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  1. Bambooz

    Abit website.

    been there, done that :laugh:
  2. Bambooz

    SPDTool: Read, Edit and Flash your Memory's SPD

    ^ http://ks3096924.kimsufi.com/TPU/SPDTool_063.zip :toast: edit: removed the derpybird.tk domain since freenom decided they don't want me as a (paying!) customer (removed all options to renew the domain 10 days before it expired.. totally not on purpose to redirect to spamvertising crap later...
  3. Bambooz

    Abit website.

    Still seeding, FTP still running :toast: If there are any problems with it, let me know (preferably via PM, so I get a notification email) Transfer speed limit is now 500KByte/s, or at least it's supposed to be. Some people on specific ISPs (UPC/Unitymedia for example) will probably never get...
  4. Bambooz

    Abit website.

    I'm still seeding on the server ;) Also some updates on the FTP contents: 1) There's now a new folder called "/Motherboard Specs (website)/". It contains the abit website pages for most (all?) of their boards in PDF format. Useful for looking up the basic specs of a board "from the...
  5. Bambooz

    Green Tea: retro AMD-nVidia build

    Looks pretty damn good IMO (apart from the deformed casing around the screws, but as it's a soda can "thick" case, you probably can't avoid that) Unless you plonk it on a desk, it would do a very good job as a vacuum cleaner too :D
  6. Bambooz

    Biostar Announces the TZ77XE4 Motherboards on the Latest Intel Z77 Chipset

    Sometimes, I just don't get mainboard manufacturers. Why on earth do the put stupid covers on top of the heatsinks, making them "look better", but at the same time totally crippling airflow (convection for the "southbridge" or forced for the VRM), essentially making them next to useless!? I...
  7. Bambooz

    Safe temperatures

    http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i5/Intel-Core%20i5-2500K%20CM8062300833803.html "Maximum operating temperature: 72.6°C" If it goes above that, it'll most likely start to throttle (leave out clock ticks to prevent it from frying itself) just like almost any Intel CPU since the P4 days, making...
  8. Bambooz

    KRDucky's Kreative Minecraft Server

    Just as a heads-up.. the attachment link isn't working edit: and the server name is too long, making it look a bit screwed up (attachment)
  9. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

    You didn't really watch it did you? There are glass panes on the inside so the villagers can't go through the door. They even say/show it.. lol As the whole thing is way above ground, the only place the golem can spawn is close to the house in that glass box. He spawns on a pressure plate and...
  10. Bambooz

    nvidia 9800gt dying

    Those 3 blown up capacitors are Sacon FZ series. I'm suprised they lasted this long, as they normally don't even make it longer than one year. They're notoriously bad, and commonly found on low-end cheapo cards. XFX and EVGA liked to use them for anything but their highest-end offerings at one...
  11. Bambooz

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    I've been doing that since the Pentium 3 days.. Crude but effective :toast:
  12. Bambooz

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    A new fan would be worth more than the whole LC-Power junk PSU lol :roll:
  13. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xuBqgaaoKY :D
  14. Bambooz

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    8800GTS ? Kinda looks like one.. the older G80
  15. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

    Just wanted to let you guys know.. The 1.2.5 pre-release snapshot is out. Official download via the MC launcher will start on April 4th. I've tried the client snapshot and had no issues so far. Quite the opposite. It connects just fine to 1.2.4 bukkit servers and clientside mods (in my case...
  16. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

    That's what scheduled automatic map backups are for :D (click and click for example) Besides, I've never had a bukkit server crash on its own before (since the Beta 1.8 days). The only few times when it locked up for half a minute and then regained consciousness was when we went a little...
  17. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

    My own MC server has been running Build 2109 for a while and I updated it to Build 2117 yesterday. Apart from the odd "end of stream" disconnect on 2109 every now and then, there haven't been any serious problems so far. Not going for the dev. versions usually means you're always a version or...
  18. Bambooz

    Lazy 3.3v rail in PSU

    Rubycons are indeed good caps, but there are none in this PSU. Nippon Chemicon instead, which aren't any worse.
  19. Bambooz

    SAMA Introduces Premium 370W PSU

    Antec EA-430D Delta Electronics OEM, 384W on 12V, 80+ Bronze. Much safer than the questionable "SAMA" crap. And "slightly" cheaper than the one in the post above.
  20. Bambooz

    troubles pulling video from dvr.. need help asap!!!

    Look up the manual for the PVR and see if it says anything about getting the videos off of it via USB or whatever. Some PVRs use proprietary file systems which you can't read (at least out of the box) on a PC. Total pain in the butt..
  21. Bambooz

    HDD temperature

    As long as you stay below ~40°C on the long run, you're fine. No worries. My two WDs currently idle at 32°C with just a 120mm Yate Loon fan on 5V.
  22. Bambooz

    LED mod PSU?

    lol.. My computer is on almost 24/7 and has been since I built it 4 or so years ago. I only shut it down/restart it when I absolutely have to. Still on the original PSU from back then (see specs thingy). And all that junk is running off of 30A max. (360W) on the 12V rail.. (PSU Label) Have to...
  23. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

  24. Bambooz

    SAMA Introduces Premium 370W PSU

    What do you expect them to draw? another 150W? lol :laugh: A 370W PSU can run a lot of quite powerful hardware. At least if it's a good PSU, which this one probably isn't. I wouldn't put a HD7970 on there though, cause it's rated at 250W alone (not 189W). A HD7870 (175W max.) or a HD7850...
  25. Bambooz

    TPU Minecraft Server

    If you accidentally or intentionally updated to 1.2.4 and want to play on the 1.2.3 server (as long as it's not updated yet), I've uploaded the minecraft.jar from 1.2.3 so you can temporarily downgrade. [link removed. Server is on 1.2.4 at the time of editing] Put the unpacked minecraft.jar...