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    WiFi ad hoc problem

    I'm creating an ad hoc network to connect my desktop (running Windows 7) with a friend laptop (running XP). So I set the network and in the wireless networks list of the laptop it appear with signal strength "Excellent" but once it connect to the network the signal strength drops to "Very Low"...
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    Expanding RAID 5 on HP DL360 G5 server

    Hi lads, I need to expand RAID 5 array on HP DL360 G5 server. Can anyone tell me if the array can be used while it is expanding or I'll have to wait until it is all done?
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    100GB missing from my HDD

    I think it Vista has some problem with my 320GB Seagate. I've noticed yesterday there are just around 50 GB of free space of of 298 that the OS finds. Disk Cleanup free some 1 or 2 GBs. I made some simple maths and there were ~150GB of data on the drive. Where could those 100GB be?
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    How to make uncertified drivers work in Vista?

    Hello, I need to run some old C-Media sound card but it appear there are no vista drivers for the chip. I find some enthusiast made drivers witch install nicely but the OS tells me that it won't use them because they are not certified. Anyone know how to make them work?
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    Home storage

    I gradually filling my hard drives so i decided to build myself a storage rig. I'm getting an Athlon64 LE-1640 and 4 or 5 (depends on the money I have at the time) Seagate 500GB 32MB cache in RAID 5. What MB do you suggest I should use and are there any specifics I need to know on the matter?
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    Strange CPU temp

    I'm runing E8400 with Xigmatek S1283 cooling at stock. Everest shows CPU temp at 32°C and core1 and core2 at 50+°C. Is this normal? I'm planing on bringing the CPU up to 4GHz but first I need to sort this out.
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    From Athlon64 6000+ to Intel E8400

    I'm thinking of migrating from my Athllon64 6000+ with ASUS M2N32 Sli premium Vista edition to Intel E8400 and Gigabyte P35-DS3R. Will there be any noticeable difference in performance?
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    Help! CPU goes nuts

    :banghead: To put it short: the CPU jumps to 100% with no reason. On idle it sticks to 60%-70% (it should stay at 4%-5%) and if I try to do anything (open Windows explorer for example) the **** thing jump to 100%. It happened ones befor and I preinstall the OS, thinking something went rong...
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    System restarts on its own

    It all began when I changed my CPU cooling. The system runs fine when I play games, pass 3DMark Vantage with no problem, but when I try to play MP4 files with Media Player Classic it restarts after few minutes. Few times it restarts while idle. I reinstall the Vista but it did not help. The CPU...
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    Fable problem

    Fable: The Lost Chapters problem Few days ago I installed Fable again. It installed and started with no problem until I try to set the graphics. The game crash when I click apply and start crashing when I try to start it again (when it comes to the main menu). I try to reinstall and get the...
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    Help seting 2 monitors on Vista

    I get my hands on some 19" ASUS monitor for a month or so and I want to set it next to my 22" as a side screen. I've set 2 monitors befor, but it was for just a few hours :o . I need help for: seting the taskbar to run trought both screens, seting different wallpapers for each of the...
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    Cooling 8800GTS 320MB (G80)

    I have two of thise and I am looking for decent air coolers for them as the stock one are too noisy, but I can't seem to find any. Help please?
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    3 and 4 pin fans - any real difference?

    So, I am dumping my Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro for Thermalright Ultra-120A and as is looked for FAN for the new brick I asked myself: "Good old 3 pin FAN or a 4 pin PWM FAN?" The problem is I can get some decent 3 pin FANs (Scythe, Noise Blocker) here or Arctic Cooling 4 pin PWM FAN. I know...