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    Displaying a random element between 4 choices

    Hi all. I have four <div> elements and I'm trying to use Javascript to display one of the four (the rest would be hidden). I have the HTML/CSS in place, it's the Javascript that's giving me trouble. <div id="numberOne"> <div id="numberTwo"> <div id="numberThree"> <div id="numberFour"> I need...
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    Comcast Users - February's Hack

    Did any of you receive an email about this or was it not serious enough to worry about? Link here. I knew about this close to when it happened and was waiting a bit to hear from Comcast, since I know any investigation would take at least some time. I'm also asking here to get some opinions...
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    Toshiba cutting warranties for most OCZ products

    Toshiba will be cutting warranties across the board for OCZ products; only recent Vertex, Vector, and most Revo drives are retaining their full warranties. This change affects current owners of OCZ products, except where applicable law prohibits post-sale alteration of warranties. Source...
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    WoW scam - they almost had me...

    at herro.
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    Small website, best way to host?

    I've searched around a few places, but I haven't found anything conclusive. Often times the more common hosts are recommended (HostGator, BlueHost, DreamHost, etc.). As it stands I don't foresee having ads on the site, as the event the site is for draws some revenue. I emphasize "some"...
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    How Somebody Forced Internet Traffic Through Belarus and Iceland

    I thought this was a pretty interesting little article. It talks about how somebody executed a Man-In-The-Middle attack by taking advantage of the Border Gateway Protocol. AllThingsD - How Somebody Forced the World's Internet Traffic Through Belarus and Iceland Some snippets from the article...
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    Safe to say it's compromised.

    Happened upon this while I was reading about a certain drug. I think the site is legitimate, but is the modus operandi here that the malicious party leaves the site looking normal so it takes longer for the webmaster to be alerted to it? International Academy of Law and Mental Health...
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    Viewing the source code of an exe

    I know this varies from exe to exe and usually isn't a straightforward process, but I'm curious. I have a particularly exe in mind, found in this zip. I called their support one time with a question about Risen, specifically related to the Tages DRM. I think I was asking how I remove it...
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    Memory chips/VRM on MSI 650 Ti Boost TwinFrozr cooled?

    I was reading the review for the MSI GTX 650 Ti Boost TwinFrozr Gaming 2 GB and in the Value & Conclusion section it doesn't mention anything about the memory chips/VRM being cooled or not. I also didn't see it mentioned anywhere else in the review. On the review for the ASUS GTX 650 Ti Boost...
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    Collapsing space before content?

    The only immediate example I could pull is over at Slickdeals: Slickdeals When you start to shrink the browser window, the margins (space) collapse before the content does. Once the window reaches the content, then the content begins to collapse. Is there any way to do this without media...
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    SourceForge - Download Snapshot

    So after Raven Software released the source code to JK II, I thought I'd check it out. I went to SourceForge and clicked "Download Snapshot" like the author suggests. The file downloads as a .tar.gz file, which I open with PeaZip to reveal a .tmp file. I don't understand why this is. I can...
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    Graphics card - High pitch sound during certain games?

    Recently I decided I wanted to play through Duke Nukem 3D (via eDuke32), but I was put off when my graphics card started emitting a high pitch sound while the game was loaded. I also recently went to give the game Risen a try, but again was put off by the high pitch sound. The sound actually...
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    Fallout 3 - Texture Problem?

    I made a post about this in the official Bethesda forums a few years ago and got absolutely no response. If you're thinking, "Wow, you must really be patient", no...I just found something else to do. :laugh: I started up Fallout 3 one day and it looked like this: As far as I can...
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    WebGL Playground

    This is a really neat site that allows you to write a WebGL program and see the results right away. You can also go over to the "Gallery" page and see what others have created, as well as clicking "Fork" to see the WebGL code they used. I personally like the L-System Tree Fractal and Traveling...
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    Duke Nukem 3D Code Review

    Here's an interesting article on the Duke Nukem 3D source code by Fabien Sanglard. He also started the Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D project after being inspired by Chocolate Doom. Duke Nukem 3D I thought for anyone doing this kind of thing or who has a general interest in programming (I'm in...
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    USB wired wrong?

    I recently had to send back a front panel circuit board to Xigmatek. The one I received back has me a bit confused. Per the USB specification, the wire usually go red, white, green, black. Wikipedia Pinouts.ru FrontX Well, on the end of the cable that connects to the header on the...
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    Web Designing for compatibility

    So, I've read every page over here: MSDN I'm still not 100% on how I should be designing a site whose target audience is most likely to have computers running IE 6 in the worst case scenario and IE 8 in their best case scenario because most of the target audience will be on Windows XP. I feel...
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    Cosair Refurbished Cases

    Instead of linking directly to the case sale, you can get more information in the Slickdeals thread. For some people, shipping is too high. For others, it's not enough to make a difference. There is a coupon code for "up to 50% off". Some examples; the Vengeance C70 (Military Green) can be...
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    W7 Platform Update - Text corruption

    As a result of the latest platform update for Windows 7 (IE 10 prereq), some of you may be noticing corruption/distortion/rendering issues with text. I've noticed it when scrolling through Gmail, for example. The bug is documented here: Bugzilla - Firefox
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn benchmark

    A Realm Reborn is a revamp of the original Final Fantasy XIV, which many considered a disaster. It is an MMORPG. Final Fantasy XIV Official
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    Resize image with CSS, without CSS3?

    For compatibility reasons, I want to steer clear of of CSS3. I've defined the <h1> tag in the stylesheet to have a background image. I tried giving this a go in its own <div>, to no avail. The HTML has the <h1> tag nested in a <div> tag, but instead of the image displaying, it just...
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    Samsung HW-E350 soundbar --> PC

    This soundbar was new in open box and it was quite cheap, so I picked it up. It doesn't have an optical port, but it does have HDMI with ARC. I'd like to be able to connect it to my PC to see if it works, so my question is just that; can I connect this via HDMI and expect sound? I'd...
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    HTML/CSS - Background Image vs. Color?

    When a very similar color is available, what is the purpose of having a single color background image? For example, a reputable site using a background image as a default, and a color that is only a few RGB values different as a backup: WebPlatform Isn't it faster for the browser to...
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    Lack of news

    I've noticed there has been a lot less news for each weekday than there was last year. Is this largely because of a shift in focus to NextPowerUp?
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    GeForce 310.70 vs Catalyst 12.11

    Is there any chance W1zzard will be doing a performance review of the GeForce 310.70 drivers? Personally, I'm curious to see how the Radeon 7870 w/ 12.11 fares against a GTX 660 w/ 310.70 drivers. If anyone has any info regarding this or can point me to a site that has done a performance...