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    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    Best Reviews and News in the WorldWideWeb :toast: My #1 Daily page since 2005 :toast:
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    Computex 2010 Booth Babes

    Already committed suicide :D http://www.themoneytimes.com/featured/20100516/24yearold-woman-sixth-worker-commit-suicide-foxconn-id-10113290.html Their workers have to sign a form that they won't kill themselfs :roll:
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    ATP Electronics Intros Internal SIP USB Solid State Drive

    Good idea. But why the hell do they use USB 2.0 instead of S-Ata :wtf:
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    OCZ Technology Launches Next Generation Z-Drive R2 PCI-Express Solid State Drive

    Nope too fast for an ordinary HDD-LED :rockout:
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    OCZ Technology Launches Next Generation Z-Drive R2 PCI-Express Solid State Drive

    Yes its bootable :respect: I want the 2TB Version :cry: And my Harddrives could retire. But i think it has the same pricetag as a middelclass car. :banghead:
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    I think Wizz simply wanted to hear how much we love him and TPU. Now go to work and do some Cat 10.3 testing ;)
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    I will be leaving TPU!

    :twitch: Noooo :cry: - TPU is my daily page since years. :cry: Couse W1zzard is/was doing such great a job.
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    Which win 7 should I get?

    From a normal user perspective i did not notice any difference at all. Using Win7 64-Bit Pro on my main rig - via MSDNAA and Ultimate 64-Bit on my Laptop. Have already worked with the Home Premium Version. Buttom Line - not differences in real world at all for me - i would therefore go for...
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    Samsung First to Begin Shipping 40nm-class, 32-Gigabyte Memory Module for Servers

    32gig per modul - perfect for RamDrives :rockout:
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    SPARKLE Unveils Range of GeForce 210/GT220/GT240 Silent Series LP Graphics Cards

    Boring - we want Fermi :pimp: Seriously who needs another HTPC card. :eek: and Crysis will be playable at "normal" settings :roll:
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    Help for diploma thesis – survey about your online gaming behavior

    Dear Community :), We are conducting an online survey for our diploma thesis at the Institute of marketing and media at the University of Hamburg . We need your support!!! >>> Click here to start survey <<< We are researching online gaming behavior. The survey will take approx. 10...
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    Zeus Shows Off $750,000 PC

    Unfortunately my radiator won't fit. :shadedshu But the Gold should be good to absorb the vibration of my harddrives. :rolleyes: No i'll stay with my Antec :D Chinese or Japanese Junk :nutkick:
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    BMW M3 Racing Simulator..

    Thanks for the hint. :respect: E92 M3 :respect:
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    Feedback for new TPU design

    Much better than the green orange one. I like the idea with the power button. Maybe i would try to transfer some design elements from the old one. So that people still know "This is techpowerup" without having read the heading. I'll hope you know what i mean. greetz tim
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    Feedback for new TPU design

    Doesn't like the heading "techpowerUp" in green and orange. :ohwell: And i'm missing the download section on the left. The rest looks quite promising. :toast: greetz tim
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    Project:Uber Silent pc 56k* warning

    Still overkill for sure. Well nice price but e.g. an Seasonic S12 600W Seasonic would have been really virtually silent. Results under load:
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    Project:Uber Silent pc 56k* warning

    1200W :twitch: I dont think that this Monster is really silent. And why? Quad Cpu @4Ghz and HD2900xt Crossfire? greetz tim
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    Super Pi 1m scores

    13,063 sec E6600@3950Mhz Mobo is limiting. Asus Striker is on its way :D greetz tim
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    Any Good Write Up's on removing the C2D HSF?

    In German but some good pics. http://www.forumdeluxx.de/forum/showthread.php?t=301733&highlight=k%F6pfen Looks nice: http://www.thetechrepository.com/showthread.php?t=23 greetz tim
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    SuperPi 1M record Smashed by s.O.t. member Roro

    Insane time. But "onepagebook" already did it. http://hwbot.org/hallOfFame.do?type=result&applicationId=3 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=119690 Date: 10-16-2006, 05:08 PM greetz
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    Kingston Releases 4GB, Low-Latency DDR2-800 HyperX Memory Kits

    Perfect. In Germany it starts at 398€. Can't wait to see first tests. 4Gb i think its a must have for Vista 64-Bit + Crysis. greetz tim
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    Ati Tool @ Vista Ultimate 64-Bit

    Hey there, yesterday i've installed my new OS. Vista Ultimate 64-Bit. Looks great, boots faster but some of my favorite tools don't work such as Speedfan, VLC AND AtiTool :cry: Are there any news when AtiTool will support Vista 64-Bit? thx tim
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    Which case?

    Some weeks ago i've built up a rig for a friend of mine. Using the Antec 180. Yesterday i've orderd one for me. :D Really great case. A lot of space, solid and with 4*120 Fans @ 5V really quiet. Perfect to cool down a set of x1900 @ Crossfire :D OK it takes some time to wire everything due to...
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    Card recommendation for old PC

    I think this would be a good choice. [Sapphire] Radeon X800 GTO 256MB 16Pipes AGP 149€ ;) http://www.mad-moxx.de/shop/articleDetail.jsf?articleId=1005.10426 Edit: Palit/XpertVision GeForce 6800 GS, 256MB GDDR3, DVI, TV-out -> 103,10 € looks very good for your rig. Edit2...