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    Cooler Master Launches N300 and N500 ATX Mid-Tower Cases

    Looks better than my 1st gen cm690 and i had to put in some effort to get it to that point, but I'm not that anal about it, and it doesn't impede airflow in any meaningful way. Figure if I was I'd opt for a more expensive unit in the first place like the corsair 600T or c70's that has plentiful...
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    ASRock Introduces A-Style Purity Sound

    but it does WASAPI 16bit 44.1/48khz just fine, if you're really picky enough to need more you should be buying a separate soundcard, cause if you're picky enough to need high sample rate you'd think you'd be picking up on motherboard interference/EMI issues as well. You can have the best codec...
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    Core i7-4770K Box Art Revealed?

    if Intel can use outdated box art, i can use outdated nomenclature and jokes:wtf:
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    Core i7-4770K Box Art Revealed?

    1993 called, it wants it's clipart back.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series Coming This May

    it might make your 7970 a great buy, and it seems like it is a good buy today regardless, but would you enjoy seeing the next logical upgrade from 7970 to be $750. If the titan LE is the gtx780 and it's only on par with the 7970ghz edition, then we're in for quite a performance slump unless AMD...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series Coming This May

    All GPU consumers should be concerned about the diminishing returns of potential upgrades if these charts are true. Why would AMD bother pushing themselves too hard to compete if Nvidia isn't showing up to the table either? especially with AMD's struggles. People will stop buying anywhere...
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    MSI Big Bang Z87 XPower Motherboard Teased

    I can't wait until next year when intel releases it's next socket 1145 motherboard, and the year after that with 1140. Why is the pc market losing so much ground again?
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    Windows 8 Gets Off To a Slow Start, According to The NPD Group

    sell windows 7 for $30 and watch it outsell 8 @ $15 10 to 1.
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    GELID Launches the ICY Vision-A VGA Cooler

    it's 2.5, so ya 3 essentially. i'd grab thermalright as my first choice as well if i had $90 to put together a h/s fan combo, with vrm setup for my card, but if i had $90 i'd rather just buy the next tier of gpu.
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    GELID Launches the ICY Vision-A VGA Cooler

    my rev2 on my 6970 is quite right, only thing this rev differs is the protruding die needed to make contact with the recessed 79xx gpu cores. it's a fantastic cooler, mine was $50 cdn, much cheaper than the $79 AC wanted for the comparable accelero.
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    GIGABYTE GTX 680 SuperOverclock WindForce 5X Pictured Some More

    they could be loud, but this design sure looks ideal for a cramped SLI setup which allows proper ventilation.
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    Apple 10 Years Behind Microsoft on Security: Kaspersky Lab

    now with your superior intellect can you surmise the quantities of AV product they sell on one platform vs the other? because you know osx is so insecure they must sell their vast majority of product to people running it right? you'd figure they'd want to steer people towards the weakest...
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    Apple 10 Years Behind Microsoft on Security: Kaspersky Lab

    it's funny how a company that sells antivirus on one platform and nothing on the other could come to this incredibly objective conclusion. there's no potential for a conflict of interest within this infotainment at all.
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    AMD Reports First Quarter Results

    didn't they just annex a pair of companies? that could easily account for expenditures.
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    Microsoft Reveals Main Windows 8 Editions

    why should the onus be on the os to maintain archaic programs and drivers when it should be pressured upon the hardware and software vendors to support their products properly into the future if they want to maintain an industrial/professional user base? so much garbage legacy junk in windows...
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    Microsoft Reveals Main Windows 8 Editions

    you mean like how well and fully utilized dx10 and 11 are in vistake and win7? console ports with dx10 or 11 slapped on the back of them don't entice anyone really, it's just a number at this point considering only a handful of games have ever used the new api's to any great effect, and those...
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    EA is Consumerist's Worst Company in America for 2012

    The price of oil is determined by demand, and you idiots in america keep demanding more and more by producing innovative cars with efficient engines like "hemi" and massive diesel sucking trucks that get 3gallons per mile that you need to drive alone, or have an armored suv to drive your kids to...
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    EKL Unveils the Alpenföhn Gotthard CPU Cooler

    the only similarities are that they're both top down coolers. hell if thats similar then the noctua nh-c12p is the same, coolermaster gemini2, scythe zipang2 etc etc. the individual heatsink sections make this quite alot different, same with the airflow profile, than other top downs i've seen.
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    Reeven RECC-01 Extreme Cooling Cup Launched

    "death to the infidels", and "we should teach creationism alongside evolutionary theory"
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    Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77 Motherboard Final Iteration Pictured

    nice board... but the spacing of the pci-e slots is terrible, the first one is good, but the second slot down from the 16x is the only other pci-e with 8x capability, how can you run two mainstream cards so close together these days? not even oem coolers would fit easily like that, the 3rd slot...
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    Apple CEO Meets Chinese Vice-Premier, Visits Foxconn Foundries

    You should read up on the exact definition of fascism, and communism. Cuba is a communist country by action, china is only communism in name, just as amurica is with democracy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_fascism just because they are a totalitarian government does not make them...
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    Main Use of Xbox 360 is Not Gaming: Microsoft

    xbox 360: computerin fer dummies
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    Apple CEO Meets Chinese Vice-Premier, Visits Foxconn Foundries

    yes but america isn't as far down the corporate fascism route as china, ironic considering they run under the guise of some mutated form of communism. america is catching up to them in a hurry though. not to mention it's the west's demand for these products that driving the companies in the...
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    Apple CEO Meets Chinese Vice-Premier, Visits Foxconn Foundries

    i take it they never bothered touring the c.h.u.d. wing of foxconn where the majority of mass production occurs.