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  1. ice_v

    Restoring partition to a RAID 0 Drive

    Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time figuring this one out by myself...wondering if you could help? Here's what I'm trying to do: Basically my Games partition (I have a partition where I keep all my games installed) is almost full (no thanks to steam sales :p) ...This partition is on a WD 250Gb...
  2. ice_v

    Is there a way to check the "mileage" of a video card?

    Hi, just wondering if there is some kind of procedure or program that let's you know for how long has a video card been running? Thanks.
  3. ice_v

    DDR3 8Gb kit Advice

    Hey guys...I'm just about to upgrade/purchase a new Motherboard+RAM for my gaming rig On the motherboard...after a desperate search, I just had to compromise to this :ohwell: On the ram though I have no clue :confused: Since I'm purchasing the mobo+ram in the same online shop (thus having...
  4. ice_v

    Micro-ATX Motherboard: expansion slot layouts Question

    Hey guys, this next question I'm about to adress you, has been bugging me for the last couple of months now, and after some research I haven't manage to find a clear answer to it yet, so I'll post here too, in hope that someone might enlighten me. The question is about m-atx motherboards and...