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  1. Jay

    EVGA X79 Dark Motherboard Launched

    What's that word that start's with "H" and usually comes before or after 20/20 ;) I could have forgiven them if they released a true gamer board on x79 with a new revision for PCIe 2.0 x1/x4/x8 or even x16, in the first slot so that gamer's runnning 3x GTX GPUs but not owning an audiophile HT...
  2. Jay

    Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card

    Tally up another Creative endorser! I really wish Creative would come out and educate their potential customers. I think they are hesitant to reach out because of the possible backlash from those silly reviewers and supposed enthusiast gamers that keep repeating the same crap over and over...
  3. Jay

    Intel Announces Desktop Board DZ75ML-45K with Lucid Virtu MVP

    ...crickets..... You'd think with all that open space Intel might have included at least a single mSATA slot but, heck...two would've fit just fine with one slot a combo mini PCIe. I realize it would add to the cost but the only reason I'm complaining is the fact I really like the slot...