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    ROG Extreme

    wow man....Nice work 10/10
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    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 295.73 WHQL-certified Drivers

    these drivers blow..... emmediate shutdown with L4D2 (3 times)went back to 285.62's and no such nonsense. :wtf:
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    Next-Gen Xbox Features Blu-ray, Will Not Play Used Games

    i no longer play consoles....but....what a bunch of greedy effing s.o.b.'s....way back when i did play on them mmy friends and I used to exchange games or bring a game to anothers house to play...good stuff, it was fun....these gluttunous money leaches are capable of destroying all fun in a...
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    [Case Gallery] THE ORANGE ANIMAL

    I like your rig man....I wouldnt have used the tubing coils but thats a matter of preference...8/10
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    [Case Gallery] First Pc Build

    Looks great! 8/10
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    NVIDIA Delivers the GeForce 290.53 Beta Driver

    Constant crashes.....went back to the 280's :( which unfortunately also crash at least once or twice a week.
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    [Case Gallery] Newbie Mod

    Sweet! 8/10
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    Kingston HyperX Beats Three World Records

    :toast: same page here...Just a thought....couldnt one achieve these speeds on most ANY brand of "high performance" memory with liquid nitrogen?
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    [Case Gallery] low budget pc (wbonk anak klender)

    I voted 8/10 because: Just fricking cool man! 8/10
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    [Case Gallery] Project Umbrella

    Man! Your blowing 'em outta the ballpark!! Good stuff... 10/10 :)
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    [Case Gallery] Project White

    Wow!!!! I am very humbled 10/10 from me.... did you have the tubing done for you or did you bend it yourself? either way this machine speaks craftsmanship!
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    Workers of Supplier for Apple and IBM in China Strike

    I dont know HOW that can possibly be cheaper...:twitch:
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    [Case Gallery] CM 690 II Watercooled V.6 From Thailand

    cant understand these low scores 8/10
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    Workers of Supplier for Apple and IBM in China Strike

    agreeing with you on that....You would think though...that these decisions would have been thought out a little better....I mean Sony is making stuff here and Harley gets their shit made in India now...WTF??? Really?? MONEY makes people insane...and in the end everyone loses out.
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    Workers of Supplier for Apple and IBM in China Strike

    Yeah their get rich scheme is starting to indeed backfire.....NOBODY likes to work like slaves for pennies...pretty soon this "cheap" labor isnt going to be cheap anymore...they might as well move the factories back here when the wage increases bring their salaries closer to what U.S. wages...
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    Microsoft Working On Not One, But Two New Xbox Product Lines

    unless this new console will support a keyboard and mouse, i'll pass. :nutkick:
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    [Case Gallery] Iron_Throne :: Rev 2.1

    I see you have some trolls looking at your machine....It looks fine to me...perhaps some better pics without the lights might improve your score...nonetheless it is a 7/10 from me.
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    US Senate Holds Hearings on Great Firewall Of America

    it is a tragic comedy...you should watch Gasland....The "Natural gas" campaign is yet another of the great shams being done right before our wide open eyes...clean energy my ass...Aint nuttin clean 'bout fraking(hydraulic fracturing)...Take that and throw this blatant undermining of our privacy...
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    Logitech Introduces Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Unbelievably ridiculous...Is it just me or is there a generic Wal-mart "hey lets jump on the bandwagon and get some quick cash" look to this. I can see this possibly appealing to a nine or ten year old. Hell Logitech throw in the secret spy decoder ring already.
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    [Case Gallery] BenchAndGames 2011

    I voted 8/10 because: Nice work on the cable managing, looks good 8/10
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    [Case Gallery] swat3

    I voted 7/10 because: I dont quite get the ultra low scores here. The lights are a bit bright, It is very neat and tidy...7/10
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    Lian Li Announces 'The Hammer' PC-90 Chassis

    I was just trying to be optimistic...lol after looking at it it closer it is vewry apparent it would be a pain. not much use for the guys who constantly upgrade cards and what-not. lol...good eye.