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  1. Duffman

    Final Fantasy 14 Beta is out!

  2. Duffman

    Final Fantasy 14 Beta is out!

    yay, it's live!
  3. Duffman

    retro gaming PSU?

    what are u planning to play on this rig?
  4. Duffman

    Congratulations to Our New Moderators

    Been away for a couple of days and was wondering when Black Panther became a Mod. Congrats to all!
  5. Duffman

    My production Fermi arrived!

    Personally I think the 480 looks pretty cool. Even if the foam is an after thought, at least they thought about it and prevent possible embarrassment in the future if people's SLI rigs start catching fire from short circuits...
  6. Duffman


    I KNEW IT!!! I never lost hope!
  7. Duffman

    I will be leaving TPU!

    I skipped ahead in the thread hoping to see that this was an April Fools Joke... Still hoping...
  8. Duffman

    Death by fermi

    I too am sensing an April Fools gag here
  9. Duffman

    5870 2GB Eyefinity Editions Surface!

    Gigabyte model still available
  10. Duffman

    Post your 3dMark 06 and Vantage HD 5xxx Series Results

    Duffman|Sapphire 5780 Vapor-x|900/1270|20722|w3520@4.2ghz I am regretting getting the Sapphire VaporX a little. Wish it had voltage control...
  11. Duffman

    Your PC ATM

    "well loved"
  12. Duffman

    Your PC ATM

    is that dust on the bench and the GT260's fan?
  13. Duffman

    Your PC ATM

    Yeah....that is the problem lol.
  14. Duffman

    Your PC ATM

    Heh Heh. Just something to keep my mind and wallet off of watercooling
  15. Duffman

    3DMark Vantage Compilation

    here's mine: Duffman|Sapphire 5780 Vapor-x|900/1270|20722|w3520@4.2ghz
  16. Duffman

    Your PC ATM

    Soo, I was bored and have many extra fans laying around. Black Knight Mega Fan Edition: There are 15 fans in there. 16 if you count the GFX card's fan!
  17. Duffman

    [FS][US] Silverstone TJ09

    This is still available
  18. Duffman

    [FS][US] HP DV6838nr Laptop

    lol, love the post-it note in the screenshot!
  19. Duffman

    Possible New Juggernaut in Gaming Mice

    looks Nice enough. will keep it in mind if my G5 ever dies on me.
  20. Duffman

    [WTB][US] Unlocked or AT&T Cell Phone

    i can check to see what i have when i get back from vacation on Monday. I usually have a few laying around...
  21. Duffman

    [FS][EU] eVGA X58 classified (E760)

    bump for a great board :toast:
  22. Duffman

    A wooden beast :)

    the white is gone?
  23. Duffman

    A wooden beast :)

    Maybe the dead fish in your avatar?
  24. Duffman

    not so good water cooling temps -i7 920

    Nice setup. All I have to say is: "I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL. I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!"
  25. Duffman

    Newegg Puts an End to Counterfeit CPU Saga

    Newegg rocks. Always have and episodes like this one lead me to believe they always will. I almost exclusively use them for my components and will continue to do so. I obly go elsewhere if i can't find something there or it's an emergency and need it 5 min ago.