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    Is It Worth Upgrading ?

    That and some of the newer games like Battlefield 4 have an in game resolution adjustment to make the game upscale to 4k which is nice. While it's not true 4k, it's close enough for me.
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    Is It Worth Upgrading ?

    If it were me I wouldn't upgrade. The price difference between the 780 and 780ti does not, in any way, justify the minimal performance increase you would see. The only reason I would recommend upgrading to a Titan is if you really intend to do some heavy graphics/photo workstation type of work...
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    [ADVICE] Psu

    I would personally recommend EVGA's power supplies if they're available to you. 10 year warranty and solid performing supplies. They also have a 430w model which is pretty cheap, with the 500w only being about $10 more.
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    Gtx 780 DC II vs Msi GTX 760 sli

    I would leave the 780 in your gaming machine because a single card solution is always more stable and reliable than an SLI solution when it comes to games. As far as 2 760's being "better", it's really a toss up. You're looking at two cards with less vram being shared between the both of them...
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    Help me understand 780

    If you're a gamer, overclocking can be beneficial to squeeze out some more fps and faster performance. Do you really need to overclock with a 780? Not really when you have GPUBoost, however, I personally recommend disabling GPUBoost and letting your card run at stock speeds and/or overclocking...
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    Help me decide: 770 4GB or 780 ti

    If you're willing to drop $800 on two G-Sync monitors, when they come out, then what's the point of discussing a 770 vs 780 and their prices? In my opinion there's no reason to buy a GK104 chip right now, and you would be better off opting for a simple 780 (You can get them used for $400-450 on...
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    NVIDIA Rolls Out G-Sync Upgrade Kit for ASUS VG248QE

    I'm not sure how any of you can call this a gimmick or garbage without seeing it for yourself. You cannot, under any circumstance, get a sense of what G-SYNC is by watching a video about it online. It's something you have to experience for yourself, and everyone who has reviewed it and/or demoed...
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    PSU Failure?

    Sounds like a PSU issue to me based on the information you've provided. I personally recommend EVGA psu's. Fantastic warranties and solid units. I use a Seasonic, but wish I had purchased an EVGA. This one would meet your needs based on your posted specs...
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    Titan only 50% load in BF4, need some advice please.

    Make sure your cards power usage in the Nvidia control panel is set to performance and not the default setting. Are you using EVGA Precision software to mange your gpu's overclock? If so, enable K-Boost in the settings which will kill the GPU Boost and run the card at its stock settings. GPU...
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    Monitor Query: What do you think?

    Because 1080p is fine, and 27" is just too big for what I like.
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    Monitor Query: What do you think?

    I've been using a Samsung Syncmaster 225BW for well over six years and it's still in mint condition, but it's time to move on. I had been looking at the ASUS VG248QE for a while, and with G-Sync now available, it seems like a good time to go ahead and upgrade. However, the new ASUS models should...
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    Seasonic SS-1050XM Problem?

    Update: Received the new unit today which is a refurb, but in good condition. So far so good. I can boot up and power down without issue, and after 3 hours of stress testing it hasn't shut down once. I'll let it run as is for a couple weeks then set my overclocks again, run for another couple of...
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    Strange error, requires forced shut down.

    Sounds motherboardish in nature. You said your screen goes black... are you using onboard graphics or dedicated? If you have a spare psu or can borrow one I would definitely swap it out to see if the problem persists. Ruling out a possible psu issue is always a -very- good thing. I would also...
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    Mouse ScrollWheel died again. Any Recommendations for a Reliable Mouse?

    I've used Logitech mice as far back as I can remember. I used the MX518 for about 6 years before upgrading to the G9, which I didn't like the feel of, so switched back to the 518for another two years before the buttons finally started failing due to use. I went with the G500 as of last year and...
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    More RAM vs. SSD for improved performance?

    This is a great post which I agree with. I think more times than not, most people end up in situations where more ram is more beneficial. SSD's are nice, don't get me wrong, but they're not really required in my opinion unless you have the money to burn on one.
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    What power supply should I buy??

    This is a pretty good reference read for power supplies to get a better understanding of their quality. It might be helpful for you and other people who read this. You might be surprised to find out who actually manufactures some of the most popular psu's. The list is a few years old, but not...
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    Upgrade advise

    I guess it depends on how much money you have. If you have the money you definitely need to upgrade. If you're low on money, just go with an i5 3570k and a decent z77 motherboard. You'll also need new ram, which you can find 8GB pretty cheap now. But ultimately, yes, I would upgrade if I were you.
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    2 x 42A GPUs on a 65A 12V rail?

    Just because a psu is 800w doesn't mean it's going to support your computer components the way that it should. There's far more to a psu than just total wattage. In the OP's case, he's going to be running very high-end graphics cards that require solid, stable power, and his psu isn't good...
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    2 x 42A GPUs on a 65A 12V rail?

    It's a little much, yes, however I lean on the side of having a little more headroom and more wattage than not. Even at 850w, I think you're cutting yourself a little short. I look at longevity and the fact the psu will loose efficiency over time, so in my opinion it's worth having the extra...
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    2 x 42A GPUs on a 65A 12V rail?

    800W is the minimum suggested for SLI, especially with two 780's, and if you're overclocking your the cards and even your cpu, you might have some issues. I would have to agree with brandonwh64 on this one, I would not trust that power supply to SLI big beefy cards like the 780's. The GS line...
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    Mouse mats

    I use a hard plastic Steel Series 9HD pad and it's the best mouse pad I've ever owned. I've had it nearly a year with absolutely no wear on it. I've used cloth and glass in the past, but in my opinion they haven't measured up to the accuracy of the 9HD.
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    Seasonic 1000W Platinum fault?

    I'm going through just about the same ordeal myself with nearly the same problem. Unfortunately here in the states Seasonic doesn't have any kind of advanced RMA service which is a huge letdown. However, I have to say the turnaround has been quite fast. I shipped it on the 7th, they got it on...
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    Seasonic SS-1050XM Problem?

    Slight update: My new psu should be arriving tomorrow or Monday. I had expected Seasonic would email me and keep me up to date, or even let me know what the issue was, but no. Just an email with a tracking number from ups. I guess we'll see.
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    470 gtx dead?

    Yeah, maybe. Could even be something as simple as a bad pcie-cable, or even a faulty power "port" if your psu is modular. I've seen that happen before. The best way to rule it out would be to slap it into a friends system and see if it works. I would say your graphics card potentially fried...
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    GPU memory - overrated?

    The higher resolution you play at, and the higher in game settings you use, then the more vram you're going to use. BF4 uses more than 1.4 - heck, the developers recommend 3GB. If you have the money then buy one, as games are just going to continue requiring more, and you will futureproof...