonitor issue with HD 7970 / AMD Catalyst 13.11

    Since about a week I've been getting issues with my secondary monitor: - It won't wake from Standby, a reboot is required to fix this. - Whenever I start a game (on my primary monitor) the screen of my second monitor is 'corrupted'. In practise this means like showing applications on screen that...
  2. urza26

    Commenting on Reviews

    Call me a nub if you like, but I was wondering how can you comment on a review when there is no thread linking to it in the Reviews section of the forum? Since the comment section of reviews and news articles seem to be directly linked to the forum, but for reviews there sometimes is no thread...
  3. urza26

    Typical power consumption for a DVD rewriter?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to redo my cabling and I had the idea of connecting several devices to a Molex-to-4x-SATA cable (the Bitfenix Alchemy one). But since Molex only supplies up to 35W I was wondering whether this would work. The 4 devices I wanted to connect: 2x 2TB Caviar Greens = 2x...