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    Apple May Ditch Intel for CPUs in Macs, But It's Not Over to AMD

    It won't matter if the ARM CPUs are too slow for professional work. I highly doubt Adobe or any other company is going to look forward to rewriting all of there software!
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    AMD Could Place x86 and ARM Cores on the Same Silicon: Report

    AMD is using the ARM core for ARM's TrustZone security. It was announced months ago... Intel bought out McAfee to develop its own solution.
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    Sony Develops Next-generation Display, 'Crystal LED Display'

    I'd assume it's cheaper to make.
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    Sony Develops Next-generation Display, 'Crystal LED Display'

    I'm pretty sure Sony dropped OLED development a long time ago (at least for large screens). Near 180 degree viewing angle and huge color depth look amazing!
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    AMD Still Committed To x86 - But Not In High End Desktop

    It is always possible that they can compete but that's many years away. Intel is reorganized well. My point is, AMD can't afford to run multiple projects like Intel can. For instance, AMD could have further developed the Phenom for the desktop market while using Bulldozer for the server...
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    AMD Still Committed To x86 - But Not In High End Desktop

    Is this really surprising? AMD Market Value: $3.99 Billion Intel Market Value: $126.77 Billion In other words, Intel has about 32 times the market value of AMD. How does anyone expect AMD to pull off a competitive product against that?
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    Microsoft to Acquire Skype for Over $8 billion

    They can make a better system but they can't make millions of people use it over night.
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    Samsung Electronics Exiting HDD Business, Seagate Front-runner to Buy It

    ...and Hitachi has high performance drives that will allow WD to enter into a new market. I don't see much of an advantage to Seagate either.
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    Design House Takes 'Rock Solid Storage' to the Next Level

    When you break the USB plug, you can still use it as an effective paperweight.
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    WD Launches Newest VelociRaptor, The Fastest SATA Hard Drive With Twice the Capacity

    Isn't this the same price as the 300GB and 150GB when they were launched? The OEM 300GB is selling for $200 now.
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    Microsoft to Strip Windows 7 of IE and WMP for Europe, Abiding by Laws

    What is stopping OEMs from installing alternative browsers right now? All this will do is make more work for computer companies. Many users don't know what a web browser is and will be completely confused when they don't see the "e" icon.
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    Rumor: Apple Preparing a Netbook ?

    Why does a netbook have to be cheap? Apple will have to charge $1000+.
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    Microsoft Severance Pay Blunder Costs Mostly Unemployed Ex-Employees

    It looks like Microsoft got rid of the wrong group of people! How can they take the money back? What if they don't have it?
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    SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash Series Doubles Capacity To 32GB At Twice The Speed

    I bet the new 25MP DSLRs will fill them up quick (w/ RAW).
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    Thermaltake Readies V9 Gaming Chassis

    The Antec 900 design looks like Thermaltake's Armor series which was out well before the Antec 900.
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    Phenom FX in the Works, AMD to take Another shot at...Kentsfield

    You're a little off. Lets take the Core 2 LGA 775. 1. x9xx series for support up to 1066 FSB CPUs 2. x3x seres for 1333 FSB CPUs 3. x48 and later series for 1600 FSB CPUs Since AMD boards don't have a separate chip for the memory on the board, a simple BIOS update will allow for an...
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    NVIDIA to Showcase its x86 Plans this NVISION?

    Nvidia already sells embedded x86 designs: http://www.nvidia.com/page/uli_m6117c.html They could also work with Via.
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    ATI (AMD) and NVIDIA Fix Prices in the US, Class Action Slapped Against them

    In theory, wouldn't this mean that Intel and AMD also conspired with their Extreme and FX editions?
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    AMD FireStream 9250 Breaks the 1 Teraflop Barrier

    The PS3 uses a GPU. According to your article, it is over 133x faster than a single Q6600 core and over 33x faster than all four. You can't compare it to the PS3. You're not only buying the hardware (which is optimized and much more reliable) but software. The PS3 is sold by the millions...
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    Intel Fined USD $25.4 Million in South Korea

    Nvidia can only make embedded designs. Considering that Marxism is a political theory that doesn't support capitalism, it wouldn't make any sense to say that. This will explain it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wealth_of_Nations
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    Intel Fined USD $25.4 Million in South Korea

    Nvidia doesn't have a x86 license. It can't enter the CPU market. IBM chose Intel to produce the processors for their PCs. However, IBM's policy required that there needs to be two sources (basic economics - helps IBM). AMD made clones of Intel's chips until Intel refused to allow AMD to use...
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    AMD Announces Revolutionary External Graphics Solution for Notebooks

    I agree. Not only that, you'll save battery life without running a high performance card all the time and you can upgrade much easier and cheaper (maybe even more powerful).
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    EBay to Ban Negative/Neutral User Feedback

    They aren't eliminating negative feedback. Only buyers can leave feedback which pretty much screws the sellers since they can not find bad buyers (those who don't pay or give negative feedback for no reason)
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    Apple Claims 28% of American Mobile Phone Market Share; 6.5% of Global

    What exactly is innovative about the iPhone? There were phones out on the market with all the same features and more well before the iPhone went on sale. Apple has done nothing new but they are good at marketing and have a lot more money to spend than other companies. Maybe some people...
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    Overclockers Worldwide Report Heat Problems With Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

    If the temperature is reading too low, the fan speed won't increase to keep the CPU running at the correct temperature.