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    [Case Gallery] Reality Bytes

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+ @ 3.2Ghz Asus Crosshair nForce 590 SLi AM2 OCZ 2Gb Platinum Revision DDR2 Nvidia BFG GeForce 8800GTS OC2 320Mb @ 700/1000 Internal 320Gb Seagate & External 400Gb Freecon Asus 5.1 Surround (supplied with motherboard)...
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    POST Error "CPR Fail"

    Hi Guys, Wonder if someone can help me out with this one. Booted my PC and POST stopped on "CPR Fail" according to the reference table this means "CPR Error" which is of no help to me atall LOL. The system boots fine now, but I would like to know what "CPR Fail" actually means. Have...
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    AMD X2 Overclocking Advice Needed

    Ok I will start off with a CPUZ screenshot so you can see what im working with. Also system specs are filled in to the left :cool: I have been playing around for a good few hours now trying to get as high an overclock as I can on this chip. The highest it will get through POST and Boot...
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    Frontlines: Fuel of War

    Official Site Here Anyone heard much about this game? Due for UK release October 07. Video and screenshots on the site look out of this world but not too sure they give a good representation of actual gameplay. Be interesting to get some peoples opinions.
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    Nvidia 8800GTS Overclocking

    Hi Guys, Looking fo a little advice re the above. My 8800GTS is now watercooled and on stock values is running at about 40'c under full load, so there now seems to be a bit of room for a nice OC. So far I have been using the Nvidia software (Nvidia Control Panel) to adjust the core and...
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    Asus Croshair HS Fan

    I need to get hold of the fan which comes with the above motherboard which is used to cool the heatpipe heatsink when watercooling is used. I think it also comes with other asus boards but not sure if the sizes are the same. Does anyone know where I can get one from or does anyone have one...
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    Reality Bytes

    Welcome To My Project Log ------------------------------- I am currently working on a new custom case to house my gaming PC. The main feature of the case will be the watercooling system. In the following log I hope to show the progress of the build from beginning to end and hopefully get a...
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    I have read that running 'prefetch' and deleting all the files it shows will improve benchmarking performance. Obviously this would be great but without knowing exactly what I would be deleting I am not too sure its a good idea. Has anyone any knowledge of this, what these files actually do...
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    How Good an Overclock Is This?

    Hi All, Seeing as I am getting my new CPU (AMD X2 5200+) delivered in a few days I though I would see how far I could push my current CPU (AMD 64 3500+) I use watercooling so I pushed the core voltage quite high (1.65v at one point) and the highest clock speed I could reach was a little...
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    Can anyone see a problem with this system

    Hi all, I am about to invest in a bit of a revamp to my current hardware. Before I part with my hard earned cash I just want to make sure I have not missed something really stupid. Currently I have : ASUS Crosshair Motherboard (AM2) AMD 64 3500+ Nvidia BFG Geforce 7600GT 1gb Cheap...
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    AC Ryan Products

    Does anyone know of an online store in the UK that sell AC Ryan Blackfire 4 UV fans or any of AC Ryans other products. Even Google has let me down :( Thanks
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    Easy LED Lighting Tutorial

    Thought I would post a quick guide to an alternative to using cathode tubes in your cases for lighting following a coulple of replys to my case in the case gallery.All the links are to English stores, but Im sure alternatives can be found in any country with a quick google search. -Shopping...
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    Asus CROSSHAIR nForce 590 Heatpipe Orientation

    Hi Guys, My first post on the forums besides adding my case to the gallery (liquid fusion if you fancy a look) There looks to be a fair few clued up users on this forum so I think it only fitting to use my first post to ask a question I have so far been unable to get a definitive answer for...
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    [Case Gallery] Liquid Fusion

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD X2 5200+ @ 3.0Ghz / Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS OC2 / 2GB OCZ Platimum DDR2 / ASUS Croshair 590 / 160gb Seagate / 400gb Freecom External / Duraband 5.1 Surround Sound / Razor DeathAdder Mouse / 22' HP Widescreen / Custom Watercooling /...