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    CSS Rendering in Firefox and Internet Explorer

    Hey guys, is it true that the output for the above will be different in both browsers? Im trying to position a table right all the way to the top using CSS. Somehow, my desired output works in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer. The table doesnt stick all the way to the top edge in IE...
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    Science fair

    I know an 13 year old friend, who wants to go into "Robotics"... Like an basic Battlebot... Soo... He has absolutely no idea about what he's going to use. He says he's going to make an welded frame... then something about an saw blade welded to the frame... I tell him he needs: Transmitter...
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    new motherboard installed, but won't boot.

    I just installed a new motherboard onto my case, got the cpu in, and all the connectors connected (I think?), but the computer won't turn on. hard drive, ram etc, are all installed, I really don't know what to do. please help me. thanks. later then.