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  1. wteSmithy

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 1.14.0 Released

    It's AMD's A-series APU 'Stoney Ridge' or 'Bristol Ridge' - latter more grunt while Stoney is budget-oriented. They were both announced at Computex in June 2016.
  2. wteSmithy

    Hardware Labs Nemesis GTX Series Radiators Now Available

    I mentioned push pull because the PDF says there's 32 M4 threaded holes http://www.hardwarelabs.com/nemesis/images/nemesis/diagrams/N480GTX_MountingDiagram.pdf The actual overall thickness coverage to the fins is more than what's quoted at 55.7mm than the headline figure of 54mm. Even still...
  3. wteSmithy

    building new rig with custom EK cooling

    building new rig with custom EK cooling
  4. wteSmithy

    Hardware Labs Nemesis GTX Series Radiators Now Available

    After EKWB left the XT series rads this looks a very interesting alternative and being thinner doesn't seem to have affected performance with more tightly packed fins to aid in cooling. Push/Pull all the way :)
  5. wteSmithy

    New Memory OC Record of DDR3-3900 Set

    Remember that GDDR5 is totally different and not comparable with DRAM. I read reports that DDR4 standards have been approved and we can look forward to speeds from 2133MHz ~ 4600MHz.
  6. wteSmithy

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Slated for April 28, Launches at GeForce LAN, in Shanghai

    Sticking to my plan upgrading to a couple expensive KFA2s Hall of Fame editions featuring custom PCBs + cooling to last me 18 months than putting up with the stock coolers + low clocks with single pcb dual gpu. Couldn't care less about more VRAM for a single display, 2GB is just the right...
  7. wteSmithy

    KFA2 GeForce GTX 680 Hall of Fame Edition Listed

    Nearly missed that until I seen your post. On the up side, at least it proves they've managed to build them and not chuck out CAD images at us. I don't fancy pulling mine apart when I buy a couple and will trust they haven't done that for everyone. Before I pull the trigger, what are the...
  8. wteSmithy

    NVIDIA Teases Upcoming Product

    It was the GTX690, launch is between the April 30th - May 5th - link. Not sure whats happening to the AMD 7990 as many thought that would arrive before Nvidia, and that Nvidia was waiting for AMD to move first and yet again spoil the party. That didn't happen, I hope AMD sort out the clocks...
  9. wteSmithy

    NVIDIA Teases Upcoming Product

    Because of the Alien heads (they aren't screws) I'd say it's a Alienware M18x gaming notebook with dual GTX680M on water? The GTX680 were design from the off to be more power efficient than AMDs Zero Core so the Mobile SLI version would be an ideal combination. The 'stripes' could just be the...
  10. wteSmithy

    ASUS GeForce GT 440 1 GB

    I have the 8800GTS still but due to that being dual-slot I can't fit it alongside my soundcard to use for PhysX. That meant buying the EVGA GT440 which is single-slot and works brilliantly for PhysX. Picked it up for 60 pounds new which is nothing. Playing Mafia 2 @1920x1200 maxed out, bench...
  11. wteSmithy

    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.4.9 Released, PowerColor Giveaway Returns

    Neither did I, unless the new (Intel) Sandy Bridge mobos have this. Hope it does as I'm getting new PC once its released but still using my current 5970. I read that PCIe 3.0 should help improve performance of PCIe 2.1/2.0 as it features extra overhead. Indepth PCIe 3.0 FAQ here which I found...
  12. wteSmithy

    TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

    TechPowerUp.com is great because of the concise, knowledgeable and indepth reviews that have helped myself and friends decide on future purchases. After all, it's a well-respected website that myself and most of my friends know and keep returning to. Happy Xmas guys!
  13. wteSmithy

    ASUS ARES CrossFire

    There is a common fact that there is no way to say universally that all PCs perform the same and I didn't intend for it to come across as that. I was saying in comparison from a friends PC which is a watercooled 980x @4.4Ghz, running a Ati 5970 and Corsair Dominator GT RAM. I spoke to just...
  14. wteSmithy

    ASUS ARES CrossFire

    I suppose we have to let our imagination run with that one and say the fps in the review (digested every word!) is the minimum you'd expect to get for your hard-earned cash. Whereas typical hardcore gaming CPUs such as the 965/975/980s are oc'd 4 - 4.5Ghz and would probably gain another 20% fps...
  15. wteSmithy

    Catalyst 8.9 Incorrect GPU speed reading.

    8.10 driver released yesterday: apart from being able to change the fan speed, I didn't see many other big changes in the notes. Good to see speeds are ok Kincaid, but its amazing at how frequent ATI release new drivers. Its hard to keep up when you've got a backlog of games to play & work...
  16. wteSmithy

    Catalyst 8.9 Incorrect GPU speed reading.

    Thanks, everything now works correctly so I'll get back with oc'ing my cards :D Here's my GPUs default clocks working, validated:
  17. wteSmithy

    Catalyst 8.9 Incorrect GPU speed reading.

    I used to recently own a GeForce8800GTS before my new 4870s and I can't remember Nvidia changing their code as much as ATI just have. Is there another way of finding out my GPU bandwidth with different overclocks until this is fixed? Well if the makers of GPU-Z hit a brick wall getting their...
  18. wteSmithy

    Catalyst 8.9 Incorrect GPU speed reading.

    I've just tried TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.2.6 and the result is the same as before. Looks like we can pinpoint solely at ATI. chron, that is an interesting question about 2.3, 2.0 working but not the others. So I ran TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.2.3 & it does have issues, the GPU clock flips between...
  19. wteSmithy

    Catalyst 8.9 Incorrect GPU speed reading.

    I thought it was to do with the ATI v8.9 drivers as well because the 8.8's I just uninstalled yesterday showed overclocked bandwidth at 140Gb/s on my 4870's CrossFire. I appreciate the people who make GPU-Z freely available, so we are all just having a bit of a dig at ATI. I thought it was...