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    MSI C847IS-P33 Celeron-Powered Mini-ITX Motherboard Detailed

    Baaaaaa need 6 SATA for nice NAS box. sucks, still no good board out there for that. This one was the best but it's now discontinued and ASUS C60M1-I AMD Fusion APU C-60 (1.0GHz, dual cor... one is only 1Ghz, it might be OK though.
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    ECS Outs HDC-I2/E-350D Mini-ITX Motherboard

    2 SATA only? what a Joke.
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    Intel Intros Atom D2560 Processor

    Yeah also for the D2700 no 64 bit graphics drivers from what I read.
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    Intel Intros Atom D2560 Processor

    reply Nice. you running it in a NAS box? Which board?
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    Intel Intros Atom D2560 Processor

    nice Any itx motherboards upcoming with this chip.? It would make a sweet NAS board.
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    Logitech Announces Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Financial Results for FY 2012

    Seriously, who cares about a company's earnings!
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    BitFenix Introduces the Shinobi XL Full Tower Case

    You guys think this case is pretty good quality? I mean does the steel gauge is on par with say Antec stuff? Just wondering if anybody had any cases from these guys.
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    Intel Readies Core i5-2550K Quad-Core Unlocked Processor

    Your comment makes no sense!
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    Dell Intros UltraSharp U2412M Monitor for Businesses

    I hear you BRO!! same here 1920x1200 ALL THE WAY!
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    Steevos Rosewill Mod

    Excellent idea, I'll try it. Thanks a lot.
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    Steevos Rosewill Mod

    MB tray seems to be properly riveted. I'm thinking the joint (see pic) is not the best. With the side panels on, the case is pretty solid.
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    Steevos Rosewill Mod

    Here is an inside shot. By the way great thread so far.
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    Steevos Rosewill Mod

    Can anybody tell me what I can do to reinforce this same Rosewill case. Basically if the left side panel is off, the case is very flimsy if I try to move it or just slightly twist it it's like Loma Prieta in there. Maybe I can attach a brace or just reinforce the joins somehow? Thanks.