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    Help with Radeon 9200 Se graphic card

    I have a pentium 4 2.8 and it has 512 ram. My graphic card is a radeon 9200 se and it has been giving me problems. When i Play a high graphics game, my computer freezes and gives me an ati error. i send the report but get no response. The error i get is that the graphic card has been reset...
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    Memtest86 and microsoft memory testor errors

    A while ago i wrote on this forum to get some help with my computer. It locks up or restarts when playing high graphics games. At first i thought the problem was with my graphic card but then somebody told me to do a ramtest. I did it and i got errors on memtest86 and windows memory testor...
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    Help [system crashes after long gaming]

    I need some help with my computer. When i play any high graphics game my system crashes or just restarts. Some games are like Halo, Far Cry, and Driver 3. The problem is that the games play for about 5-10 minutes but then my computer restarts or locks up. Why does this happen somebody help...