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  1. mad1394

    Rumor@HardOCP--"AMD plans to release Vega refresh in 2018 "

    In other news the sun will probably rise tomorrow as well. I better see a vega refresh in 2018. Also ryzen 2. Nvidia might release volta and if we are lucky intel might give us new processors with 2% performance increase. 2018 will be exciting.
  2. mad1394

    ASUS Launches World's First Ryzen 7-Powered Laptop - The ROG Strix GL702ZC

  3. mad1394


    sigh If your computer auto restarts on BSOD find the setting in windows to make it stop. Second step is to look for the error code of the BSOD. Perhaps easier would be to use an online application such as bluescreen viewer. Once you know which driver is causing the problem you can look further...
  4. mad1394

    I need recommendation for new speaker setup 2.1/5.1

    Have a look at edifier's lineup. I recommend the Edifier S730D. http://www.edifier.com/int/en/speakers/s730-2.1-gaming-speakers
  5. mad1394

    Razer Phone - Would you buy one?

    I will buy the phone as soon as they make mice that don't double left click in the first year.
  6. mad1394

    Audio Crackling driving me insane!

    Actually...plugging in wireless headphones to charge while in use can cause electrical noise. Especially if they are cheaper I've noticed :) Confirmed on my old wireless corsair. (H2100)
  7. mad1394

    ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 4GB lag!

    Regardless how many Gibibytes the gtx 970 has...that is NOT the issue.
  8. mad1394

    Upgrade w/ GV100 or New Rig?

    You will be fine with a new video card but I would overclock that processor. See if you are happy with the frame rates following a video card upgrade and take it from there.
  9. mad1394

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    I think TPU needs to write an article on why high resolution gpu bound scenarios should not be used for cpu gaming benchmarks. Too many people seem to not know this/are in need of education on the matter.
  10. mad1394

    Fall Creator's Update brings siginificant performance improvement in game mode

    You are confusing an utility for identifying the cpu with an actual windows 10 requirement. FYI I have windows 10 working fine on my q6600 machine which is around 10 years old at this point.
  11. mad1394

    Ryzen laptops in stock

    Comparing EU prices to US prices is really apples to oranges. Even within the EU there are significant price differences between countries.
  12. mad1394

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    This is the image I am seeing at the end of the article...where did you get that from?
  13. mad1394

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    8400 wins the out of the box battle in gaming performance. Also if AMD does change its socket for Zen2 I will lmao. Platform platform platform..."you can keep your am4 motherboard for the next 10 years" You should learn not to trust what companies promise. I learned my lesson from MSI earlier.
  14. mad1394

    Ryzen laptops in stock

    https://www.overclockers.co.uk/laptops-and-tablets/gaming-laptops/amd-radeon Finally some competition from AMD on the high end/gaming laptop front? Can't wait for the reviews.
  15. mad1394

    Can we expect GTX 1180 ti in June of 2018?

    Definitely not expecting anything fast from nvidia....especially with AMD's gpu division pushing up daisies.
  16. mad1394

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    Processor: AMD 1090T Sigh. If this is "decent" what would you define as in need of an upgrade?
  17. mad1394

    i5 8400 or Ryzen 1600

    Long path to what? Someone please explain this need to keep your motherboard for the next cpu ugrade. 8400 is the logical choice at the moment as the best budget cpu.
  18. mad1394

    Tempered Glass Screen protectors "do the job"

    This commercial has been brought to you by : The Tempered Glass Society.
  19. mad1394

    EVGA Caught Sending Golden Samples of the SuperNova B3 to JonnyGuru

    This is why I only buy Seasonic and Superflower. I know they make their own psu's at least.
  20. mad1394

    Coffee Lake or Ryzen Upgrade question

    Ryzen is cheaper and you do get the same number of cores : 6. I personally am not buying ryzen because I fully expect ryzen 2 to bring significant improvements. Never been a fan of jumping on something first generation.
  21. mad1394

    Coffee Lake or Ryzen Upgrade question

    I would choose intel unless you really need the 2 extra cores of the ryzen 7. Go 8700k in case you feel like overclocking later for more power otherwise the Z370 chipset is kinda wasted.
  22. mad1394

    Upgrading options

    I would buy a TN panel 144hz from Benq. You will still see an improvement even with TN coming from such an old monitor. Looking at prices the higher resolutions VA/IPS panels are double the price of full hd + 144hz. So it all depends how deep your pockets are. How much are you able to spend on...
  23. mad1394

    Upgrading options

    I think you should consider moving up to 1440p and get a 144hz monitor. 24 or 27 inch. Current CPU is fine. Buying 1080 so late this generation is something I would not do. Just wait for new graphics cards if you think the 980 ti is getting long in the tooth.
  24. mad1394

    How do i know if im being robbed by service center?

    Is that a 500 dollar repair? ouch.
  25. mad1394

    original BIOS needed

    Are you looking for instructions on how to flash the card? Have you attempted to flash the bios on it ?