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  1. DanishDevil

    Help me choose my new ISP!

    I've got some really shitty options at my new place (it's one of many 5 acre lots in the area, so the ISP's won't give us better options because of lack of population density). I will be moving in within the next 6 months, but the ISPs need several weeks heads up to get things rolling. I play...
  2. DanishDevil

    [FS][US] Sapphire R9 290X Battlefield 4 Edition

    FOR SALE Sapphire R9 290X BF4 Edition SOLD Used for a few days, long story short I prefer my GTX 680 with ShadowPlay. Asking exactly what I paid for it, and I'll lose out on shipping costs to you. Comes with everything that it did NIB including the unused BF4 code. If you don't want/need the...
  3. DanishDevil

    Swiftech H220 Banned AIO On Sale @ NCIX US

    NCIXUS is selling the H220 on sale for $129.99 through September 25th! Just picked one up, I hope the order goes through. http://us.ncix.com/products/?sku=79583&vpn=H220&manufacture=Swiftech&promoid=1258 I haven't heard anything about the ban on sale being lifted, and the manufacturer's...
  4. DanishDevil

    [FS][US] Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB Black

    FOR SALE Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB Black $OLD Shipped Mint condition, perfect device with all original included items. Extra Included Items: Original box Unopened Charger Unopened USB Cable Unopened Headphones Verizon 4G SIM Card Pre-Installed VZW Screen Protector (Anti-Scratch) 2x...
  5. DanishDevil

    Display Driver has stopped responding troubleshooting

    Specs are to the left. Issues started while trying to play BF3. I had zero crashes for a couple of weeks, then all of a sudden I began to crash out within 5-15 minutes of playing. The game would throw an error message, and I would have to restart in order to launch the game again. I managed to...
  6. DanishDevil

    [WTB] Bioshock Infinite!

    WANT TO BUY Bioshock Infinite PC Retail box or coupon slip, doesn't matter to me. Looking for a great deal (maybe for somebody who bought 2 cards for Crossfire so they can still enjoy this seemingly amazing game). PM me with an offer. TRADES? No trades for this guy at the moment. THE DETAILS...
  7. DanishDevil

    ASUS Xonar DGX vs. Xonar DX?

    Currently using a DX 99% of the time with my Sennheiser PC 350 headset through the front panel audio jacks on my Corsait 600T. The shitty new version of my old Z-2300's are garbage compared to my old ones, so I rarely use speakers anymore. Since the PC 350's have a 150 ohm impedance, I've been...
  8. DanishDevil

    Recovering RAID 0 Array w/ Unknown Stripe Size

    Customer came in yesterday with an old laptop with dual HDDs that was configured for RAID 0 (why, don't ask me). The machine is toast and won't boot into windows, and the screen is completely cracked. We're trying to get data off her HDDs, but without information as to which stripe was used, it...
  9. DanishDevil

    [FS/FT][US] Cisco 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN (RVS4000)

    FOR SALE Cisco 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN (RVS4000) $50 Shipped TRADES? See my [WTB] Thread here. THE DETAILS Thanks for looking! :toast:
  10. DanishDevil

    Tera Online

    Launch Schedule New Launch Features Open Beta Test - April 19th/20th - April 23rd
  11. DanishDevil

    vBulletin Feature Request: "Open All New Posts" Button?

    Like many of our regular users here I'm sure do as well, when I log onto TPU in the morning, I go directly to UserCP and hold CTRL and click on each arrow button for each of my subscribed threads that has new posts in it in order to open a new tab for each thread that I want to get caught up...
  12. DanishDevil

    Sennheiser PC 350 "Hero" Mod

    For any of you with this amazing headset, if your cans are out of warranty (this mod will void it), you've got a spare set around, or you want your headset to sound the way it should have shipped from the factory, this mod brings some much needed bass to these cans. Original article is here...
  13. DanishDevil

    GTX 560 Ti 448 Black Screen w/ Blinking Cursor in Some Games

    Noticed this before my recent reformat and was wondering if anybody had ever heard of this issue. BF3 works fine, but if I launch The Witcher or Path of Exile, the games boot to a black screen with game sounds, and a blinking game cursor. I never had this issue with my GTX 570. I'm going to swap...
  14. DanishDevil

    2560x1600 Maxed Gaming GPU Config: SLI or Single GPU?

