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  1. ebolamonkey3

    [FS/FT] Kindle Fire and Radeon 5850

    It was purchased when it was first released, whatever the standard warranty is minus 8 months.
  2. ebolamonkey3

    [FS/FT] Kindle Fire and Radeon 5850

    Both items are in very good condition. The screen is flawless on the Kindle Fire and the 5850 has never been OC'd. I don't have the box for either anymore, but they will be packed securely. The Kindle will come with a case and a charging cable and an adapter. My heatware is also...
  3. ebolamonkey3

    Super confused about mobile GPUs...

    Awesome! How does the AMD 7970m and 6990m compare to the 675m?
  4. ebolamonkey3

    Samsung Introduces Series 7 Gamer, the Ultimate Gaming Laptop

    According to Engadget, only the black version will be sold in the US :( I was really wanting to get my hands on the orange one...
  5. ebolamonkey3

    Super confused about mobile GPUs...

    So I'm trying to buy a new laptop w/ a discreet video card, and I've been told to stick w/ Nvidia because of Optimus. Not sure if there's a similar technology with AMD GPUs, as that would open up more options. But anyways, here's my understanding of current Nvidia options in the mobile space and...
  6. ebolamonkey3

    Anno 2070's Draconian DRM: Ubisoft Loosens Restrictions. Slightly

    I guess I'll just get this on Steam when they have it on sale for $5.
  7. ebolamonkey3

    Radeon HD 7950 Specs Confirmed in GPU-Z Screenshot

    Nvidia needs to come out w/ their GTX 6xx cards fast.
  8. ebolamonkey3

    Intel Announces InfiniBand Acquisition

    $125 million is pocket money for Intel.
  9. ebolamonkey3

    [FS][US] PS3 Slim 120gb combo (12 games!)

    Anybody take the new GRE yet?
  10. ebolamonkey3

    [FS][US] PS3 Slim 120gb combo (12 games!)

    Didn't get any PM. And looking for cash mainly, but let me know what you got anyways.
  11. ebolamonkey3

    [FS][US] PS3 Slim 120gb combo (12 games!)

    Accelero Xtreme Plus and a lot of Yate Loons Hey guys, I listed these a while back but never sold them, so here they are again. Pictures are from last time, but they are in the exact same condition and packed ready to ship, so I didn't bother with new pics. First up is the Accelero Xtreme...
  12. ebolamonkey3

    Lian Li Announces the PC-A05FN ATX Mid-Tower PC Case

    Hmm, think I like my A05N better.
  13. ebolamonkey3

    [FS][US] FS/FF - Darwin96's For Sale Thread

    bump for you my friend, really eyeing those vertex 3s, mayhaps a trade?
  14. ebolamonkey3

    [FS] Lenovo Thinkpad X220 F/S

    to the top again! price dropped.