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    Corsair C70 mods?

    Thanks! I didn't realize you could by the side panels separately. Unfortunately, my case is white, I like the stormtrooper-like look of it. In fact, now that you recommended those fans, I could probably add some white fans to further the contrast of it.
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    Corsair C70 mods?

    I'm looking for some mods for my white Corsair C70 case. I love the case overall, but there's quite a few features I don't need, or could be better. I'm looking to do a few things: Replace, or plug the ventilation holes in the side panel window. I don't use the extra fans, and those holes are...
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    OFFICIAL Tomb Raider (Discussion)

    For the most part, the game runs very smoothly on Ultimate detail settings (Ultra + TressFX). There are some specific areas in the game where the framerate just takes a nose dive despite other areas being very solid on my rig. I had to bump the details down to medium to play those segments since...
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    Next Gen Console - Easier to Port from PC

    Yeah, as others have stated, it's an interesting change with the upcoming "next gen" consoles. Where they're basically heavily gaming centric PC architectures, with a closed network. I still think it's a good idea, you can really nail down performance in these cases. What I'm really excited...
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    AMD TressFX Technology Detailed

    Not really, "organic" is a sham label. They still use pesticides, they just happen to use silly stuff that seems natural, oh you know, stuff like concentrated urine. Look it up. ;) Back to this. Just think of TressFX as a stepping stone to a full, non-proprietary API GPU physics system. I...
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    Just upgraded to a Radeon 7950, looking to complete the package

    I bumped up the voltage, but didn't try messing with HT or memory settings, partly because I have some generic memory that I don't remember all the stats for. Looking at CPU-Z and other info online, I seem to have the C2 variant that really only overclocks to 3.8ghz, anything higher requires a...
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    AMD marketing is at it again.

    Probably tying in to all the stuff they're doing for the upcoming series of consoles. I mean, just look at all the particles in the PS4 demos, so PhysX is obsolete, they can probably do something for hair as well, which would be a nice change for artists to be able to have characters with more...
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    Just upgraded to a Radeon 7950, looking to complete the package

    Thanks again. I'll give overclocking a try, but I'll probably wait until I have the parts ready to buy. Now to do some searching on how to overclock safely. EDIT: After trying some overclocking, I only managed to get it to 3.80ghz, anything higher and it just gets unstable. There was a small...
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    Just upgraded to a Radeon 7950, looking to complete the package

    Hm... There are a lot of motherboards. Hate to ask for you guys to do everything for me, but I've been way out of the loop on tech. Can someone recommend a good ATX motherboard for an i7 ivy bridge? I took a look through the motherboard reviews and it seemed like a lot of the highly rated...
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    Just upgraded to a Radeon 7950, looking to complete the package

    Thanks for all the quick responses! Looks like I'm going Intel this generation. i7 or i5? I also make artwork, and do 3D modeling and rendering on this desktop system. So any hardware that can run that well is a definite plus.
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    Just upgraded to a Radeon 7950, looking to complete the package

    <<< System specs in my profile. I just got a 7950 but I'm a little underwhelmed at the performance on high detail. I've recently developed an appreciation for playing games at high framerates, and I'm looking to maximize FPS while still keeping the details on high. I'm wondering if I'm...
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    AMD Radeon 8000 Series Dates?

    Honestly, I see AMD winning this year, regardless of when cards come out. They are literally making the chips that everyone in the industry will be using for the next few years in consoles, thus everything will be optimized for AMD chips from the get go.
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    The way it's meant to be bundled

    So, how do we get these? I'm actually just about to pickup a Gigabyte 7950 from Frys. Is it automatic, or do I actually have to see the advertisement for it?
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    AMD "Never Settle" Bundle Returns with New AAA Titles

    Well, this works out for me, I was just about to buy a 7950.
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    Looking to replace my graphics card

    I was just checking prices and saw the 660 Ti was about $20 cheaper, enough to consider it? There's also a PNY card for $250 with a $30 rebate at Fry's, but I'm not sure why it's so low in price.
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    Also looking to upgrade

    Thanks for that recommendation about noise and cooling. I really want to keep noise down in my system and definitely would spend more to do so. Now the question is if a 7970 or 7950 would be bottlenecked by anything in my system.
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    Influential cards throughout history (Good & Bad)

    NVidia TNT & TNT2 chipset, it gave them their dominance for that generation, and set them up for the next generation with hardware transform and lighting. Wow, that's a marketing term I haven't heard in a long while. :P I don't remember what was its competitor at the time, was it still...
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    When to buy?

    So, with the holidays I managed to get enough extra cash that I can buy whatever the new hardware is that's coming out. Sadly, I don't know when it's coming out. I've never had a top of the line card near release, and right now, there's games I'm playing that I really want to see maxed out at...
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    Anything to worry about with cheaper portable HDs? (Buffalo MiniStation Plus 500GB)

    I've been needing a new portable HD for a while and saw a sale on a Buffalo MiniStation Plus 500GB. It's cheap, uses USB 3.0, seems to be what I need. My old one is a Lacie rugged drive, way overpriced, but requires two use plugs just to power on. No one uses the firewire 400 and 800 plugs...
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    Cpu bottleneck? real world performance advice please

    Since his question has been answered, can I jump in with a similar question? My rig is currently: AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.4GHz) 8GB RAM (not sure what speed, but it was under the max for my system) AMD Radeon HD 6850 If I were to upgrade to say a 670/680 or a 7950/7970, would my CPU be a...
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    HD 7970 Decider

    Check reviews, most of those games you list are tested in the review. But, if you're looking for an overall anecdotal comment on it, I'll say this: Almost every $200 card and above on the market today are going to be able to run the games you just listed very well, at full HD (1920x1080p) on...
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    Cases with removable dust filters on all intakes?

    To contribute to my own thread, looks like the Cooler Master HAF X has filters on all vents except for one for the bottom power supply. This info was buried in an amazon review of all places. No word on if they're removable, or at least easily accessed. I've found a few cases that do have...
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    Cases with removable dust filters on all intakes?

    I'm looking for a good case with removable (cleanable) dust filters on all air intakes. I prefer not to have a case with open grills unless they all have dust filters on them. Mid tower or larger, and $200 or less. I live in a very dusty home with cats that shed and kick up even more dust. My...
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    Upgrade 4870 to 6950/6970 or save for new system?

    With the rig listed below, will I get any benefit to getting a new AMD 6950 or 6970? Or am I better off saving a while longer and grabbing a full DDR3 capable PC with all the new tech like sandy bridge? Here's my computer specs: AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.40 GHz, Socket AM2+) ATI Radeon 4870 1GB...
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    Outliner style note software, any personal recommendations?

    I'm in the market for some software that will allow me to create a outline style document, where basically you have a bunch of smaller documents, or notes, arranged along a tree much like a directory system, or outline. The oldest I've seen that's still supported is the Treepad software, but...