    My goal is to run BF3 (and other future demanding titles) at my left spec'd system's native res at max settings (super duper eye candy disabled like post-AA and HBAO in BF3) with my system at stock settings. I have been running a single GTX 570 Direct CU II for a little while, and I am pretty...
  15. DanishDevil

    ASUS Zenbook

    Just a placeholder until I add more information. My second PC ATM: ASUS UX31E-DH52 Please ask any questions that you have about the Zenbook!
  16. DanishDevil

    Engadget: SSDs and You (Article)

    For anybody who wants to get caught up with what SSDs are, how they work, their history, and the major differences between an SSD and a traditional HDD, this might be a good read: http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/31/engadget-primed-ssds-and-you/ The majority of us are already up to speed with...
  17. DanishDevil

    Best 2560x1600 Monitor for Gaming

    I've tried to do some research, and what I'm coming up with looks like the Dell U3011, and the HP ZR30w. Gaming is what I primarily use my desktop for, and will be playing everything from Starcraft 2 to Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3. I have been a competitive gamer in the past, and performance is...
  18. DanishDevil

    SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) Cables - What's the Deal?

    I've heard many reviewers state that there is no difference between a SATA 2.0 cable and a SATA 3.0 cable other than the marking on them. I have heard others say that there are differences. I'd definitely like a definitive answer on this. Found this from SATA-IO.org: They definitely...
  19. DanishDevil

    Graphic Design/Illustration Customer Build - Price is Not a Concern

    Customer wants a high end graphic design computer complete with plotter and Wacom tablet. Going to be using CS5 mainly. What are your suggestions? X58 or P67? What about GPU acceleration? Does one company's GPUs work better than the other? Consumer or workstation GPU? How about storage...
  20. DanishDevil

    NeweggDeals Amazon Merchant?

    Sorry if this could be in a better forum. Just noticed "neweggdeals" that just launched on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/seller/at-a-glance.html/ref=olp_merch_name_16?ie=UTF8&isAmazonFulfilled=0&asin=B003FVI2KQ&marketplaceSeller=0&seller=A10TZVQZXM63LE&tag=tec06d-20 What do you...
  21. DanishDevil

    [FS/FT][US] Crosshair IV Formula, Core i7 960, WD 1TB Black, & More!

    Intel Core i7 960 NIB + Goodies FOR SALE 3x AC Ryan UV Orange Sleeving Kits $15 Shipped Need for Speed: Pro Street & Prototype PC $5 + Shipping Each / $10 Shipped for Both TRADES? See my [WTB] Thread here. THE DETAILS Thanks for looking! :toast:
  22. DanishDevil

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Love the front page logo! In case anybody missed it!
  23. DanishDevil

    [FS/FT][US] ASUS HD 6870 1gb

    FOR SALE ASUS HD 6870 1GB $200 Shipped Bought this on release (reference card), and used until the HD 6950s came out. Was a great card, and played current games very nicely at 1920x1200. Never overclocked or abused. Comes with all accessories and the retail box. Link: ASUS...
  24. DanishDevil

    [WTB][US] Long Crossfire Bridge

    I'm going to be running dual XFX HD 6950's flashed to 6970 on my Crosshair IV Formula, and the crossfire connectors are going to be 4 slots apart. My motherboard came with one extended connector, but I would like two. Image from auctiva. Will be shipped to 90263, first class in a padded...
  25. DanishDevil

    Did I get a brick for a 6950?

    Sealed XFX 6950 bought from CircuitCity (TigerDirect) though Amazon. I've tried 10.10e, 10.11, and 10.12, and each of them refuse to install a display driver for my GPU. I thought that the BIOS came to me fucked, so I switched BIOSes using the little switch, and no difference. The...