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    NVIDIA Rolls Out the GeForce 331.93 Beta Driver

    Finally, my 560ti is stable again. Yes, this driver is a fix for system-freeze, system-lag, tdr, mouse-anomaly for 460/560 cards. Been using it for a day, and still no sign for instability, i hope so it's fixed now.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Detailed?

    we want only 800 series... we want only 800 series... we want only 800 series... we want only 800 series... we want only 800 series... we want only 800 series...
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    GeForce GTX 760 Last 700 Series SKU for 2013?

    It's always special, better performance for massive price cut (fair price). I always buy nvidia at their refresh, but this time, i decided to wait maxwell.
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    NVIDIA Working on Second GK110-based GeForce Graphics Card for Summer

    price it $499-550, and lower all keppler lines, gtx680 for 399, gtx670 for 299, and so on. everybody wins yeaaahhh,,,,.... :nutkick:
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    What would be a reasonable price for GeForce GTX Titan?

    i agree, this is just a normal card with fancy casing. better engineering is expected in this stiff competition and next generation. gtx580 was also compute card, and their architecture used also in their tesla lineup, same as titan. what emphasizes titan is a better ratio of double precision...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Final Specifications, Internal Benchmarks Revealed

    i have a big feeling , there will be variants of GK110 in the future... we just have to wait. :rockout:
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    No New GPUs from AMD for the Bulk of 2013

    i'm waiting for kepler refresh with 384memory bus width and other hardware optimizations for lower or the same price. as ussualy nvidia refreshes, better performance and lower price. i'm holding back this gen for hardware refreshes or new architecture.
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    NVIDIA Kepler Refresh GPU Family Detailed

    only buy nvidia at their revision stage,, that is their second refreshs after their major architecture change. GK110 looks sweet.
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    Dell to Continue to Offer Windows 7 After Windows 8 Launch

    good move.. win8 is not necessary, especially on desktop.
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    Steam Big Picture Beta Available Today

    aim assists
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    Reallocated Sectors Count: Should I be worried?

    i once lost my hardisk because of this. it tends to increase the realocated number if you keep using it. and win7 notified me to back up my hdd every time i login, it's first warning of a hdd would be failing. even if you lucky and still fine, it still have a negative effect,, your hdd access...
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    Steam Expands Beyond Games, to Offer Software Soon

    yea, one time online activation would be good, steam client only acts as kind of license manager. i dont know how it would be effective, but must be different than games drm they implemented. still, steam for app.. it's just weird.
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    Steam Expands Beyond Games, to Offer Software Soon

    i have slow internet connection. to login to steam, my average time is 1 min,, may longer, plus another 1 min to lauch the game. for just a game, i can wait.. but if i got to launch app and i must wait for that much time.. im pretty sure i dont have that patient, and may render an ssd a useless...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

    i'll buy it, since i dont have previous cs game originally,, so this will be my first original cs game.. yeaaaaah, gaming meant tobe cheap.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Specifications and Launch Date Leaked

    keppler with 384 cuda cores and 128 bit mem, it's only half of 560ti powerhouse. well,, i guess this is only on par with 550ti.
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    Valve Announces Steam and Left4Dead 2 for Ubuntu

    I too have high hopes this linux will be the future of gaming pc platform. we have too much dictated by directx and microsoft.. so linux will be a great platform to start independently. ditch windows.. yess (altough this will take a long time).
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    Valve Announces Steam and Left4Dead 2 for Ubuntu

    Hey.. steam is cross platform. You can play your steam games on Windows, Mac, and Now Linux.. only with one purchase. How it isn't great?
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    Intel Plans Price Cuts for Consumer SSDs

    good.. bring more cuts... we need into $0.5/GB level. :roll:
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    Windows 8 Out for Consumers in October, Enterprises and Partners in August

    i have downloaded win8 RP, but still not install it yet. i thought the experience would be the same as CP, infact i'm not excited with it anymore.
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    EA to go 100% Digital, Calls NPD 'Irrelevant'

    they had it,, THE SIMS
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3072 MB

    that was really what i meant.. the major representative benchmark of compute for gaming here is CIV V and Fluid Sim, no fancy fp64 will be used for gaming, only fp32. so nothing to worry about of nvidia 6xx compute in gaming, still can on par with radeon. what do you expect of ocl smallux...
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3072 MB

    that's true.. but please remember, in gaming compute it only utilizes fp32 or hardly uses fp64,, which is nvidias fp32 compute performance is still not way too behind of radeons. so i guess, there is nothing too lose of kepplers or any nvidias compute gaming. it is just how nvidia has big...
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    EA to go 100% Digital, Calls NPD 'Irrelevant'

    No overlay, no great deals, no sale... yea origin is still crapsss.
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    Windows 8 Discussion.

    win31 was bad either.. too many general protection fault,, too many manual setup. it considered good only because it brought colorful desktop.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3072 MB

    yes.. this is AMD factory overclocked card, but without accoustic and temperature treatment.. .:laugh: just a hurry action to take back the king status, haill to new king. :respect: