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    NVIDIA Back to Dirty Tricks with GTX 900M Series Overclocking

    Sorry I don't think my post was correct, the two new drivers for GTA5 and Witcher 3 causes problems with my 780 Classifieds(SLI) reverting back to 347.88 fixes the problems it causes for me. I did more reading today and discovered that after 347.88 Nvidia has only been optimizing Maxwell GPUs...
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    NVIDIA Back to Dirty Tricks with GTX 900M Series Overclocking

    The last two game ready drivers seam to have degraded the performance of my 780 Classifieds and have caused me to revert back to 347.88, get driver has stopped responding all the time, I think it has to do with my G-sync monitor.
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    EVGA Announces Pro SLI Bridges V2

    I have the old EVGA one and with a 144 monitor you get an odd flicker during load screens, this new one is said to fix it.
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    GTX 970 Memory Drama: Plot Thickens, NVIDIA has to Revise Specs

    This is no different than the dual GPU cards, they physically have double the memory but only half is usable. This changes nothing, the card does have 4gb, and as you said all the benchmarks are still the same. I dont agree with them doing this and not telling people but if you got the card...
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    MSI Holding Off on GTX 980 Lightning, in Anticipation of Bigger Chip

    I am sure this is more aimed at the GM210 part, not this mid range GM204 chip thats just named a high-end part. We know it beats the 780ti, but the 980 is a 680/770 replacement, the Titan II consumer grade card will be the 780/780ti replacements and should be out Fed 2015.
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 970 Pictured, Specs Confirmed, Early Benchmarks Surface

    Sigh another mid rage GPU with a high end part number just like the 670/680 and 770. Will sit on my 780 Classifieds for a while longer.
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    EVGA Allegedly Cuts Out Original Developer of Precision Overclocking App

    I tried the new X15 version, it caused some odd problems for me, Outlook Express keep crashing, Titan Fall was getting 0-2 fps could not get a game to launch. After reading all this sounds like EVGA has went down hill!
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    Is This the First Picture of GeForce GTX 880?

    AMD is was part of the reason for the 680 being $499.99 instead of a 660 @ half the price, but thats in the past. Maybe this time around they wont sand bag and we can have full flag ships from the start.
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    Is This the First Picture of GeForce GTX 880?

    This could also be a ES card with the on board ARM chip on the back we have been hearing about. 8pin + 6 pin for the GPU and 1x 6pin for the ARM chip.
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    Cooler Master Shows Off New Nepton & Hybrid Capacitive Keyboard

    Where is the Glacier 360L
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    Drivers Holding Back GTX TITAN-Z Launch

    I 100% agree on the price no matter how the card performs.
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    Drivers Holding Back GTX TITAN-Z Launch

    Most people don't understand the only reason the 295X does so well vs SLI Titan Blacks is because of the way the chip thermal regulates the clock speeds. On water where the card run 1100+ on the boost they beat the 295X 90% of the time, I would not be shocked to see them change the drivers so...
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    GeForce GTX 880 ES Intercepted En Route Testing Lab, Features 8 GB Memory?

    680 and 770 where mid range cards on GK104, AMD was weak and Nvidia took full advantage of the market charging $500 a pop for what used to be the $250-$300 range card. Then you have the 680's and 770's with double the memory 4gb on the 256bit bus, it simply does not work by the time the rez...
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    [WTB][US] Found

    Found Heatware http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=67265
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    [FS][US] EVGA GTX 780 Classified

    Interested in selling the air cooler?
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    NVIDIA Kepler Refresh GPU Family Detailed

    This just proves every thing I and many others said early on, the GTX 680 was to be the GTX 660Ti but AMD flopped and left the door open for Nvidia to cash in on a mid range part at high end prices. I could not wait and went with a pair of GTX670 FTW's to feed my needs and will do me for a few...
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    MSI GTX 660 Ti HAWK 3-way SLI Pictured, Tested

    If I recall the GTX660 has 2GB and the 660ti has 1.5GB of GDDR5.
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    CM Storm Launches QuickFire Pro Gaming Keyboard

    I am not sure I could use a keyboard with out a wrist rest, it would take some getting used to or have to get a aftermarket one.
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    NVIDIA Reports Financial Results for First Quarter Fiscal Year 2013

    When you sell a mid range product for high end prices you make money, Nvidia should send AMD a thank you letter!
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    GeForce GTX 580 to Get Price-Cuts

    Thats the whole point, the GTX660 that was going to be around $299.99 is now going to be called the GTX680 and be around $499.99. I hope this is not what happens and I do not blame AMD for NV doing this but this does show us what happens when you have little or no competition. If the chart you...
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    GeForce GTX 580 to Get Price-Cuts

    Normally I would agree but this card was intended to be a mid range $299.99 card and has now been renamed and price jacked to a flag ship because of the lack of competition with AMDs 7900s.
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    GeForce GTX 580 to Get Price-Cuts

    It really sucks that we are going to have to pay $499.99 for the GF104(now GTX680) that was slated to be the GTX660TI @299.99 because AMDs 7950 and 7970 where not as powerful as NV thought they would be.
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    NVIDIA Rushing in Stopgap HD 7970 Competitor This February?

    I think NV is playing this smart, they will hit AMD with the 670($349.00) and then later in the year hit them again with the 680($499.99) and 690($699.99). I do not think NV is having any problems, other then they wanted to do a bottom up launch and AMD kinda spoiled it with a top to bottom launch.
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    The GTX 590 NVIDIA dual GPU card thread