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  1. XL-R8R

    DFI Announces SD630-H110 Socket LGA1151 Motherboard

    Im glad you guys appreciated the board picture lol Looking hawt there, dippy. ;)
  2. XL-R8R

    DFI Announces SD630-H110 Socket LGA1151 Motherboard

    This company has come SO far these days! Such quality and awesomesauce. I'll leave this here for the people who didnt get my sarcasm. RIP to the REAL DFI lol Such humble beginnings and such quality (at the time) products.... such a shame those nasty P45/X48 AND P55/X58 motherboards...
  3. XL-R8R

    gta 5 issues plz help!

    One thing I have noticed, is that sometimes these crashes will lock the GPU in 2D clocks forcing you to restart your rig..... no steps I've taken or tried (while remaining logical lol) will allow the card to select the correct clock profile without a reboot. Release driver 350.xx to the newest...
  4. XL-R8R

    First Time Build- looking for opinions

    You could certainly chose a lesser output PSU if your intention was never to add another graphics card. My setup (Sys Specs at the side) doesnt need its 650w source.... I expect youd do just fine with a quality 450w unit (still allowing a fair amount of headroom) which should save you a few...
  5. XL-R8R

    XFX Also Readies its Radeon R9 Fury Air-Cooled Graphics Card

    I did indeed mistake this card for one of the other Furyforcestormragefrenzy cards currently in circulation by AMD. :twitch: .... to which I still see very little wiggle room for in its current segment lol The entire "Fury" line-up is a dog when you consider the coin they want for this...
  6. XL-R8R

    XFX Also Readies its Radeon R9 Fury Air-Cooled Graphics Card

    The entire point of the card has been ruined by this design lol It's also put it into the league of full-sized cards..... this "Fury" will certainly not be causing much of a rage and, as anticipated, has poor sales at its currently price point.... it'll be even worse for this particular...
  7. XL-R8R

    SONY VEGAS PRO 13 vs Adobe Premiere 60 fps...

    Adobe looks like its running more like 30fps to be fair... Vegas looks more 'true' to my preception of FPS numbers..... More FPS = more twitch = less smoothness? Just a theory.
  8. XL-R8R

    Live interactive map shows exactly how much harmful smog is in the air where you live right now

    I love Sweden for its clean air.... when the plane door opens in any other country, the airport smells like ass..... in Sweden, it smells of unicorn farts and stuff.... it really is that good lol Even the cities there have better air than most EU countries do in their "green" spaces away from...
  9. XL-R8R

    Live interactive map shows exactly how much harmful smog is in the air where you live right now

    China has 1.3 billion people... America has 320 million and the EU has 500 million..... Now lets look at the pollution figures: I'd say China, producing around 35% of all products globally, and having 1.3 billion people, were doing quite alright with their per capita emissions being in line...
  10. XL-R8R

    multiplayer~ing on PC with consoles

    One game I know that is cross-platform is War Thunder. I remember PS4 players joining battles... you could always tell as the pad has some very light auto-aim enabled. :p Also, racing in GTA V for the PC is quicker (hands down) on a pad than it is with the keyboard and mouse. You scrub off...
  11. XL-R8R

    Will Safe Overclocking Gtx 970 under 80c , can reduce GPU life span? (1463:8000)

    I didnt notice yours was the "GHz Edition", I missed the 'BE' part. ;) However..... "Personally I haven't seen a real need to OC in almost 5 years. Especially not a GPU." ^- appears to be confirming that he hasnt seen a need to OC any of his system, most of all this GPU, for a fair few...
  12. XL-R8R

    Will Safe Overclocking Gtx 970 under 80c , can reduce GPU life span? (1463:8000)

    "Personally I haven't seen a real need to OC in almost 5 years...... while my CPU is sat @ 4.5GHz" Same with CAPSLOCK... with his OCed GPU. Come on guys, be consistent lol Also, it appears most GTX970's have custom profiles to not allow the card to exceed a temperature where the throttle...
  13. XL-R8R

    Aerocool Adds Aero-800 and Aero-500 to the PGS-A Series

    I saw the title "Aerocool" and came here to hate.... then I saw the case's and have to give them credit where its due. For once, this company arent stuck in 2008 with neons attached! I'd actually buy either of these, as both look more than acceptable at that price point.
  14. XL-R8R

    GTA 5 nature documentary

    I love this one:
  15. XL-R8R

    OFFICIAL GTA V (Discussion)

    So guys... the comments about game hours have me thinking.... what do you guys have, total, for played hours in the game?? You can count SP or MP; its all GTA lol :P
  16. XL-R8R

    PowerColor Launches Radeon R9 390 X2 Devil13 Dual-GPU Graphics Card

    Lets hope the heatsink makes contact with the die this time.... :twitch:
  17. XL-R8R

    Keep old I7 920 @ 4.2 GHz or go Skylake/Haswell-E?

    Power consumption was my main reason for upgrading......I have a similar setup lurking around to your current one listed as "Antique" in my signature area. For games, the 3520/920 I had was nearly (within 10% clock-for-clock) as quick as my current CPU.... the RAM was obviously slower but not...
  18. XL-R8R

    Titan X upgrade?

    Thats kinda besides the point. Your careless actions will (its just a matter of time! 3 seconds or 3 months...) cost you that shiny new Titan X.... then, itll be drastically slower than the 980Ti you probably should have got instead lol Fix up man and stop being lazy.... get your rig...
  19. XL-R8R

    Titan X upgrade?

    Have you seriously got an HDD just hanging there over that card? I hope my tired eyes are wrong.......
  20. XL-R8R

    Reddit Discovers a Neat Performance Improving Trick for NVIDIA Users

    This doesnt appear to be an issue if you dont install the "GeForce Experience" (not like its much of one).... or, should I say, I didnt manage to find something to disabled lol Edit: Its already been mentioned :P Make sure to refresh your tab before posting, kids! :toast:
  21. XL-R8R

    Can I play GTA V in 4k?

    I'm running this game @ 1440 and downsampling it to 1080... you should give this a try with whatever resolution you're interested in before buying a monitor and being disappointed by the frames you get if its on the low side. With the spec's you have listed, this game should be playing with...
  22. XL-R8R

    NVIDIA Responds to GTX 970 Memory Allocation 'Bug' Controversy

    Got any of your own evidence, or, like the majority of the people here, are just repeating FUD from around the interwebz? :fear::fear: Having used my 970 extensively, and even breaking the mythical 3.5GB barrier on a few AAA titles, it doesn't bring performance down to the ground like the...
  23. XL-R8R

    NVIDIA Responds to GTX 970 Memory Allocation 'Bug' Controversy

    A voice of reason! :toast:
  24. XL-R8R

    GeForce GTX 970 Design Flaw Caps Video Memory Usage to 3.3 GB: Report

    I think people are too easy to jump on this bandwagon, evidence or none, and start bashing or spouting shit lol IF this was as big of a problem as its being made out, WHY has it taken until now for everyone to start going crazy about it? Either it isnt as big of an issue as it appears OR its...