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    Piriform Hacked, CCleaner August Versions (v5.33.6162) Injected, Compromised

    Here what you can do, go to CCleaner installed folder, right click on exe, hit properties>previous version. highlight it click properties and see what version it was. For me was 5.32 so I never ran 5.33 even though I DL it. Then for piece of mind run few scans on system, IMO this is pretty good...
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    MSI Announces Availability of Their "Infinite A" Gaming Desktop

    I like the side (vertical) GPU mount with the vents to the outside. Don't like the tempered glass as a whole, I rather have ventilation. I wish more case manufactures made simular types, instead of all this RBG/temper glass stuff.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 144-165 Hz

    Thanks, it be good to revisit Asus ROG Swift PG279Q to see if improvements have happened from launch time, as it got good reviews from what I remember.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 144-165 Hz

    So on the bleeding and uniformity , does the Asus comparable 27" ISP Gsync ( ROG Swift PG279Q) is the same or is it better as they both use same panels? Also, seems market is dead on ISP 1440 high refresh monitors, there all pushing 4k but I find it hard to believe users will buy these as...
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    Intel to Introduce 3D XPoint DIMM Tech to the Market on 2018

    No, this is not HDD cache system IMO, its more like L1, L2 etc. So instead of trying to have 16-64gb of DDR4, you could have like 4-8gb of DDr4 and 32/64gb of X point, it might not be as fast as DRR4 but has good low latency. My guess you need at least workstation type system, with same loads...
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    Acer Also Announces Predator Z27 Series Curved G-Sync Gaming Monitors

    only the 2560x1440 is curved , the 4k isn't.
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    Patriot's Viper V570 Hybrid FPS/MMO Mouse Available for Purchase

    Ah, to bland, does it do the wave ?
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    AMD Releases Balanced Power Plan for Windows; Optimized for Ryzen Processors

    Sorry, that's just wrong, its not MS fault, its up to AMD to supply fix/code for "there" CPU, its all on there hands. If I got a new fangled GPU would it be upto MS for drivers and support, of course not. Anyway, all this should of been taken care of months before release. Also for last two gen...
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    AMD Releases Balanced Power Plan for Windows; Optimized for Ryzen Processors

    My "beef" is calling this balanced optimized power plan, I have done the same on many CPU, no magic here anyone can edit power plan to get this, its so small improvement. As for wattage usage, it should be extremely minimal when system is idle, only when some partial load would it go up anything...
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    AMD Releases Balanced Power Plan for Windows; Optimized for Ryzen Processors

    That's marketing PR, you can do same thing on any CPU, Intel etc, yeh you get a small improvements but like I said its more a HP power plan. meaning clocks will jump to max instead of stepping through them with demand. Test...
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    AMD Releases Balanced Power Plan for Windows; Optimized for Ryzen Processors

    If you look at what they changed, it's no longer balance plan IMO. They raised the min processor state from 5% to 90%, so its almost HP in that regard.
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    AMD Community Update: BIOS Updates, Patches, Performance Improvements

    On game optimizations thread wise, most games only worry about 4core 8 threads , so once they improve threading it probably will also improve on Intel side to (6900) and might show improvements even though freq is lower. The memory an bios should of been straightened out better before launch IMO.
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    NVIDIA Working on a Major DirectX 12 Focused Driver Update

    David Kanter talked about them using it over year ago, nothing official from NV and I forgot how he found out but there was a Vlog out on it. Edit: Steevo above posted it :)
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    Ryzen 7-1700 Beats Core i7-7700K: AMD

    Nope, never used X99 platform, but still IMO Intel does better on a whole with there controllers (USB, Network, Storage ), I have seem more issues with 3rd party ones than there's. Again, Even if Intel brought out new platform I still say same thing, and I never buy pre order, I always wait a...
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    Ryzen 7-1700 Beats Core i7-7700K: AMD

    Its unproven till its out in reviewers for a while. One thing Intel does good is with stability and compatibility , we will see, few months in users and reviewers hand should show whats up.
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    Ryzen 7-1700 Beats Core i7-7700K: AMD

    Reality sets in though, all this hype every day. All the users of 2xxxK and above will have same upgrade issues as with Intel 7700k. The IPC is close but not surpassing, its would be very helpful on something that uses heavy multi-threaded app, like video encoding or something. Good thing it...
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    AMD Ryzen Performance Review Leaked: Promising

    Also remember these are all compared to older 6xxx, by time Zen is out for at least 4/8 ( 7700) it be fighting a 4.5ghz chip that seems to OC pretty good (4.8-5.0) So that raises the bar on its clock speed needed.
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    MSI Gaming Core Frozr L CPU Cooler Unveiled

    Its 120mm fan so its about around size of CM 212 or Noctua U12S and performs close to the U12S, anything smaller would be in another class of cooler. Does seem well made.
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    AMD 8-core ZEN Packs a Whallop with Multithreaded Performance

    Since there no ID on that chip, lets wait to see if it really is 8 core and not 16 core server CPU. there is no info here, just BM#
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    Cooler Master Announces Master Air Maker 8 CPU Cooler

    How is this new. There are reviews out long time and is way over priced for its performance. http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/7522/cooler-master-masterair-maker-8-cpu-review/index6.html
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    Aqua Computer Intros Spacer for Skylake CPUs

    I don't see how this helps much as pressure will go to CPU core which is not supported by shim , sure it takes up space were the heat spreader was . IMO if they integrated a heat spreader into the shim they have something. As this would distribute pressure evenly across the shim and reduce...
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    Noctua Presents Two Asymmetrical 140mm CPU Coolers

    Ah, I must be blind , I looked right at pic and missed the offset . You are right .
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    Noctua Presents Two Asymmetrical 140mm CPU Coolers

    I am not sure I follow them, a 140mm fan/HS will block top PCIE slot , if top, first slot is VGA use . There 140mm is 150mm wide .
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    Thermaltake Announces Core X9 Snow Edition Chassis

    From pic's it doesn't look that big but the spec dimensions are 502 x 380 x 640 mm (19.8 x 15 x 25.2 inch) That huge case .
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    Futuremark Releases 3DMark Update with API Overhead Feature-set