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  1. Nahnken

    Official M3A32-MVP Deluxe and Phenom Overclocking Guide

    Thanks for this guide. Lots of text to go through but I'm going to make my way now. I have this set up and I've been looking for some good information like this to make tweeking my new rig easier. Cheers for moving this information into it's own thread.
  2. Nahnken

    New Rig Not Performing like it could - Help please!

    So I finally decided to upgrade from my system that I built about 2-3 years ago. My new rig is listed in my Sig and I've done some basic tweeking in the BIOS for some simple Overclocking. I've run some benchmark test with PC Mark06 and can never get this thing to hit over P9000. I'm going...