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    Seagate Ships New Hybrid Hard Drives

    Revo Hybrid Before I went to buy the Crucial Adrenaline, I was looking at the Revo Hybrid drive, the speeds are amazing, but they do come at a steep cost. I can imagine that solution in a professional workstation, that would benefit from the capacity and speed best. If they say that this...
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    Seagate Ships New Hybrid Hard Drives

    Finally On my desktop machine I do have a Raid 0 with 2x 512GB Hardrives and that's cached through 50Gb Crucial Adrenaline SSD CACHE. Works perfectly, amazingly fast. Cheap way to speed up without the need to reinstall the system. So finally they are bringing these two together. 8GB should...
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    Intel "Haswell" Quad-Core CPU Benchmarked, Compared Clock-for-Clock with "Ivy Bridge"

    You're right I bought the i7-960 back in 2010 and I still have no problems with it, everything running fast and smooth. I've been thinking about an upgrade later in the year, but I guess I'll hold off for another year. Maybe just a graphic card and memory, I'll see. It was a great purchase...