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  1. jjnissanpatfan

    Forum upgrade complete

    I like it. Not to extreme from what it was.
  2. jjnissanpatfan

    Welcome to TechPowerUp Forums, Gary7! Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our

    Just wanted to post in here for to laugh factor. Funny thread:pimp: And current lurker. I have been reading this form for a while before joining. So i guess yeah me.. one more post! Also i have no idea on how to get of that message, i only use the computer and do not see that. So i guess if it...
  3. jjnissanpatfan

    Xeon Owners Club

    I tried to go for a stable 5.0 buts the odds were against me. I might try again when i get really bored and want my brain to hurt more. One of the benefits i guess from the X58 is you need a masters in rocket science to get over 5ghz. I only had the voltage set at .3 and noticed that under...
  4. jjnissanpatfan

    EVGA X58 and an i7 920 @3.7Ghz ...for now.

    I think i was reading somewhere that if you ship them the board they will mod it for free.
  5. jjnissanpatfan

    Xeon Owners Club

    Just wanted to say thanks to this thread, i now have a x5660@4200 with ease. I bought my x58 system when it was first released and was limited by my 920 CO. Was going to upgrade this year on a whole new system, but now after 50$ spent on this cpu i am happy for next 2 years! My money can stay in...
  6. jjnissanpatfan

    [FF] ENDED - Giving away Windows and Office keys

    If you have a windows 10 pro or a windows 10 key. That would be great.
  7. jjnissanpatfan

    Hardcore PC gamer buys console

    Most of my console friends also have a pc. And after what i taught them, bout overclocking and the possibilities of whatever they dreamed they built there own. I have 2 that turned into total junkies and they have nicer pc than me now. After years of pc gaming those consoles just do not cut it...
  8. jjnissanpatfan

    [FF][US] MSI GTX 970 Gaming Giveaway [Giveaway Completed]

    I would like to enter. This is the best Tech site on the interwebz. Thanks to all the great members!
  9. jjnissanpatfan

    AMD Cards Don't Last As Long as Nvidia Cards. AMD Cards Die From Overheating.

    I do not believe this to be true. I have always monitored temps and what not, so my cards always last. I know my 800xl works, and my friend still has a 9800xt. No matter what card you have if let dust build up and do things you shouldn't you will have problems.
  10. jjnissanpatfan

    Keep old I7 920 @ 4.2 GHz or go Skylake/Haswell-E?

    I am still waiting for my I7 to die. I bought it when it first came out. Still waiting for it to die. I have had it overclocked from day one...CO stepping also first ones. With a decent video card and SSD....i can not justify spending more money for newer CPU and board. I have helped a few...
  11. jjnissanpatfan

    DVI-D to DVI-I adapter

    I have not looked into those higher resolution monitors in a long time, but the last time i looked they needed a video card of certain requirements. I think you will need a different monitor. I have not looked into this, again this was last year when i looking to get one of that brand Yamaksi...
  12. jjnissanpatfan

    New hardware required

    I usually ride it out, when something goes i survey the damage and replace whats needed. I am hoping this X58 dies sometime. If i have the money great, if not then i wait until it works. Also i make all of my households income so she does not have say, and if her computer didn't work the world...
  13. jjnissanpatfan

    AT&T No Longer Offering Broadband In Most Areas

    I actually am mapping fiber in Chicago, and surrounding communities for ATT. I work at communications company and ATT is building fiber everywhere. I think i read somewhere last week they had a 4 billion quarter 4 loss, attributed to the building new networks.
  14. jjnissanpatfan

    Your Internet Connection!

    I pay $130. a month for fiber service. That is with 300 channels of tv and unlimited national calling.This is with 3 tv's iptv, 3 computers and a few wifi devices hooked up.
  15. jjnissanpatfan

    AMD's Groundbreaking Omega Driver

    I remember not that long ago..messing with a 800xl with all sorts of different drivers. I wanna say NGQ and like one other company that competed with the Omega release's.
  16. jjnissanpatfan

    MSI R9 290 temps ?

    1. I would be concerned about the temps..... i think re-apply the thermal paste would be best. 2. Is your computer sitting on a desk? If on the floor or desk i would have it raised off the ground or desk somehow. Like 4 blocks on all four bottom corners. Maybe try without the side on, or try...
  17. jjnissanpatfan

    How did my 980x's default speed change into just 2.66ghz instead of 3.33ghz?

    I would start from scratch, dismantle the whole pc out of the case. Put everything back together outside the case, see if the problem is still there. Just to be sure.
  18. jjnissanpatfan

    I melted my CPU power connector...

    I say nice job with the fix. Seeing how you repaired that, i do not think you will have a problem putting another connector on the power supply. :clap:
  19. jjnissanpatfan

    Merry Christmas! Star Citizen Giveaway

    I would also like to enter. Hopefully everyone has had a great one (Merry Christmas) ! AND HAPPY 2014.:lovetpu:......every year that gets older and older(as do i).:banghead: :cry:
  20. jjnissanpatfan

    Feedback & Bug Reports for new Forums

    I have been a member for a long time also, i personally do not like change being forced down my throat. I know that allot of people like the change but i feel as this is a completely new site, i am having issue's doing what has been familiar for 6-7 years. If there is a option to go back i would...
  21. jjnissanpatfan

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    At home finally was able to ditch comcast and get Vtel Tv also. So now i pay $90 a month for phone i can call anywhere in the country, Tv(170 channels) and fiber internet.
  22. jjnissanpatfan

    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    I pay 35 a month for....fiber FTW.
  23. jjnissanpatfan

    PDF prints?

    In Gmail, you can save the email as a PDF.
  24. jjnissanpatfan

    [FF][US] Xfx 8600gt 256mb

    I think they are surface mounted caps. And from my experience they are tricky to replace. They are baked on not soldered on. I am pretty sure with a good iron and now how a novice solderer can get it done.