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  1. J

    Green-House Expands SSD Lineup with New IDE Drives

    The increased iops the SSD brings is the big key here, imo.
  2. J

    A-DATA's New 2.5-inch SSD 300 Plus to Offer 250 MB/sec, 160 MB/sec Transfer Speeds

    Actually the best would probably have to be the Intel X25-E. Vertex looks good though as it is much cheaper (mlc) and still performs well.
  3. J

    OCZ Announces Core Series 2.5-inch SATA II Solid State Drives

    You're right, prices have come down a lot.
  4. J

    ASUS Eee PC with Windows XP Now Available on Best Buy

    Dumb question from me maybe but if windows gets corrupted how will you reinstall or do a repair? I know it doesn't have a optical drive but do you get a copy of windows with the purchase other than the one preinstalled? I'm a little confused.
  5. J

    Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Available for Download

    been looking forward to this, for sure
  6. J

    OCZ Introduces 32GB and 64GB High-Speed SATAII Solid State Drives

    you're right, manufacturers seem very confident there is more headroom with the controller and firmware
  7. J

    Intel Set to Take Leap in SSD Drives

    Good to see they are speeding up MLC flash.
  8. J

    ASUS CEO Jerry Shen Talks About Eee PC 900

    I'm waiting for the dual-core Atom processor to show up in the Eee PC. Hopefully that will be by Q3 and not much longer.
  9. J

    Apple Air Unnecessarily Expensive

    surprise, surprise....
  10. J

    Mtron Develops New 128GB 1.8-inch High Capacity SSD

    man, that's a fast drive.
  11. J

    Scythe Launches Kama 5.25 inch Bay Speaker

    this is kinda cool, though I would wonder about vibrations. im sure they took into account any interferences.
  12. J

    Scythe Orochi Ready to Meet its Competitors

    what a beast
  13. J

    Microsoft Responds to Yahoo! Announcement

    in other words, a hostile takeover attempt is their next plan
  14. J

    EBay to Ban Negative/Neutral User Feedback

    i think this is a horrible idea... one more reason not to use ebay for me
  15. J

    To our beloved friend D_o_S with deepest regrets

    sorry for your loss. i'd be torn apart if i lost my mother....
  16. J

    Scythe Launches the Zipang CPU Cooling

    monster cooler, can't wait to see how it measures up.
  17. J

    TechPowerUp Reader Survey 2008 launched

    Completed. One of my favorite sites.
  18. J

    ECS May Enter the High-end Motherboard Market

    My thoughts exactly.
  19. J

    Intel Ships First Dual Core Celeron

    I agree, too pricey. Things look way better on the AMD side at that price.
  20. J

    A Spin-out From OLPC Aims to Create 75$ Laptop

    good luck meeting that $75 price point.
  21. J

    Patriot Memory to Build Plant in Taiwan

    I hope their SSD offering can do at least sustained write of 75MB/s. With so many players coming into the SSD market hope the price will tumble this year or next.
  22. J

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All Our Readers

    Merry Christmas!! :)
  23. J

    Super Talent is Now Atomic Juice

    You obviously never bought the original X-Connect (Youngyear). Hahah.