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  1. krisna159

    MSI Unveils Xield5 Gaming Mousepad

    i had one already... pretty cheap though.. usd $10 at local shop in my city...
  2. krisna159

    Merry Christmas from TechPowerUp!

    happy hollyday Merry Christmas to you guys from Indonesia and happy hollyday :toast:
  3. krisna159

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler 2 GB

    damn good... nice review like always Wizz.. i hope this card will be available in my country soon... its worthy to upgrade... :toast
  4. krisna159

    GK110 Specifications Approximated

    WOW!!! it surprising me... :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  5. krisna159

    TechPowerUp Application Now on Android Market

    Its working on my lilG(samsung galaxy mini) Its great app... nice work wizz
  6. krisna159

    NVIDIA GK104 PCB Drawings, Unusual Power Connector Designs Surface

    OMG... it will need nuclear reactor to power it in 4 way SLI :(
  7. krisna159

    Kepler Unbeatable: NVIDIA

    cmon guys... dont judge something from rumours... just sit back and relax.. and wait the kepler release.. after that you can see and judge... am i right??
  8. krisna159

    [Case Gallery] Value V3 - The budget friendly rig

    I voted 10/10 because: NICE..yur rig use same case with mine...
  9. krisna159

    ORIGIN PC Announces the GENESIS now Overclocked to 5.7GHz, New Laptop Design

    that wasnt CPU waterblock.. it use phase change technology...
  10. krisna159

    AMD Demonstrates Trinity APU, Its Own Thunderbolt-Alternative

    1st monitor is runing dirt.. 2nd converting video,and the notebook monitor itself display a movie...:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: i didnt even know a notebook can do that ...
  11. krisna159

    ORIGIN PC Announces the GENESIS now Overclocked to 5.7GHz, New Laptop Design

    is that litle devil case ?:eek:
  12. krisna159

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 3072 MB

    wow nice...great review like always Wizz i cant wait to see this card coming to my country....its time to upgrade now...
  13. krisna159

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Reference Board Design Detailed, Single Slot Capable - Finally!

    i cant wait for wizzard review:rockout: i hope this the right path for amd, :rolleyes:
  14. krisna159

    EVGA Introduces Two GeForce GTX 580 Classified Ultra graphics cards

    i'll be wait for 7970 review, then decide buy this or those, :toast:
  15. krisna159

    Radeon HD 7900 to Introduce Eyefinity 3D, HD 7970 European Pricing Surfaces

    does anyone already read this? http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-radeon-hd-7970-specifications-slide-leaked/14238.html
  16. krisna159

    IBM to Produce Micron's HMC in Debut of First Commercial, 3D Chip-Making Capability

    i will say "what if" AMD merge with IBM and use that technology to bulid new micro procesor to compete with intel?? maybe... it will be nice competision......:toast: but that was just "dream":ohwell::shadedshu
  17. krisna159

    Ivy Bridge Official Benchmarks – Markedly Better Performance Than Sandy Bridge

    i think the price of Ivy brige will going up high... because intel has no rival in high end desktop,after AMD fail with buldoser...
  18. krisna159

    AMD To Give Up Competing With Intel On x86? CPU Prices Already Shooting Up

    i think AMD "should" be use "tick-tock" strategy,build his own fabs,and gest new marketing strategy to sold out buldoser.CMIIW:D
  19. krisna159

    EVGA Gives GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores Classified and FTW Treatment

    msrp USD$289 :twitch: i think it will be around USD$350 (msrp+taxes+distribution cost) :shadedshu its time to applying credit card now :banghead:
  20. krisna159

    AMD To Give Up Competing With Intel On x86? CPU Prices Already Shooting Up

    :confused: i think amd lack of good marketing..if u ask customer in here (my country indonesia,)about AMD product they will answer "what is amd?",people in here just few knows about amd,they only knew intel product line up only..because intel had alot advertising,
  21. krisna159

    The GTX 590 NVIDIA dual GPU card thread

    We need to see the review first,then we can judge which is the fastest graphic.. In the world.. And of course we will wait W1zzard to review this card.. :)
  22. krisna159

    Amacrox Free Earth 88PLUS 600W

    Nice to see Psu review again in TPU,its had been long time.. Anyway this brand in here (indonesia) its sold more than arround 18 month and this product its fairly cheap,i got only usd $75,good quality for low end user,anyway nice review..
  23. krisna159

    ASUS Radeon HD 6990 4096 MB

    I think i'll keep my old setup for while And wait the price goes down.. May be i'll wait until crysis 2 benchmark comes out (crysis2 its good game but need a lot resources) anyway thx for W1zz,nice job like always :)
  24. krisna159

    Intel 510 Series SATA 6 Gb/s SSD Slated for March 1

    holly crap... :eek:... i want it but i just have $10 in my wallet... :banghead::banghead:
  25. krisna159

    AMD Rebranding HD 5770 and HD 5750 to HD 6700 Series

    C'mon dude.. We all ready know its just rumors.. Dont believe it if the card have been release yet,Here in internet everything can happen.. (maybe some one spread this rumor just for laugh or somethin) for me,i will never believe the rumor if i didnt see the card review and benchmark from my own...