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    Vintage hardware - Athlon XP 2500+ good for anything anymore?

    I have amy old xp2400 that I built when I was at uni running down at the coastguard station that I work part time at. We use it for excel spredsheets that monitor all the equipment record checks, printing forms and scanning documents. Its not hooked up to the internet. Its running xp sp3 and...
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    Windows 8 Graphics Performance

    If its not broken dont fix it. After using XP since not long after first release ypassing vista totally and only upgrading to 7 on my laptop last year and desktop this year, I think i'll be giving it another decade or so till i next upgrade windows. however i always keep up to date with the...
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    GTA IV framerates, playable for you?

    I was playing GTA 4 but last time I tried it on my new MSI X660r everytime I hit a key on the keyboard the thing would freeze... started playing Just cause 2 instead. 9 times out of 10 a cheap HDMI cable will perform just as well as an expensive one. However, over longer distances the better...
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    Crucial Expands Gaming Line With New Ballistix Sport Memory Series

    yeh good point, lol, sport whats that all about.... and yeh its the BCLK which is largely restricted to the 2nd gen core 's cpus but it seriously wouldn't surprise me if they did far better in testing with an older gen motherboard
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    Crucial Expands Gaming Line With New Ballistix Sport Memory Series

    I suspect they are rated at cas 10 to comply with the latest 2nd gen core i3, i5 and i7 cpu motherboards in which the cpu's have their own clock gen rather than the motherboard and this controls the clocks rather than the motherboard. I suspect whacking them in an older p45 mobo they would be...
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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    i am a geek!! lol
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    Q9650 New OverClock reached .

    Thats pretty interesting, I've never touched GTLs before as I've never understood exactly what they did. When I'm home at the weekend I'll try taking my q9550 upwards a few notches, I was upto 475 fsb at 7.5 multi last time I played around with it. My target being to max out my 2ghz ram. If i...
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    Free component emulator software upgrades your pc!

    Wow, I managed to get it running on my sony ericsson satio, it now thinks it has 2 and a half cores, 2 gig of ram and surprise surprise a g92 powered gfx card!! awesome!! 3d marks cranking out better scores than my desktop!! sweet!!
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    Q9550 temps, what are yours running, whats your cooler, clock?

    Im running Q9550 E0 at 3.57Ghz 420mhz fsb, temps at idle are 37, 37, 37, 38. under load this changes to 56, 51, 50, 49. room temp is 19-20 degrees. cpu voltage is at 1.29v according to cpu-z. i think i could drop this slightly lower. Im Using MX-3 compound with Titan Fenrir mounted with fan...
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    Intel Core i7 930 Slated for Q1 2010

    Q1 2010??
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    How much virtual memory with 2 GB RAM ?

    You hit the nail on the head with that one.......Checks Virtual mem settings.... gets back to H.A.W.X....
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    Possible New Build(£400 budget)

    Dont forget the PSU exhaust. I'm running the 300, does a fine job for me. Even before i got 2 intake fans the two standard fans where drawing enough air through the case due to the negative pressure. had to clean the dust guard at least once a week!!
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    Possible New Build(£400 budget)

    I have found in the past that surprisingly Play.com is the cheapest place for decent OCZ DDR3 modules..... and they normally have free delivery.
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    Nvidia renaming their lineup . . . . again

    I think im going buy the GT980GTX180G92GTS265+++GTx10^3Ti200 inside out back to front re-labled underly overclocked not very special edition.....hmmmmmmmmmmm!! honest to god, this will make perfect sense in a few years!! I'm positive!
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    Intel Responds to Phenom II X2 BE with Pentium E6500K

    Phwwoarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............drools!!!! pass me a towel.. :D
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    check out the Samsung T240. great TV/monitor. Personally I wouldnt go Xfire, to restricted on Drivers and software supporting it, unless you go for 4870x2??? Im in same situation myself. probably going to wait till end of the year for new range of Dx11 cards..
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    OCZ Intros 3.5 inch SSD & Shows off 1500 MHz DDR2 Memory

    BTW in my first post, I forgot to say that those 1600MHz OCZ Platinum EB are DDR3......
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    OCZ Intros 3.5 inch SSD & Shows off 1500 MHz DDR2 Memory

    That DDR2-1500 will not be quite as fast as the DDR3-1600 even if the ddr2 is running at CAS5 due to the way DDR3 works. If I remeber correctly, ddr3 @ 1600 CAS 6 will have a first word transfer time of 7.5ns, whilst - if my calculations are correct - ddr2 @ 1500 CAS 5 will have a first word...
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    OCZ Intros 3.5 inch SSD & Shows off 1500 MHz DDR2 Memory

    you should try the 1600MHz OCZ Platinum EB at 7-6-6-24, they can run at 6-6-6-18 @ 1.9-2.0v... been around for a while as far as I know..