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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB

    Fantastic performance, but the cooler and price tag really don't impress. I really hope we get 599$ custom AIB cards with the capability to keep those 2100 MHz Boost OC clocks Nvidia showcased. Which leads to the question, how did that Nvidia OC demo show such low temps if it was supposedly a...
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    More Polaris10 and Polaris11 Specifications Revealed

    The pic in the article is of a ref 380x clearly.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 PCI-Express Scaling

    I wonder if AMD cards would behave differently? I was thinking of buying the next high end card from them for my pci-e 2.0 board and was just thinking about this a few days ago. If new games like Ryse and Wolfenstein start showing a difference it might be finally time to start planning for an...
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    Dell Lists the UltraSharp U2413 24-Inch Monitor

    Only if Windows could scale it properly for that size. :rolleyes:
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    LG Introduces the EA93 21:9 UltraWide Monitor

    IIRC it's about as high as a 22" 16:9 monitor. Would be nice to give it a try and see how it works out in games and on desktop, but I doubt I would keep it.
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    PowerColor HD 7990 Devil 13 6144 MB

    It's just PR. These are limited run cards that are <1000 units. It's surprising though how shoddy the quality seems to be. I was surprised to hear that many of the previous Asus Mars II cards also had major quality issues. You would think they would hand test these things since there's so few of...
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    Club 3D Introduces its Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Graphics Card

    Update BIOS, slap extra 50$ price and you're good to go. Not impressed unfortunately, only a crazy person would by this with the stock leafblower. Unless they go for aftermarket cooling.
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    ASUS Showcases the Zenbook UX32VD Ultrabook

    All 13" ultrabooks have 17W CPUs. You'll need to check the N-series for standard voltage models. This looks to be my next laptop, if it's not priced horribly. I might also consider going standard voltage too, if I can find a suitable model <2 kg.
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    AMD A10-4600M Performance Revealed in Infographic

    Let me guess, they didn't show any CPU comparisons because Trinity loses in x86 performance even against Llano? Dual Graphics is also just a gimmick as long as AMD won't support it properly and fix the stutter issues. It's only good for 3DMark for now. I'd only consider adding the discrete...
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    ASUS Unveils the VG23AH 3D IPS Monitor

    It's just a 60 Hz IPS with passive 3D support. The only hope for 120 Hz with good image quality is the presumed 120 Hz MVA panels AUO is supposed to manufacture, yet there's no evidence of any monitors coming with said panels.
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    PowerColor Introduces Ultra High-end VORTEX II Series

    Lightning GPUs don't seem to be binned, or if they are then it's for LN2 and not air. Sapphire seems to have the fastest 7970 so far, with Toxic. But it doesn't really matter since none of the AIBs bin the GPUs, so the only difference is cooling. Arguably Sapphire has that one covered too.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7900, HD 7700 Series Price Cuts En Route: Report

    OCUK already revealed they're going to drop 7970 prices to 360£ and 7950 to 300£ in a few days, so about 50€ and 30€ price reduction at least for 7900 series. I doubt AMD needs to adjust 7800 prices, 7700 on the other hand could use a drop indeed.
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    More GeForce GTX 690 Details Surface

    Dual GPU has great theoretical performance, but in reality most of its potential is lost with poor engine support, weak driver support and issues with micro stutter. At the end of the day the only viable option for multi GPU is if you buy the cards with the fastest gpu, and even then the benefit...
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    ASUS HD 7870 Direct CU II 2048M

    Nice OC for this sample. They should add the ASIC quality value in the OC section. Also higher clocks isn't the biggest reason for higher power consumption, it's the higher stock voltage this card has. Some might say it's included but those are two different things. 7900 is simply inefficient...
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    MSI Slips Out Some GeForce GTX 680 Marketing Material

    Doesn't look like there's much OC overhead available. 10% maybe? 20% with voltage tweak?
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    AMD Radeon HD 7990 Clock Speeds, Chip-Configuration Surface

    7970 won't remain at launch prices, you can buy them already for ~450€, which is where it should be compared to 500-550€ for a GTX 680. It's hard to say whether 7990 would be better with Pitcairn than Tahiti. Certainly for gaming Pitcairn is much more efficient, but Tahiti does bring a lot of...
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    GTX 680 Generally Faster Than HD 7970: New Benchmarks

    Yeah, the 8xAA is kinda fishy. Even if it were possible to force it in BF3 (I doubt it since the deferred lighting engine probably won't accept override MSAA) I doubt these tests are all that relevant for most people. Looks like GK104 will be the only card Nvidia has to compete against AMD...
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    Dual-GK104 Graphics Card Arrives in May

    I will file this rumor in the same category as GK104 launching in February. Not gonna happen.
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    ASUS Also Working on the $800+ UX32A and UX32Vd Zenbooks

    Looks like the 1080p 13" Zenbook is my next laptop. The thing I hate most about my current laptop is its crappy glossy tn-panel. Let's just hope the IPS panel option doesn't mean +500$ price tag. Also an SSD is a must, mechanical hdd is just a disaster waiting to happen in this form factor.
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    Nokia Reportedly Prepping a Windows 8 Tablet for Q4

    Most likely it'll end up like Booklet 3G, too expensive and people will rather opt for iPad if they're looking for a premium tablet. My guess the Nokia tablet will be a WOA Lumia tablet aimed to compete against iPad directly rather than some sort of x86 tablet with keyboard docks and whatnot.
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    GK104 Graphics Card Pictured?

    http://assets.vr-zone.net/15148/NVIDIA_Kepler_MarkRein.jpg You can see the real card has a green arc which this mockup doesn't have.
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    GK104 Graphics Card Pictured?

    I'm more inclined to call it fake simply because it has GTX 5/670 Ti engraved on it. Since when did Nvidia label their cards?
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    AMD Posts Special Catalyst Driver for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Thank you AMD for supporting 7xxx cards. :nutkick:
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    Max Payne 3 PC Has "Gloriously Increased" Detail

    I've yet to see a good Rockstar PC port. Frankly higher resolution isn't something they should be bragging about.
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.5.9 Released

    I don't think the ASIC quality interpretation is correct. Voltage correlation is right, but power consumption of high leakage chips is higher when using the same voltage. That's why they drop the default VID of those cards, so they should equal the low leakage cards. Of course they might drop it...