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  1. TheBigCarp321

    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    I wouldnt let the card get over 80, at full load my card runs at 71/72 overcloced 10%.
  2. TheBigCarp321

    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    I have the x800xt AIW R420. Is there anything I can do to it lol? And if you do flash a new bios to a vid card does the core and mem change? Does it ruin the card? I mean I dont wanna flash my card to something thats gonna give artifacts.
  3. TheBigCarp321

    ATI X800XT able to unlock more pipes?

    Can you send me a copy of that mod?? :) What are your clocks on that card? Do they change with a different bios? I get 6500 with my x800xt at 550/550.
  4. TheBigCarp321

    Determining if I have an X850 Pro or an X800??

    Hope it helps but the X800XT is an R420 and with mine I get a score in 3dmark05 of 6500.
  5. TheBigCarp321


    06 doesnt focus more on CPU, it focuss more on the HDR and SM parts of your vid card thats why most ppls scores are half of their 05 score. My 05 score is 6500 but my 06 is 2300.
  6. TheBigCarp321

    Is my O/C good ??

    My 4200+ idle is 41C and at full gaming load its usually no more than 45C. Even with CPU Burn in test, it never got over 45C.
  7. TheBigCarp321

    Advice using ATItool on a Sapphire X800GTO

    If you ask me thats not bad since the X800XT stock is 500/500 and its a better card. It does have 16 pipes though, but all in all I think you would notice a dif with that OC and if you can keep it stable at that then gratz! I just let ATITOOL fuss with my fan speeds so I would leave it at...
  8. TheBigCarp321

    AMD cooling

    Good choice, its cheap and looks cool and there apparantly aren't any bad reviews about it. Only thing I can think of is size but that usually isn't a problem for most.
  9. TheBigCarp321

    Is my O/C good ??

    What are some opinions of highest safest temps for a 4200+ dual core?
  10. TheBigCarp321

    AMD cooling

    Try to find something Zalman, thermaltake, or Arctic Cooling and youll be ok.
  11. TheBigCarp321

    Higher clock, or more mem?

    Those timings arent horrible, that should prolly run pretty well. No worries :)
  12. TheBigCarp321

    Athlon 64 IHS

    lol, you say you cut it off and I just envision a guy hunched over a bench with a hacksaw lol...sorry
  13. TheBigCarp321


    3DMark05 is prolly my fav because it really pushes the system although 06 really really pushes it.
  14. TheBigCarp321

    ATi X850Pro AGP Need Pipes unlocked, any1 help?

    Ok Question. I have the X800XT and I have 16 pipes, but the X850 doesnt??
  15. TheBigCarp321

    Is my O/C good ??

    Not bad, Nice to see you can OC that vid card with stock equipment.
  16. TheBigCarp321

    AMD cooling

    WOW for ten bucks that looks pretty cool, good find!