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    Dell latitude E6400 Screen Problem

    It starts at startup, I'm reinstalling the video drivers right now.
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    Dell latitude E6400 Screen Problem

    My friends laptop's screen is freaking out, there is a bunch of horizontal and vertical tearing going on.
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    Is my XFX 4870 1 GB out of date?

    Alright, well it sounds like it's still decent, so I'll upgrade my CPU and Ram first and foremost then.
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    Resistance or Resistance 2

    I was not a huge fan of Resistence 1, granted this was right after I stopped playing MW2 for the PS3. So I was kind of expecting more, I didn't really like the controls and the game started to feel tedious after a while. Most rooms are just trial and error, like I was stuck on one mission in a...
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    Is my XFX 4870 1 GB out of date?

    Well over the summer i was building a PC under the tutleage of Snipermonkey2. However a problem arised due to a bad surge protector that I used and it over loaded my motherboard and power supply. My video card was fine, and now I have bought the parts needed to set up my computer and it works...
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    Dante's Inferno

    Yea, I must have just assumed that the 360 meant it was for PC as well
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    Dante's Inferno

    Yesterday when i popped into game stop I saw a display for this game and it looked like it said that it was coming out for PC, PS3, and Xbox. But I don't know if this was just laziness on the part of the game stop employees to put it in that kind of display.
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    Dante's Inferno

    Played the demo, and so far i love this game, it seems like a mix between god of war and an RPG
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    PS3 Problem

    I got the same one, seems to be pretty all inclusive too. Did they find your PS3, if not you should have just flipped on them and made them give you more money for loss of saved games haha.
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    What's your Top Ten for the last decade.

    10. Grand Theft Auto Vice City: I just loved the whole atmosphere of the game 9.Star Wars KOTOR / Jade Empire-Both amazing RPGs 8.Metroid Prime Trilogy 7.Resident Evil 4 6. God Of War Series 5. Oblivion & Morrowind 4. Half-Life 2 3. Super Mario Galaxy 2.Fallout 3 1.Gran Turismo 4 Also...
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    $300k-$500k Game Consoles For Christmas

    on that website, click on the about us, it plays the worst music ever haha
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    Dante's Inferno

    Uh MW2?
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    Dante's Inferno

    This Game GT5, the Drake series, and Killzone 2 are the main reasons that I chose to go Sony over Microsoft when it game to a system
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    List the Games installed on your system ATM!

    Batman Arkham Asylum Resident Evil 5 Medieval II total war Half-Life 2 Team Fortress 2 Fear Fear Extraction Point Fear Pesus Mandate Borderlands Call of Duty 4 Empire Total War Civilization 4 Gold Edition
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    Assassins Creed II Official Thread

    Did the original play well at all with a mouse and keyboard set up?