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  1. Icetruck

    Email got hacked what to do?

    microsoft security essentials a number of people claim that the free anti-spyware is really just spyware
  2. Icetruck

    PSX Rares List (prices)

    I came across a mint ff game in a pawn shop one time, doubled the price and sold in on half.com, with in a day. Those things sell.
  3. Icetruck

    Steam Closes 2011 with 100% Sales Growth, 5 Million Simultaneous Users

    Half-Life 1998 Counter-Strike 1.3 = Good times i guess we might have been using game-spy back then. So I'll change it to the half-life 2 release date November 16, 2004
  4. Icetruck

    Test your PSU

    I guess their getting tired of all these garbage motherboards also.
  5. Icetruck

    Bioshock 2: DLC Minerva's Den

    I think they release bugged DVDs (assume everything needs a patch) so you have to go to their website for verification (anti-hack security)
  6. Icetruck

    Amd fx-8120 $199.99

    I think the "you" was a generalized statement. Nice post thanks for the heads up.
  7. Icetruck

    Time to renew my anti virus or go elsewhere?

    Dont use more than one anti-virus. It can cause conflicts. Please, uninstall Norton. Norton is my firewall
  8. Icetruck

    Game of the year!!!!! What do you think IT will be

    Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2
  9. Icetruck

    Time to renew my anti virus or go elsewhere?

    Microsoft Security Essentials + Norton here
  10. Icetruck

    Bought 16GB RAM, now what??!

    Start printing out all of our photos