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    Digital River: "Games as a Service, Microtransactions, Tripled Industry's Value"

    It is game publishers mindset of, "lets offer to bilk the gamers out of everything they own" that has had a chilling effect on my willingness to buy so called "AAA" games*. I understand game development is expensive but the trend to have a $60 game plus $40-50 of preorder DLC (season pass) was...
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    Razer's Servers Fail for Second Time this Month, Forcing Profiles to Defaults

    This is why I quit buying Razer products when they came out with that "Software requires online connection" to use garbage. Thankfully other companies have come out with IR sensor mice since then as well.
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    Windows 8.1, and Why You Should Let Go of Windows 7

    I posted this elsewhere once before, but it bears repeating. I am a desktop user, and none of these changes Microsoft is talking about look to be fixing any of the core problems that haunt Windows 8. Wooooo changes! So what? I was attracted to Windows 8 because I wanted the better Task...
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    ASUS Announces x86 11.6-inch VivoTab Windows 8 Tablet

    I call BS on this: VivoTab's 11.6" multi-touch display has a pin-sharp 1366 x 768 HD resolution. 1366x768 at 11.6 inches is NOT pin sharp. Pen sharp maybe.
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    Evercool Unveils the Silent Shark CPU Cooler

    Well to be fair the IFX-14 has four 8mm Heatpipes. It appears that this cooler has six 6mm heatpipes.
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    AMD Delivers the Catalyst 12.9 CAP 1

    On a lark I clicked on the release notes for the 12.8 drivers. On a further lark, I changed the URL from "AMDCatalystSoftwareSuiteVersion128ReleaseNotes.aspx" to "AMDCatalystSoftwareSuiteVersion129ReleaseNotes.aspx" SUCCESS!!! 12.9 Beta Release Notes.
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    AMD Delivers the Catalyst 12.9 CAP 1

    The AMD driver page has 12.9 Beta Drivers listed now. 12.9 Beta Release Notes.
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    Dell Readies the U2913WM 29-inch Monitor

    too wide, 16x9 is pushing it for me. I was really happy with 16x10.
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    2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Borderlands 2 Now Available in North America

    Says the guy with an NVIDIA card.
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    2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Borderlands 2 Now Available in North America

    I had tons of fun playing Borderlands. Steam has me clocked in at over 300 hours on it. However, I won't be buying Borderlands 2. I'm voting with my wallet to send the message that implementing extra special effects in a proprietary physics routine (PhysX) that only works fully on one...
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    Toshiba to Launch High Capacity 3 TB 3.5-inch HDD for Consumer Products

    It is worthy of mentioning that when WD was buying Hitachi, the US Justice Dept. (or some government agency) told WD they had to sell off Hitachi's 3.5 inch manufacturing arm before they would approve the acquisition. WD sold Hitachi's 3.5in line to Toshiba. So in reality these are Hitachi...
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    Day Z Mod To Go Stand-Alone This Year

    I tried DayZ even wasted $24 bucks buying the expansion. IMHO it's fucking terrible. You spawn in, die repeatedly to zombies while trying to find a weapon, die repeatedly to game bugs that insta-kill you, and then when you manage that, you will die repeatedly to other players ganking you. So...
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    USB 3.0 Promoter Group Announces Availability of USB Power Delivery Specification

    Agreed. I also went diving into the spec sheet and drew a few conclusions. The new 'PD' connectors proposed are designed to handle 5A for full size connectors (A, B) and 3A for Mini/Micro. That would necessitate 20V to deliver 100W at 5A.
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    USB 3.0 Promoter Group Announces Availability of USB Power Delivery Specification

    it won't be at 5V it'll probably be something like 30V
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    VESA Announces New Mobility DisplayPort Standard

    no, best I can tell from reading this is that they have made a new smaller, slimmer Display Port connector. And as we already know, there are DP to HDMI converters
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    EVGA Rolls Out Pwnage 2 Mousepad

    I'm a better then average video gamer, and to be honest, the idea of getting a mouse pad with Pwnage on it seems asinine to me.
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    HARMAN Launches New Line of Harman-Kardon Headphones

    I had a similar thought. "The distinctive rectangular shape of the in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones mirrors the back case of an iPhone" So I'm guessing this is so that you can look like a complete tool with two iPods strapped to your ears?
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    Crytek Creating DirectX 11-like Graphics Effects for Crysis 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3

    Indeed I read this news post and my only though was what a load of BS
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    So W1z, who are you selling the website to this year?

    My first reaction was to refresh the page, my second reaction was "the :twitch::wtf::wtf::confused:? Then I remembered it was April 1st. Well played good sir.
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    Lenovo's AMD-Powered IdeaPad S206 Laptop Gets a Video Tour

    More importantly perhaps, Glossy finish in the inside is NOT a feature....it's a con.
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    ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset

    I have had these Roccat Cave headphones for well over a year now. I must say that I'm quite satisfied with their performance. I've been using these headphones with a Creative SB X-fi Elite Pro. The hissing problem other people have mentioned is a not a problem for me. There is a certain...
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    Ubisoft Server Maintenance To Render Always-Online DRM Games Unplayable

    I still remember Far Cry 2, I preordered it on Steam. The day it released, I saw it was using some kind of hideous activation DRM so I used a crack instead. Sad days when the pirated versions are superior to the ones we PAY for.
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    Newegg Puts an End to Counterfeit CPU Saga

    I expected nothing less from Newegg really. Props to Newegg for handling this issue in the fashion they did.
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    [STEAM] New User Interface Public Beta

    I'm with you Mussels. Details View: Brings some interesting new feature to bear, but it is hard to navigate. List View: WTF is the point? The old UI's Games list uses FAR fewer pixels per game. One didn't have to scroll nearly as much. Grid View: Hot damn! What an utter waste. Colors and...